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Since I commonly get asked what services I use for my online store, I thought it would be useful to create a resource page that details every product, tool and service I recommend. If you are thinking about starting an online store in the near future, you should bookmark this page for your reference and convenience. Enjoy!

Web Hosting

Siteground Hosting – Siteground is the webhost that I’ve been recommending to my students in my Create A Profitable Online Store course. Their support is fantastic and they don’t overload their servers with too many accounts.

Note: readers can sign up for only $3.95/month by clicking on this link

Blue Host – Blue Host is the shared host that my wife and I used for 2 years to run our online store before we switched over to dedicated hosting. BlueHost is inexpensive and offers a wide array of free services.

Note: readers are eligible to receive 29% off of Bluehost by clicking on this link

storm on demand
Storm On Demand – Storm On Demand is the dedicated webhost that I use now for every website I own including my blog and online store. Service and uptime are top notch and I haven’t had any problems yet. If you are looking for VPS or dedicated hosting, Storm On Demand is awesome.

wp engine
WP Engine – If you have a slow WordPress blog and you really don’t want to deal with any of the technical aspects of speeding up a website, then you should probably sign up for a service like WP Engine. These guys specialize in WordPress hosting and will make sure your blog runs as fast as possible. But naturally, this comes at a price.

Keyword Research Tools

Long Tail Pro
Long Tail Pro – Long Tail Pro is my favorite keyword research tool and has largely replaced Market Samurai due to its sheer speed. I also personally know the creator, Spencer Haws, who I interviewed on my podcast. What’s great about Spencer is that he eats his own dog food and is constantly improving this tool from personal experience. Click here to grab Long Tail Pro at a discount!

Amazon Tools

Jungle Scout
JungleScout – The best Amazon product research tool out there. You can instantly find out how much money a product is making on Amazon. Use this link and get 10% off select tools!

Feedback Genius
Feedback Genius – The best way to solicit legitimate product reviews on Amazon. What’s nice about Feedback Genius is that you can setup automated email sequences to your Amazon customers and generate reviews on autopilot. Highly recommended!

Ignite – The best way to run your Amazon Sponsored Products ads. Ignite provides keyword and bid suggestions and allows you to access all of your data in one convenient place. Highly recommended!

Scope – The ultimate keyword research tool for Amazon. Scope allows you to peer into your competitor’s listings to figure out which keywords are converting the most sales. I use this tool for every single product I list on Amazon. Highly recommended!

Fetcher – The default Amazon dashboard sucks and it’s really difficult to tell which products are making a profit and how well you are doing. Fetcher makes your finances crystal clear.

Efficient Era
Efficient Era – The tool I use for Amazon alerts, review notifications, account management and more! Efficient Era is practically free to use which makes it a no brainer to sign up!

Email Marketing

Klaviyo – My #1 recommended email marketing provider for ecommerce stores. I use these guys for my online store and email makes up 20% of my revenues.

Drip – Drip is the email marketing provider that I use for They are by far the most feature rich email marketing provider for bloggers and they are very reasonably priced for the functionality you get.

Privy – Privy is the tool that I personally use to manage all of my email capture forums. They offer email capture, exit intent and site targeting tools to make it super simple as well. And it’s the only popup tool designed for ecommerce stores. This tool is free to use making it a no brainer to sign up!

Logo And Packaging Design

Outlinematic – Outlinematic is my go to place for logo design and box/packaging design for my physical products. What I like about them is that they’ll do unlimited revisions of your design until you are satisfied at one flat rate. Highly recommended!

Domain Registrar and SSL Certs

Name Cheap – I just started using these guys recently for SSL certificates because they are so inexpensive compared to GoDaddy. As their name implies, everything they offer is at a great price!

Go Daddy – While I don’t recommend their hosting service for an online store, GoDaddy offers an excellent and easy to use interface with which to manage your domain names. GoDaddy is the service I use for all of my domain management.

