Income Report: How Much Money Do I Make Blogging And Is It Worth My Time?

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The is the first time that I’m writing about the income generated from this blog. Why? Because quite frankly up until this point, there hasn’t been much to talk about. And to tell you the truth, I’ve always been a little embarrassed by how slowly the revenue stream for has grown over the years.

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The fact is that I know many other bloggers that started around the same time as I did and almost all of them are either making more money than I am or have a larger reader base than I do.

The experts will tell you never to compare yourself against others but that’s total BS.

It’s going to happen. It’s not going to feel very good and you have to eventually get over it. And if you can, you should use other people’s successes as motivation for your own.

I’ve been blogging for almost 6 years now. And to tell you the truth, I’ve probably put more hours into writing articles for than I have spent working on my online store.

Every week since my blog’s inception in late 2008, I’ve written between 1-5 articles a week without fail. And even though there have been some days where I haven’t felt like posting anything, I would always sit down and force myself to write.

The truth is that writing doesn’t come that quickly or that easily for me. Most of my articles take many hours to write and proofread before they are posted online.

The other sad part is that I don’t even publish everything I write. I can’t tell you how much junk that I’ve written over the years and deleted because it didn’t meet my standards of quality. What a colossal waste of time!

Even though it’s been almost 6 years, I still remember the very beginning when I put myself on an aggressive posting schedule of 4 articles per week and nearly burned out within a month.

I remember how during the early years, my friends would cheer me on. But deep down, I always felt that they were skeptical that my blog would ever make any real money or generate any real traffic (even my mom!).

Friend: Hey Steve! How’s traffic for the blog? Is your audience growing?


Me: Traffic? Oh yeah, traffic was a bitch this morning. Took me forever to get to work…

The Tipping Point

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But after about 2 years of blogging to a really small audience, something profound happened during year 3.

My blog started to generate some serious traction. And low and behold, I started gaining traffic and regular readers on an exponential growth scale.

While last year’s profits were pretty decent for, this year I’m happy to announce that my blog is on track to exceed 500K in income for the first time!

Update: My blog did 700K in 2015 and is on track for 7 figures this year.

After years and years of slogging away at the keyboard, I’m ecstatic that I’m finally seeing some monetary reward.

And if you factor in the income from my online store and my blog, there’s actually very little monetary incentive for me to stay at my day job any longer (click on the link below to find out why I’m still not quitting).

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Folks, if you trying to make money fast, then blogging is not the answer. You can easily make much more money with an online store than you can with blogging and it will require much less time as well.

Trust me on this. If you are blogging for the money, then you are blogging for the wrong reason.

If it were just for the money, I would have quit blogging long ago. The fact is that blogging is an incredible way to express yourself and build an audience of loyal followers.

As Seth Godin would put it, a blog allows you to start your own tribe. I like knowing that whenever I hit the “publish” button, someone out there will take the time to read what I’ve written and it’s a great feeling.

But I digress… A lot of you are probably wondering how a blog can possibly make 6 figures so I’ll break it down for you below.

Affiliate Marketing

As you are probably aware, I recommend many products on this blog and sometimes I get a cut of the sale if someone makes a purchase. I’ve run my store for many years now and have used and tried a whole bunch of services over the years. As a result, I feel qualified to make recommendations for a wide variety of products.

The reason that people listen to me is because I’ve used every single thing that I’ve ever recommended. I never post affiliate links unless I genuinely believe in the product that I’m promoting. And because I actively run an online store myself, I have to keep up with the latest trends in technology.

I don’t claim to be the absolute expert in everything but I do try to give my honest opinion and never hesitate to say “I don’t know” if I don’t have a clue.


I’ve gotten some flack over the years for the number of banner ads on but I do make a decent amount of money through both CPC and CPM ads.

My biggest money earner in this arena is Google Adsense. Many of my regular readers probably don’t notice the big obtrusive Adsense ads on my blog because I only show them to search engine visitors.

If you ever decide to run Adsense, I highly recommend that you do the same. Why? It’s because search engine visitors are far more likely to click on ads than regular readers. And by only showing them to search visitors, you will improve your click through rate.

The greater your click through rate the more attractive your ads become and in theory you’ll get paid more for them. If you want to know more about this, Google “smart pricing” whenever you get a chance.

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What’s ironic is that when I first started this blog, I thought that advertising was the holy grail of blog monetization. As it stands today, advertising is my lowest income source which makes up only 15% of the total income.

However, I anticipate that this percentage will increase over time as blog traffic continues to increase. Furthermore, I haven’t really spent much time and effort trying to secure private advertising yet either.

