Friday Links – Finance And Entrepreneurship

One of the main points I emphasize at is that you really need to be your own boss or start your own side business in order to build wealth at the fastest possible rate. Sure, you can increase your nest egg by simply saving your money and spending less, but realize that being frugal can only take you so far on your path to wealth. Our day job salaries simply aren’t enough.

There are many ways to make money outside of having a regular day job and thanks to the web and the internet, we can all find ways to have a side business without risking a lot of money. Every now and then, it’s also useful to take a step back and look at some other people’s perspectives on entrepreneurship. Here’s what the blogosphere is saying about starting your own business and making a little extra on the side.

Enjoy your friday and have a great weekend!

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7 thoughts on “Friday Links – Finance And Entrepreneurship”

  1. Thanks, I especially like the post by Dave on Moneyning, maybe because my obsession with tax breaks. Also, I like it that he emphasized how having your own business can change your mindset and help you see the potential all around you.

  2. great information! and yes ! with the help of internet we can have unlimited ways to make some extra money!

  3. So many people have had success doing something they love as a part time and then eventually a full time business. Those of you out there who don’t are simply missing out and letting other people miss out on your unique talents.

  4. This is easy to say without understanding that those who enter this business realm have generally invested a lot of time, energy, and hard work into a business project. However, it is important to understand that being successful is being able to adjust your plan with the times, being able to realize a mistake or bad idea when you make one, and being willing to give all the time and energy that you need to give in order to make your venture a successful one.

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