Watch Me Critique My Student Marin’s Ecommerce Store In Real Time

One of the perks of my Create A Profitable Online Store course is that I offer full blown website critiques for students once they’ve accumulated enough participation points in the class.

In every critique, I thoroughly analyze a student’s niche, their site layout, their SEO, their checkout process, their online search engine, their mobile site etc…basically everything.

Below is an example of a critique that I gave for Marin and Jess, who run an online store selling neck pillows. This particular critique is extremely thorough and I dissect every aspect of their site. And for those of you wondering if my class applies to students outside the US? This store is in Australia.

Note: At the 8 minute mark of the video, I actually create a mini Photoshop mockup of their site that illustrates the key points of my critique. Enjoy the video!

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Click Here To Sign Up For The Class