Incorporation, DBA, Business Paperwork

LawTrades – As part of running my businesses, I’ve required legal help on multiple occasions. Recently, I’ve started using because they are so easily accessible. For example, you can get a free 20 minute consult right off the bat where you can ask questions to a real lawyer WITHOUT GETTING CHARGED. As a result, I’ve used them to file trademarks and answer both my legal and tax questions. Click here to get your free 20 minute consult and then receive $99 off if you decide to use them.

CorpNet – I really like CorpNet because they focus their efforts on helping small businesses like mine. In addition, they run their company like a small mom and pop shop(which I love) and you can often find Nellie, the founder and CEO, handling customer support issues. The personalized service that you get with CorpNet makes it highly recommended! Use coupon code: MWQHJ to get 10% off!

legal zoom
LegalZoom – For everything from registering your DBA or filing for an LLC or corporation, LegalZoom is awesome because they get the job done at a fraction of the price. Highly Recommended.

Product Sourcing

Real Landed Cost Of Goods Import Calculator
Real Landed Cost Of Goods Import Calculator – A calculator that I created to help you calculate your true landed cost of goods when importing from overseas. Don’t make the common mistake of misjudging the cost of shipping and transportation.

Worldwide Brands
Worldwide Brands – An incredible service that helps you locate and contact wholesale vendors for products that you want to sell. The best part is that there’s only one upfront fee that you have to pay and then you can use the service for life. If you don’t like going to tradeshows or cold calling wholesalers, then Worldwide Brands is the way to go because they will save you time.

Global Sources
Global Sources – If you want to import your goods from Asia, then Global Sources is a good place to start. Going through the massive lists of suppliers can be intimidating on this site, but it’s a good place to learn about various trade shows and get in touch with potential vendors.

Canton Fair
Canton Fair – This is the trade show that my wife and I try and make every year. It is enormous and a good way to meet vendors face to face if you don’t mind traveling to China.

Shopping Carts

WooCommerce – WooCommerce is one of the most popular open source shopping carts in the world. And because it’s so popular, it has massive 3rd party developer support and it’s extremely robust and easy to use. It is my preferred open source shopping cart along with Open Cart.

Watch this video to learn how to install WooCommerce in 5 minutes for only $3.95!

Open Cart
OpenCart – OpenCart is an easy to use shopping cart that runs extremely fast on shared hosting environments. In addition, most shared hosts like BlueHost offer a 1 click install. Open Cart has most of the features you need to run a small-medium sized ecommerce business and it’s free! Watch this video to learn how to install this cart in 5 minutes!

Shopify – If you do not know a lick of HTML or CSS, and you want to design a good looking website without a designer, then Shopify is probably the shopping cart for you. While you’ll have to pay higher fees than some of the other shopping carts, Shopify’s templates and design tools are much better than the rest.

big commerce
Big Commerce – Like Volusion, BigCommerce also offers a great self hosted shopping cart solution for a fixed monthly fee. Big Commerce has a really nice drag and drop interface so you can design your shopping cart without knowing any HTML whatsoever. While they haven’t been around as long as Volusion and they don’t offer 24 hour support, they are slightly cheaper and provide you with free credit towards Google Adwords.

Credit Cart Payment Processors

eMerchant Payments – Here’s what I like about eMerchant. First off, they will analyze your past statements to make sure that they can beat the rate that you are currently getting. After getting screwed by Paypal when they removed their discounts, eMerchant gave me a rate that was drastically lower.

The other thing that I like about Merchant Plus is that they offer awesome customer service.

Unlike other free credit card processing plans like Stripe which only provide email support, eMerchant has a number that you can call and get a real human on the phone. eMerchant also integrates seamlessly with all of the open source shopping carts that I recommend.

PayPal Website Payments Pro – Since my wife and I use Paypal for many purposes already, we decided on Paypal Website Payments Pro to process credit cards for our online store today. Paypal is nice because you can ship your packages directly from their interface which saves you from having to use a service like However, their rates are higher so you have to weigh the pros/cons compared to using a service like Merchant Plus.