My Create A Profitable Online Store Course

Technically, my course is not a part of this blog as it is hosted on a completely different domain.

But in reality, 95% of my customers buy my course as a direct result of reading my blog posts and signing up for my 6 day mini course. Do you think that I would be able to sell my course without No way!

People trust that my course is legit because of my writing. is an authority site which lends credibility for whatever I have to sell. As it stands today, my Create A Profitable Online Store course yields about 50% of the profits for the blog.

However as I ramp up my affiliate marketing and advertising efforts, I anticipate that this percentage will go down. After all, the reason I don’t push my course too hard is because I want to maintain an excellent level of customer support. If the number of students were to ever exceed my threshold of support, then I would close it down temporarily.

Compared to other courses that can be found on the Internet, mine is far less passive. While I offer a constantly increasing library of tutorial videos, I still take the time to offer live weekly office hours and answer questions in person. In fact, this is my differentiating factor compared to all of the other courses you can find on the Internet.

While I would love to make my course 100% passive income, I don’t feel as though static content is enough. Every business is different and will face its own unique set of challenges and there’s no cookie cutter way of starting an online store.

Is Blogging Worth It?

So advertising, affiliate marketing and online course sales are my primary sources of income for As I mentioned before, if you are in it to make money, then blogging is a lousy way of doing it.

With the amount of time I have spent, I probably could have launched 2 or 3 new online stores. But that being said, the true beauty of blogging lies in the intangible rewards.

For example through my limited blogging career, I’ve met a ton of new people virtually. And many of these people I would now proudly call my friends even though we’ve never met. In fact, I just want to give a quick shout out to my mastermind group, the Mafia, who have provided me with support and mentorship whenever I’ve needed help.

What else? I’ve been offered a few book deals (including an offer from Wiley Publishing). I’ve been sent free stuff to review. Hell, I even wrote a 400 page ebook and launched a full blown video course! There’s no way I would have done that if I didn’t have a blog.

Most importantly, I feel like I’m making a difference in this world by teaching others how to start their own businesses. This last point is crucial. It’s hard to describe the feeling but helping others take charge of their lives is probably the most satisfying part of blogging.

So what’s the verdict? I would advise everyone to start a blog but perhaps not initially. Go and do something worthwhile or crazy so that you have something to blog about. After all, if you are doing it for the money, you may not see any of it for quite a long time.

But hey, it could just be me. Other people have progressed and made money much faster than I have. Just don’t go in expecting it to happen very quickly.

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62 thoughts on “Income Report: How Much Money Do I Make Blogging And Is It Worth My Time?”

  1. Steve I love your stuff and your blog and please keep this going!


    1. Thanks Brian. I have no intention of shutting the blog so don’t worry.

  2. Hi Steve,

    First off, congratulations on your dedication and perseverance. And you are making a difference. Enjoy the rewards that have come from this effort…you have certainly earned them!


  3. Kay says:

    Hey Steve,

    You deserve every success in your blog. Through life coaching sessions and reading blogs such as yours, I have quit my very last corporate job. I am just starting to get my blog up and running. I would love to maybe take your course later this year. I am in the technology business too – software – however an online store has a lot of appeal for me.

    Keep the inspiration coming, you are making a dent in this universe my friend!


    1. Thanks Kay. I would love to hear your story about how you quit your corporate job. What is your blog URL?

  4. Hi Steve,
    I just found your site a few weeks ago. It’s really great; you actually offer concrete tips on how to make money online (unlike many other marketing blogs out there).

    Do you think you can show us a snapshot of how your visitor traffic has grown over the years? Why do you think you started getting so much more traffic in year 3? Was it just because you started ranking higher, or did you help it along with social media, relationships, etc?


    1. Hi Elaine,

      It’s funny, I was just looking at my visitor traffic snapshot and it actually looks like a straight line. I think it’s a bit skewed since I used to invest heavily in Stumble Upon and other forms of social media for traffic that didn’t really stick. I think the main reasons it has shot up are because

      1. I started an email list
      2. I started offering a signup bonus (my mini course)
      2. Certain articles started ranking in search
      3. I found a good support group

  5. Steve, you definitely have made a difference. Thank you for your commitment and knowledge that you share with us all.


    1. Thanks Bettie,
      One thing I really appreciate is that you were one of the first people to sign up for the course and willing to take a chance on me.

  6. Hi Steve,

    In a nutshell, I agree with everything you’ve said. Blogging can seem a bit masochistic at times, and it’s definitely a long term pursuit, but the intangible benefits are huge, and well worth it. Congratulations on clearing six figures!



