5 Reasons Why You Should Be Blogging Even If You Don’t Make Money Right Away

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Perhaps you are familiar with the world of blogging, and you’re wondering what all the fuss is about. Or maybe you are already a blogger, but you’re struggling to find the motivation to continue.

Either way, you may not fully appreciate how powerful a tool a blog can be.

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I’m not talking about building a behemoth of the blogging world that nets you a six figure income with just a few hours work per week (I touched upon how damaging that expectation can be last week).

Instead I want to discuss five practical benefits that you can start to experience from your very first day of blogging.

Benefit #1: Education

Many people do not appreciate how much you can learn by running a blog.

Over time, DIY bloggers build up a diverse and valuable set of skills – everything from content creation, to branding, to promotion, and design. Every little tweak you make, every exchange you have, every post you write, is adding to your continuing education in some influential disciplines.

Running a blog is like getting a crash course in running a business. You are learning to effectively sell a product (your content), through branding (your logo, message, and design) and promotion (social media, guest posting, and networking).

If you run a blog for 12 months and don’t earn a penny, you may have considered your efforts a failure. But the value in what you have learned could well outweigh what you ever hoped to make.

Editor’s Note: My writing and marketing skills were absolutely horrible when I first started blogging. I’ve since learned how to write more efficiently and how to better brand and promote my products.

Benefit #2: Opportunities

Last week I revealed the kind of opportunities that had been presented to me as a result of my blog. They came without me seeking them out, and without a heavy flow of traffic or a weighty reputation in the blogosphere.

By simply having a blog and putting yourself out there, you are giving yourself a chance of being spotted. Although opportunities may be thin on the ground (or non-existent) to start with, they do come in time. I say that from experience.

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And the beauty of blogging is that opportunities present themselves in every field. If you write on a specific topic and begin to attract people who appreciate your blog, it is almost guaranteed that opportunities will arise in time.

Editor’s Note: Through MyWifeQuitHerJob.com, I’ve been offered a few book deals and several speaking engagements. In addition, I regularly receive free products to review from various companies.

Benefit #3: Feedback

Getting the opinion of a third party should never be undervalued, and even the smallest following can give you feedback. Don’t be afraid to put yourself on a level with your audience and seek their opinion.

Furthermore, you can use your blog as a base from which to gather advice. You can reach out to other bloggers and ask for their feedback. Not only does your blog provide a good “excuse” for doing this, but doing so also happens to be a great reason for engaging with the kind of people who can open up opportunities for you.

Benefit #4: Accountability

I have been publishing income reports on my blog since I launched it in May 2011. Every single one I have published has been enormously valuable to me in terms of holding me accountable to my goals, and publishing my intentions to my readers.

Doing so has also regularly made me pause and consider my plans more thoroughly. You would be amazed how the simple act of writing something down makes you think about it more carefully.

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Your accountability doesn’t have to be manifested in income reports – it could be anything. But it has been proven time and time again that telling other people (rather than just yourself) you are going to do something makes it far harder for you to give it up. In that sense, you can leverage your blog’s audience to your advantage.

Benefit #5: Fun

Who says blogging can’t just be fun, if nothing else? It doesn’t have to be a chore, nor should it be!

Ultimately, you must enjoy what you are doing. Sure – you will have highs and lows as a blogger, but that is how life goes. If you are not passionate about your blog, you probably need to reassess what you are doing. Blogging itself may not be the issue – it could be what you are blogging about that doesn’t drive you.

Blogging can be a hobby like any other (and a damned cheap one at that. You can start for $4.95) – it is often the expectations people hold that lead them to a grinding lack of enthusiasm for what they are doing. If you are new (or newish) to blogging, perhaps the best piece of advice I could give you would be to go into it with no expectations, and prioritize fun as your primary concern.

Editor’s Note: In general, blogging is not the most ideal way to make money online. However, a blog can serve as an excellent marketing tool should you ever decide to launch your own products or become a freelancer.

Plus, it’s extremely rewarding to have an audience that follows your work. If you have the persistence to blog for over a year, there is definitely money to be made but not as much as with an online store.

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25 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why You Should Be Blogging Even If You Don’t Make Money Right Away”

  1. I started blogging about 7 years ago. Making money from a blog did not even enter my mind!

    It all started with me wanting to write about personal development. After a few weeks I noticed people were commenting and giving their opinion on what I was writing. I even had several heart warming email messages indicating how much the post I wrote, changed their situation.

    I now write several blogs and while some are for money making purpose others are just my hobbies.
    I can really relate to what you’ve mentioned here. To me, it’s often all of the above!

    1. Same here! I originally started this blog to document our adventures in the world of ecommerce. Then it gradually evolved into a 400 PDF and a full blown video course. It’s been a really rewarding experience.

  2. Rick Howard says:

    My problem is that I only have a limited amount of time to spend on my online endeavors. So I focus everything on what will make me the most money in the long run. I’m sure that blogging can be extremely fun and rewarding but I need something to pay the bills.

    1. Hey Rick
      You definitely have to prioritize your time based on your end goals. In fact, my next blog post which goes out tomorrow will directly address your comment.

