214 thoughts on “MailChimp Vs Aweber – A Comparison Of Two Email Marketing Providers”

  1. Rosie says:

    Have just discovered that Mailchimp integrates with Google Apps and insight.ly. do you think this makes a difference?
    thanks so much for your review,

  2. Claude says:

    Type “Aweber image hosting” into Google and you’ll find they do host images.

  3. Thanks for sharing Steve. It does seem MailChimp is easier from a design perspective but from what you’ve said here and what I’ve heard Aweber is more powerful for tracking.

    1. I have tried both and you cannot compare AWeber with MailChimp unless you must use a free service. AWeber templates are very easy to use and customize, and you get much better reports on email opening stats and clicks on links within the email. No contest for me – AWeber wins 100%.

      It’s not the look of your form that matters – its your squeeze page and what you can offer your readers. Why they should trust you with their details. Wait till you need some support and you might think different!


  4. Thanks for the information.

    I’ve been looking into autoresponder services and liked some of the design features and pay-you-go services that MailChimp offers.


    I’ve heard too horror stories about MailChimp shutting accounts down without warning. I don’t want to play Russian Roulette with my email list.

    AWeber sounds like a clear winner here.


  5. Joshua B says:

    We’ve changed email marketing from iContact to MailChimp and, just now, Aweber. We changed from iContact to MailChimp to cut costs. We then switched to Aweber because Mailchimp will not allow you to start an Autoresponder series on an imported list PLUS, as you mentioned, Aweber has much more robust measuring/management tools. However, people should be aware that Aweber requires imported subscribers to opt-in all over again.

    1. In that case try GetResponse – similar to AWeber but allows you to import existing lists. It also allows you to activate an email if a visitor clicks to a specific post on your blog, or clicks on a website link.

      If you want to integrate with PayPal and Amazon – AWeber wins. I prefer AWeber to MailChimp, but that’s only because it lets me integrate with Google Analytics. Also, if you have affiliate marketing links on your site, MailChimp will cancel your account without notice! Nobody knows why, and MailChimp says they will assess it, but it still happens with no warning!


  6. I’m not a techie so I don’t understand much of the lingo. One of the things I would like to do on my site is offer a free e-book and I heard you can’t do this on Aweber and had to pay a 3rd party company to send the book. Is this along the lines of the image hosting your mentioned? Does Aweber now do this without an extra fee?

    Thanks for the detailed review and comparison.

    1. Hello Tiffany:

      You can send your ebook and any online resource with Aweber without problems. However, if you want to use Aweber, you must pay US$1.00 on the first month. After that you’ll pay US$19.00 per month until 500 subscribers.

      I recommend you to see Aweber’s prices on the official Web Site.


  7. Yeh, but Mail Chimp is free and AWeber is $19 a month. That right there can be/is the deciding factor.

    1. When Mailchimp banned me, during the downtime I easily lost a years worth of savings:)

    2. Mark Anthony says:

      Never build a business on free. If its a business and you treat it as a business, it will reward you as a business. Treat it as a hobby, it will reward you as a hobby.

    3. Jonsson A says:

      I do agree that you should not build your business on free entirely. However, I also agree that if you are a small blogger or a non-profit organisation it is nice to save some money as you do not earn much. I’ve actually been using Mailerlite forever free plan until I’ve learned to comunicate with my audience and grown my business a bit to finally pay some money for newsletter service. You can check their quick comparison to MailChimp here: https://www.mailerlite.com/mailchimp-alternative That’s my personal alternative to MailChimp. Cheers!

  8. Jane says:

    You are absolutely correct! Mailchimp is either very slow to respond (we’re talking days!!!) or they don’t respond at all. And this is certainly a deal breaker. So much so that we are also considering migrating to a different email platform after being with Mailchimp for about 4 years.

