Discovering Your Most Valuable Assets And How To Achieve Accidental Business Success

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This post was written by Tom Ewer, a regular contributor for!

Are you struggling with the very concept of establishing your own successful online business?

The very thought of running a burgeoning business can be completely unbelievable if you have not yet done it.

I understand this as well as anyone — when I first decided that I wanted to quit my job in May 2011, there was a voice in the back of my head that often told me that the whole idea was a complete pipe dream.

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But realizing those “pipe dreams” is most certainly possible, and in my experience, the key is often in figuring out where your value lies. We all have something to offer, but we’re often looking in the wrong places as we strive to figure out how to succeed in our aims.

Which leads me to the question at hand — are you utilizing your most valuable assets? Or are you in fact disregarding them entirely, and missing out on a huge opportunity?

How My Business Developed

I mentioned above that I decided that I wanted to quit my job in May 2011. At the time I had no idea how I was going to do it, but I wasn’t lacking in determination. Unfortunately, for many months, that determination was poorly directed.

I first started by trying to produce a website to which I would try to drive traffic and make money via Google AdSense. I had limited success over the course of 3-4 months before the site was penalized for over-agressive link building techniques and fell off the face of the earth.

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I considered and tried a number of other ideas, none of which bore fruit. Then in October 2011, out of sheer frustration, I applied for a few writing jobs on the ProBlogger Job Board. It was done on a whim, practically at random. Little did I know at the time that my actions on that day formed the kernel from which a successful freelance writing career would emerge.

The moral of the story is this — an inbuilt talent I hadn’t even considered as “commercially viable” turned out to be the lynchpin from which I was able to quit my job and establish a successful online business that is continually developing.

My writing ability forms the basis of everything that I am doing today, even if it is not directly related to writing.

What You Can Learn from My “Accidental” Success

It is all too easy to underestimate your most valuable skills and how they might translate into money making opportunities.

You might be a good writer, painter, public speaker or coach. Or perhaps something a little less obvious — if you’re well-organized, you could establish yourself as a productivity consultant. You might be an avid stamp collector — so why not leverage your knowledge to profit from buying and selling stamps? (That’s how my dad got started in business, incidentally.)

Editor’s Note: You don’t even necessarily have to excel at anything in particular to succeed. You just need to be determined to learn.

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The possibilities are endless, and I believe that my progress to date would have occurred far sooner if I had recognized my talents sooner. I spent five years in a well paid and relatively rewarding job, but it was never what I was “destined” for. Had I realized that six years ago, and understood how I could leverage my most “basic” talent, who knows where I would be now?

With that in mind, perhaps it’s time you took a step back and really assessed your value. What can you bring to the table that will benefit others? What are you capable of that other people would like to do for themselves, or would like you to help them with? How can you leverage your own knowledge to turn a profit? The answer is in there somewhere…

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