    1. Hey Tom,
      Yep. It can be a grind but these days it’s much easier now. Plus… I have you:)

  7. Tony Q says:


    Starting a business can be a lonely endeavor. Not only do you help people take charge of their lives, but you also provide the practical community support that is so needed. The overwhelming voice that I’ve discovered throughout this blog is that of companionship, of which I believe your success is a reflection. Thanks for such quality thoughts and work.


    1. Thanks Tony,

      Speaking of which…haven’t seen you in office hours lately. How’s progress going with your store?

  8. Catherine says:

    I attended the Blog World conference in NYC last month, and with only one exception, every speaker said that it’s the third year when the money finally rolls in. It’s definitely not a get-rich-quick method.

    Having said that, as a blogger (for both a brick-and-mortar regular job) and on my own (my travel blog will go live in 2 weeks) I feel like its the kind of endeavor that really serves to connect my real life with my working life in a meaningful way. When I’m writing, I get to infuse my thoughts and creativity into my work every single minute. And occasionally feel like I’m offering information that will help (or at least entertain) people.

    I hope that’s how this blog works for you in your life, because you are certainly impacting many lives around you in a positive way every day.

    One final thing: though I usually hate to be lumped in with the 95%, your blog is how I found your “Online Store” course. I’d been reading it for 4-5 months because the great content connects well with my readership at work (small business owners). When I decided to attempt an online business, there was no hesitancy to shell out the money for the course because I knew you were a smart, legitimate authority on the subject. Your blog also served as the best possible advertisement to my husband, who was really skeptical at first. The course has already started to change our lives.

    Congrats on the financial success with the blog! You absolutely deserve it.

    1. Hi Catherine,
      I didn’t realize that the 3rd year was the magic point. A lot of bloggers I know started taking off after just a year.

      BTW, there’s nothing wrong with the 95%:) Everyone’s doing it:) Very happy to have you in the class. See you in office hours tonight!

  9. Hi Steve,

    I love that it took you three years to really see some results. It gives me hope that persistence will pay off as I’m almost at the three year mark with my own blog.

    I’m actually following a similar track to yours, but a bit more niche than what you’ve chosen to blog about. I created a niche blog about a particular shopping cart software, PrestaShop.

    I wound up in that niche because my wife’s spa needed a shopping cart I got pretty good at using it.

    After that experience, I set up an store for myself to sell jams and jellies, which has been a flop. I’m working on getting through your videos in the hopes that I’ll come up with a new idea for my next e-commerce store.

    I have to admit that I’m really struggling trying to determine what I should sell, but I’ll keep at it until I come up with something.

    I really appreciate all your very informative videos. Keep up the good work.

    By the way, your program is so good, I recommend it to my subscribers.

    Curt Donohue

    1. Hey Curt,
      Awesome! I’ve evaluated prestashop in the past and I think it’s a great cart and a good platform with which to establish a blog around. If you are coming around 3 years, that means that hopefully you will reach that tipping point soon as well. Thanks for the kind words!

  10. Steve, it is 100% because of your blog that I started my online business two years ago. I can’t thank you enough for all of the advice and recommendations. Keep it up!

    1. Hi Nicole,
      Wow, I had no idea. I really appreciate the fact that you are a regular commenter on the blog as well. Thanks for the support!

  11. Steve,

    You’re right about it not just about being for the money. I love blogging and making money online. I love writing a post and seeing how my readers are going to react. I love getting emails from people that have taken action and have started to build their own income online.

    I love this job!

    Keep up the great work.

    1. Hey Mike,
      Thanks for the note. Going to checkout your blog right now.

  12. Mariana says:

    That’s awesome to hear Steve! Your blog is the reason I’m starting my own business, before I would have never had the guts to even try! :) So thanks for the encouraging and informative content — you really are helping a lot of people. Thanks and keep it up!

    1. Thanks Mariana!
      I’m looking forward to critiquing your shop once you’ve launched!

  13. There are so many factors that will dictate success.

    I have a friend who started out 2 years ago with another friend with the same type of blog. MY friend has made about $50 a month average up until recently. HER friend is making over $50k a month and moved from Cali due to Amazon’s rules. The difference: research, dedication and finding what readers wanted.

    Congrats that you “made it” and are doing well. I can be hard but if it’s your passion to blog about what you like, then the money is a bonus.

    Keep it up!

    1. Billie…this is a great point and comparison…there are so many variables that make the difference…but you hit the nail on the head with your points I think.


    2. Wow. 50K a month is some crazy earnings for a blog. Is your friend a super Amazon affiliate?

  14. Vince D says:


    Thank you for this blog. I can probably gather the same information elsewhere, but your blog has saved me a lot of time in finding the right information. Most importantly, each time I read your blog I feel a kick into my ass for motivation. Keep up the good and hard work.