    We also had our account blocked last year but they never told us why. We don’t sell anything via our newsletter. We don’t even talk about how to make money (that’s not our field). We write about business news and part of our CRM initiative. We sent several email inquiries to them. All were ignored. We ended up setting up a new account and reimporting all of our lists.

    However, you are correct about the complications of using Awebers UI. And their templates are definitely not as classy as Mailchimp.

    So we’re still looking for a Mailchimp alternative.

    Thanks for your very accurate post. You have certainly done your homework here.

  9. Gareth Bull says:

    It might be worth checking out http://www.emailoctopus.com?

    It’s $1 to send 10k emails, rather than $130 from my (used to be) favourite Aweber…

    They deliver emails via Amazon SES rather than their own servers.

    1. M says:

      Did they launch & shut down temporarily or have they not launched at all? Their site just has a squeeze splash page and that’s it.

  10. I use mailchimp and what I notice between aweber and mailchimp is that mailchimp is much more colourful and offers variety of free templates adding social links, etc. It’s true the opt-in form is a bit not eye-catching but there are plugins if one uses self hosted wordpress blog to activate to subscription.

  11. I selected Mailchimp over Aweber. Because I found the nice the nice plugin
    nice plugin to visually compose the Popup form for my wordpress site to subscribe with Mailchimp. But there was no such plugin for the other one.

  12. This convinced me to switch to Aweber! Thanks for the information. I use squarespace and would love to get a popup for my newsletter opt-in. Any tips?

  13. Hello Steve,

    Thanks for such helpful information you provide here.
    I am thinking whether to use Mail Chimp or not so based on your review i will give a try.It looks fine so it should be okay for start out.

  14. Awesome post !! Thank you for sharing

  15. Nandi says:

    Wow! Thank you very much for this review. I was just about to sign up for Mailchimp a few minutes ago when I decided to do a google search for a comparison and your site came up.

    Thanks a lot, will go with Aweber!

  16. Julia says:


    Thank you for a detailed comparison of MailChimp and Aweber. I think it’s a nice idea to also have an in-house email software like this one http://easymail7.com in addition to the account with a remotely hosted email provider like MailChimp or Aweber. In case of a sudden account suspension by the ESP, you would not lose contacts, emails, autoresponders etc, and would be able to continue email marketing using the in-house email software.

  17. Steve, That is a one top clear cut answer to my query about Aweber vs Mailchimp. Thanks for that!

    I was on the borderline between the two and now know which one to go with thanks to your review.

    For those who are considering the prices between these two they are virtually equal. I’ve just made price comparison and can tell you that initially for a new setup AWeber will be roughly $7 more per month but eventually when your list grows into the thousands then the price will not be a determining factor because they will be of equal standing.


  18. I have used Aweber for years, but wondered is I should try another service. One thing I do not like about Aweber is they don’t allow you to upload a list of contacts. I know that some of the other companies do. So, I appreciate your comparison. It makes Aweber a little more comfortable. If anyone is interested I do have a free booklet on “71 Ways to Get Free Traffic” that can be found here http://trafficmadeeasy.net/71-ways. Thanks for the article.

  19. Thank you very much.
    I came here from google with “mailchimp vs aweber”.


  20. I’ve been using MailChimp for a couple years and although I’ve stuck with them there has always been something that just felt off about their platform.

    I dislike the lack of customer support. Their navigation isn’t always intuitive and it’s impossible to get them on the phone or chat just to get a simple question answered.

    I dislike the ability (or lack thereof) to bulk unsubscribe subscribers who have low participation rates.

    I also dislike how difficult it is to search, filter and sort previous campaigns to mine the data I need.

    Aweber seems like a worthy alternative and I’ll be migrating over soon.

  21. Hey there,

    does mail chimp charge the same as Aweber? The only problem is at the moment I feel like I am not using Aweber to it’s full advantages to pay monthly for the service when I believe Mail chimp is free for a certain amount of subscribers? As i only have a hobby blog and want to obviously develop it i feel like maybe i shouldn’t be paying for something that doesn’t provide me with income yet or isn’t a very ‘big’ blog or even a business…. Not sure whether to just stick with it until my website develops or switch to a free option on Mail chimp/.