  3. If you get a chance you should take a look at TipMash.Com – We have created a new way to monetize blogs without the need for ads or affiliate links. We also offer free syndication so that you can extend your blogs reach and make even more money.

    1. I took a look at your service. Why is the advantage of tipmash over using just a regular Paypal button?

  4. I completely agree with all of your points. Blogging has been very therapeutic for me, it’s nice to be able to write your thoughts and ideas down and get feedback, it’s an extremely helpful tool.

  5. one you start a blog and see that first visitor, it gets you a boost… i am addicted to posting on my blog,,,
    I don’t just write, I share a lot more… I update on my facebook, and instead of people commenting on my facebook they come to my blog and leave comments there…
    It is Fun

  6. I can certainly agree with all your points. Although I don’t make money from my blog it has given me recognition and paid writing jobs. Plus I have learnt a lot along the way – from research for what I write to all the blogs I now read for one of my jobs. Great post. Thanks for sharing on Bizsugar.com

    1. Hi Sian,

      Love your site and I am impressed at your 11k likes on facebook! I know this may not be a huge following in the blog world but are you saying that even with that following you don’t make any money from blogging? In your opinion (asking Steve as well) what’s the number of subscribers you need (roughly) to start making money online?

      Sorry, I know that’s a loaded question with no simple answer… since every blog is different and every blogger makes money differently.

      1. Hi,

        I wish I did have 11k likes on FB – only around the 500 I’m afraid. I don’t have adverts on my blog so no money being made there. Although as mentioned the recognition via Social Media (few more followers on Twitter) has given me paid writing and accountancy work.

        I’ve no idea on the number of subscribers you need to start making money – I guess it depends on how you make the money, Sorry I can’t be more help.


      2. It’s not the number of subscribers that you have but the quality of your subscribers. Some people make a lot of money with their blogs by marketing to a very small but focused group of readers.

        If you want to make money via Adsense and affiliate marketing, you need to focus on search traffic because that is where most of the money will come from. If you assume that you can earn $1 per click and your CTR is 1%, you can do the math on how much traffic you need.

        If you want to sell your own products, then you need a focused audience. It also depends on your niche as some niches payout much more than others.

  7. I think points 1, 3 and 5 are the most important take-away for me here. It is true, we should keep blogging for the sake of fun, only if we are enjoying it will we be able to continue blogging in the longer term, else people turn lazy and stop (like I did for 2 years). Great post. :)

  8. Very useful information. I started out my blog and I wrote down what I could and the benefits from it is that it gets your business known to others.
    this information is useful to those who may be skeptical about blogging.

  9. I agree with the points in this post.

    I started blogging about 2 things I had passion for in 2005 when the blog world was still quite new. Travel at http://www.tipsfortravellers.com and Marketing at http://www.garybembridge.com . I did it to experience and learn about this new tool.

    I have to say that I learnt so much about how online works, and what does not. I knew so much more about online and digital than colleagues at work did through trying it out.

    The bonus was that it does bring in some money, but that was not the goal.

    The key is to be thinking about content and what you can bring when you start!

  10. Absolutely fantastic post, and I’m not just saying that! Number 2 resonated with me a lot, definitely. But I think your number 5 truly is the KEY to success. As you say as well, “You will have highs and lows as a blogger, but that is how life goes.” Couldn’t agree more on that point.

    If you don’t enjoy what you do, you’re lack of passion shows, affecting the other 4 reasons to a huge degree.

  11. I believe that blogging is an important tool. It is important to note, however, that you will need to give your blog some time before it starts to get noticed. New bloggers cannot expect instant hits and popularity with just a few posts. You will need to build up readership and gain a few loyal readers.

    All the points above are true. Blogging can be educational and fun at the same time. It can teach you a few tricks of the trade and help you familiarize yourself with the blogging world. Also, it forces you to work on your writing and to challenge your writing style and skill everyday. I find that blogging helps you grow as a writer.

  12. I believe that blogging can be very important.

    Blogging fun. It teaches you many marketing tools, requires you to understand your audience, and it forces you to be a better writer–all this while you have fun writing.

    Not only that, but blogging makes you understand the blogging world more. It allows you to have feedback from readers which is key to understanding your audience as well as improving your writing. Blogging forces you to want to improve your writing. It helps you improve.

    Overall, great key points. I believe all of them had valid points and were a bit enlightening.

  13. number 1 is by far my favorite… you learn sooo much blogging. My first blog was a video sharing / review type site but I used a script… I ended up hating the script because there were not too many add-ons for it and I didnt know enough to switch to a different script. and a year later today, not only did I rebuild my site from scratch, yes I learned html and php, but my site is 10x better than that stupid script.

  14. amazing post…honestly when you are blogging you actually learn a lot and you definitely can’t take out the share of fun accounts to blogging…it is indeed the major part and that is how people should take it…I am a starter and the benefits you mentioned will keep me interested in the blogging world irrespective of i do good or not… Thank you :)

  15. I’ve only been blogging for a month and I’ve already seen many of these benefits. My number one goal was education and I can’t believe how much I’ve already learned. The other bloggers in the personal finance community have been super supportive. Hopefully I can make it to FinCon in September and meet everyone in person!

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