    – Vince

    1. Hey Vince,
      Thank you for your message. It makes me happy every time I see a comment like this.

  15. Wow, congrats on the income and slow but steady success! I just wanted to stop by and let you know you have a loyal reader.

    1. Hey Robert,
      Really appreciate the comment and thanks for being a loyal reader!

  16. Congrats on the income! Most people say that blogging is the easiest way to make money, but they fail to realize that it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the fastest; and you just backed that up. Still, you succeeded; and kudos to you.

  17. Good stuff Steve!

    Thank goodness for the internet in allowing us to do what we like, and make a good income doing it!


  18. James says:

    WOW that is amazing story big ups for your success you deserve it.

    You said your blog exceed 6 figures in income

    So you are saying you are making 1 mil a year from that blog?

    I would guess the majority of that is selling your book/course?


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  20. Hi Steve,

    Your story is very uplifting and also encouraging to online entrepreneurs like myself. I was just wondering you say that your blog itself makes well over six figures, Is this just the blog itself or are you including your Create a Niche Online Store product in this income report as well?

    Thank you

    1. Hi Jedith,

      Yes, this includes course sales. Was this not clear in the post?

      1. It was not too clear from reading the post in the beginning perhaps I was reading too fast. But it is fairly clear underneath the title ‘Is Blogging Worth It?” However great article =)

  21. Loved the ride, inspirational and spiritual, keep up the great work man. Wish you all the best for the future.

  22. Hi Steve, Have been reading your emails & information for sometime and enjoy just about every word. So from what you are saying the way to go and earn money on the internet is with a ecommerce store. Have saved all of your emails, but can you tell me the best palce to start. Jay

  23. Quick note to everyone, sent Steve a message few moments ago and he replied back almost before I had let the ink dry.

    My hat is off to this guy.!!!


  24. Carol says:

    Hi Steve! I’m new to your site but am loving what you have to say :)

    Just went thru a recent downsizing at work and ….well…need a new career! I’ve been a bricks & mortor service buisness before and did exceptionally well. I really want to be back in business for myself but do not want employees and would love a “location independent biz”….I’ve signed up for your free,intro course and look foward to learning from you (I came here thru Twitter!).

    Will begin catching up on your articles this week!

    Looking forward to getting to know you :)


  25. What a great blog you have here! Your writing is top notch. And I can hardly believe the massive amount of resources and articles you have. This is my first time visiting (found you on and I plan to spend more time here learning from you.
    Thank you for your hard work!

  26. Hey Steve,
    I love your writing style, and I can tell why people keep coming back to your site. You are right about blogging, you have to do it if you are passionate, money is only a positive result to the passion that you have put into a blog.
    I have also created a small blog on which I write because I simply love to write :) I have never thought of monetizing with it.

    Thank you for the great write-up!

  27. nice post as always, you really covered quite a bit, appreciate it! cheers! :)

  28. I`am a new comer in blog. And I hope to make a good relationship with other bloggers. I hope we can be a friend in the future.

  29. Hi Steve,

    Nice post.. My dad referred me to your blog and your website.. I am also an entrepreneur based out of India and I also blog. New entrant and novice you can say :P.. this is my blog.. Looking forward to connect with you and get some tips..

  30. Blessed Life says:

    Can’t agree more with the write-up that there is more than just generating income through Blogging. Yes, Blogging makes relationships. I completely agree. That’s the beauty of Blogging. I’ve been a Corner Trader blogger for quite sometime. Yes, it has generated handsome money for me. But most of all. It has helped me get tons of friends and with some of them I have strong bonds, with whom I hang out regularly. That’s the real beauty of blogging.

  31. Great to see this kind of honest blogging. I’ve struggled with the decision to launch a couple of blogs for a while. I’ve provided content to the financial services industry for years but always wanted to reach people personally. A lot of people are misled by other sites that tout how ‘easy’ blogging is and how much money one can make just to support the site’s training courses.

    Thanks to Steve for telling it like it is and offering the right tools to new bloggers like myself. With the advice from this blog, I’m finally ready to launch. It won’t be easy but at least I know that perseverance pays off.

    Thanks again,
    Joseph Hogue

  32. This is really inspiring. I’m still in the very early stages and I’ve decided to take a slower approach to writing blog posts, but have found some very small success. I’m looking forward to learning more along my journey!

  33. A great entry. I also do not have a light pen in writing my blog and also sometimes I have to push myself, but I hope, the effort will pay off. I like your post, your sincerity, running a blog it is not such an easy thing especially at the beginning. Good luck at the next entries.

  34. Thanks for sharing nice post as usual

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