How To Get Reviews On Amazon Fast In 2021 Without Getting In Trouble

When it comes to starting a successful ecommerce business, you have to know how to get reviews on Amazon. Not only do reviews provide social proof for your listing, but there’s a strong correlation between the number of positive reviews and your conversion rate on Amazon. As you can see from the graph above, the conversion rate doubles once you reach 50 reviews. As a result, getting more reviews should be an integral part of your overall Amazon strategy. Today’s post will teach you white, grey and black hat techniques for how to get reviews on Amazon. Some of the […]

Amazon FBA Fee Calculator – Hidden Selling Fees In 2021

Amazon selling fees will continue to rise in 2021. Please review this updated Amazon FBA Fee Calculator to see how this will affect your margins. Have you ever wondered how Amazon merchants selling $2 items can possibly make a profit? The truth is that they are not. In fact, most sellers fail to calculate all of the fees associated with selling on Amazon and end up losing money as a result. To make matters worse, Amazon doesn’t exactly make it easy for you to tabulate all of your costs associated with selling on their platform and there are many hidden […]

Best Business Podcasts For Actionable Strategies And Tips

This post is a comprehensive list of the best business podcasts that you should listen to if you want to learn strategies and tactics for business. According to, there are over 1,750,000 podcasts and over 43 million episodes as of 2021. Crazy right? But while there are many shows to choose from, most podcasts are terrible and/or abandoned by their creator within the first 6 months of launch. In fact, despite the availability of almost 2 million podcasts, only… The top 50% of podcasts get more than 136 downloads per month. The top 20% of podcasts get more than […]

The Best Way To Find Wholesale Suppliers, Vendors And Products For Your Online Store

If you want to start an online store, you have to know where to find wholesale suppliers. Should you search on Google? Should you attend a tradeshow? Should you import from China? Where can you find drop ship suppliers, wholesalers or factories to manufacture your products? When my wife and I first started our online store, we had these exact same questions. The correct approach for finding a wholesale supplier or factory is highly dependent on your ecommerce business model. For example, the methodology for finding a dropship supplier is completely different than finding a private label manufacturer. As a […]

What Is Dropshipping & How To Start A Drop Shipping Business In 2021

Many of the questions that I receive in my inbox at are related to opening a dropshipping business and I can definitely see the appeal. When you run an online store that only offers dropshipped products, you don’t have to worry about inventory and you don’t have to worry about product fulfillment. All you have to do is sell the product, take orders and make a decent profit. Easy right? Unfortunately, it’s not that simple and with anything that sounds too good to be true, there are always gotchas. In theory, dropshipping sounds like a great idea because it’s […]

Printful Vs Printify – Which POD Company Is Better For You?

Printful vs Printify. Which print on demand company is best for you? This post will break down and compare the 2 most popular POD companies from the perspective of a real shop owner that has used both services. In order to start an online store, you first need to source products to sell. But the problem with product sourcing is that it’s impossible to predict demand. Should you spend your money upfront buying 1000 t-shirts in a variety of sizes when you have no idea which size or design will be popular? Or do you play it safe, place a […]

Amazon Alternatives – 14 Sites Like Amazon To Sell Products Online

If you’re tired of dealing with dirty sellers on Amazon or if you’re getting squeezed out by Amazon’s rising costs, here are 14 Amazon alternatives to consider for ecommerce business owners. Amazon is one of the world’s largest marketplaces, which makes it an attractive platform to sell physical products online. Amazon controls over 50% of the ecommerce pie and US-based small businesses (SMBs) sell more than 4,000 items per minute on the platform! But because Amazon is so dominant, there’s also an extreme level of competition. At the time of this writing, Amazon has 2.4 million active sellers worldwide where […]

Paypal Alternatives For Ecommerce Store Owners

Ever since Paypal stopped returning fees from refunded transactions, the ecommerce community has been up in arms. If you find Paypal’s refund policies unfair, here are my favorite Paypal alternatives for ecommerce merchants. First off, here’s exactly what Paypal announced in late 2019. Taken verbatim from their press release, Paypal declared that… In line with industry practice and according to our updated policy, we will not charge a fee to process refunds, but the fees from the original transaction will not be returned. This policy will not apply to duplicate transactions, voids and most disputed transactions. You can review the […]


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