529: How My Student Sally Wilson 10x’ed Her Ecommerce Business Selling Cross Stitch Supplies Online

529: How My Student Sally Wilson 10x'ed Her Ecommerce Business Selling Cross-stitch Supplies Online

Today I’m thrilled to have Sally Wilson back on the show after 4 years. Sally is a student from my Create A Profitable Online Store Course (https://profitableonlinestore.com). She resides in the UK and runs a very successful online business over at CaterpillarCrossstitch.com Since she was last on, her business has grown 10X so in this episode, we talk about her leap into 7 figures and how her business has evolved from the last time we spoke. What You’ll Learn How Sally grew from 6 to 7 figures Sally’s additional sources of revenue Sally’s plans for future growth Check Out Sally’s […]