Communication, Internet Telephony

Google Voice
Google Voice – It’s free and it’s versatile. Google voice allows you to forward a call from one number to any phone line that you want. My wife and I use Google voice all the time and this service is completely free.

Skype – Skype is great for making international calls. If we have to contact our overseas vendors, we always use Skype because the rates are incredibly low.

Ring Central
Ring Central – Ring Central is an excellent service that is like Google Voice on steroids. With Ring Central, you can get a 1800 number with which you can send/receive calls or faxes at any time. In addition, you can create an auto-receptionist and a custom greeting that lets callers wait for an available employee. And like Google Voice, you can forward a call to any phone line of your choice or make calls from any phone using your office phone number. This service is awesome especially if you are short staffed in your customer support department.

Organizing and Manipulating Photos

Photo shop
Adobe Photoshop – I don’t want to say that Photoshop is a must have but it sure does save a ton of time. Sometimes when my wife and I take our photos, they aren’t perfect and we need to make minor edits. For example, if there are wrinkles in our product, we can remove them using Photoshop which saves us a ton of time. Not required but highly highly recommended.

Shipping Carriers

ShippingEasy – allows you to easily streamline all of the shipping for your online store. Easily print labels and automatically update your shopping cart with this awesome tool that seamlessly integrates with the United States Postal Service, UPS and FedEx. Best of all, it’s 100% free for up to 50 shipments per month!

United States Postal Service – Since they are the cheapest shipping carrier and most of our items are lightweight, we use USPS for the majority of our orders. They aren’t the most reliable but are by far the cheapest if your package weighs less than 2 lbs.

FedEx – If the package exceeds 2 lbs, FedEx is our carrier of choice. As soon as you open an account, you get 15% off shipping which makes it cheaper than UPS out of the box. If you ship high volumes, then you can negotiate for better pricing.

DHL – We use DHL for all international shipments because they handle customs and everything for you. All you have to do is sit back, relax and pay the customs bill.

Bookkeeping and Finances

Quickbooks – Quickbooks has become the defacto standard for small business bookkeeping. It’s inexpensive and it’s easy to use once you get the hang of it.

Quicken – Quicken allows you to manage your personal finances so you can get a clear picture of your overall financial situation. Wouldn’t be able to save money or build wealth as effectively without it.

Turbo Tax – I’ve already shown that Turbo Tax can perform as well or better than an accountant in my article on the Outcome Of Hiring An Accountant To Do Our Taxes Vs Using Turbo Tax Or Tax Cut. Seriously, TurboTax is awesome even if you run a business and will help you maximize your tax return.

Intuit Online Payroll – Intuit Online Payroll is an excellent payroll service that is priced really well. If you have employees, then it makes sense to outsource the payroll paperwork to someone else. Since Intuit Online Payroll is so inexpensive, it’s a no brainer.

Handling Shipping and Returns – Where To Get A Physical Address
UPS Store – The UPS store is awesome because you can sign up for a mailbox that has a real physical address. If you don’t want to use your own address (if you run your business out of your home) or if you just want to use a separate address, then opening a UPS store mailbox is ideal. Best of all, they will email you whenever you have mail.

USPS PO Box – A PO Box is a poor mans UPS Store mailbox. However, they are also about 10X cheaper than UPS. The disadvantage is that everyone knows that a PO Box is not a real physical address. In addition, PO Boxes can only receive mail from USPS. FedEx and UPS do not deliver to PO Boxes.

Packing Supplies

ULine – ULine is awesome! We get most if not all of our packing supplies from here and they are all reasonably priced.

Website Maintenance And Backups

Site Uptime
Site Uptime – I use Site Uptime to monitor the downtime for all of our websites. Basically, Site Uptime pings your websites at specified intervals and then sends you an email if your site is down. For all mission critical websites, I highly recommend this service.

Please note that some of the links above are affiliate links to products that will earn me a commission. These are all things that I have experience with that I am recommending because they are helpful and are companies that I trust, not because of the commissions that I may earn from you using these products.

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