  22. Hey thanks Steve, that’s just about everything I needed to know about why Aweber’s so popular. I think I’ll migrate. Cheers :)

  23. I love Aweber and particularly like how it integrates seamlessly with LeadPages. I’ve used both and a couple of my clients still use MailChimp (I’m a Virtual Assistant) but the one I always recommend for serious marketing efforts is Aweber.

    Mailchimp is good design-wise but I’d read that images could affect the delivery and, personally, I don’t like a load of images everywhere when I read a newsletter – just keep it clean and tell me what you want me to do!

    I did some extensive research before I chose my email provider but when saw that all the pros who’s newsletters I signed up for used Aweber, the decision was easy. If it was good enough for them…!

    Thank you for this really comprehensive comparison post, I agree with all points and have happily shared it with my followers.

  24. Thank you Steve. I used MailChimp and works well. I also don’t like a Newsletter full of images just simple and to the point. Recently i tried another service Madmimi that works well too. I guess all have pros and cons just have to try out before make a decision.

  25. Bobby says:

    In my opinion Aweber is better than MailChimp. If you choose to use MailChimp that is fine but I’m just saying the product has limitations and it’s too much for me. How about GetResponse? Anyone use it? I was on their website (http://www.getresponse.com) but I wanna know something more about this email marketing platform.

    1. Laula says:

      Bobby, now I’m using trial version of GetResponse platform so if you’re not sure about this email marketing software, you should try this free option. Take care!

  26. Hey Steve,

    Thanks for bringing that subject up! Having you used both of these services in the past 2 years, I prefer Aweber over Mailchimp. For me it comes down to usability and efficiency, which Aweber just does better than Mailchimp. Having said that, I do like the value Mailchimp brings to the table for new startups with their free service. Also I do admit that giving away 2,000 subscribers to everyone – that’s just huge, yet clever at the same time.


  27. Hi,
    Thanks so much for such a clear and informative comparison post between MailChimp and Aweber. Personally, I think MailChimp is a bit better than the other one, I’m using it. Keep sharing many interesting posts!

  28. Very detailed comparison between MailChimp and Aweber! I’m using Mailchimp since it offers free service! I honestly feel Aweber is little expensive!
    thanks for sharing! :)

  29. I know that this is ancient, but I just made the switch to MailChimp due to a theme change (the theme uses shortcodes which WordPress eats for breakfast) I’d sent out one e-mail with MailChimp, and my second blog post got killed. I blog about re-selling crap I buy from garage sales, thrift stores, and flea markets on eBay. I actually have a blog post titled “work from home – not yet!” detailing why I’m not able to work from home. The hard part for me is that I don’t make enough money on the blog to justify using Awebr. If this is the way it’s going to go, I’m going to need to re-evaluate my blog, what I want to do with it, and whether I should make the switch to a much more expensive option. Not surprising that someone else has had a similar experience though.

  30. have you ever looked at convertkit.com. I read about it from Pat Flynn at smart passive income. He started on aweber and went to infusionsoft because thats what all the big guys use. It’s very expensive. Then he found convertkit and it sounds like it worked for him. I have tried both aweber and mailchimp in the past and I ended up not using either one because I found it pretty time consuming to get right. I guess my point is there are a lot more options than just mailchimp and aweber. Something to think about for an update to email marketing.

  31. These are undoubtedly great tool for email marketing. Finding the needs of your business will surely lead you what tool best fits you.

  32. I used MailChimp and works well. I am thinking whether to use Mail Chimp or not so based on your review i will give a try.It looks fine so it should be okay for start out. Thanks for such helpful information you provide :)

  33. Kathleen McCaffrey says:

    Great comparison – very helpful! Thank you!

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