Alibaba vs Amazon – Who’s Dominating Ecommerce And Key Differences

Have you ever wondered how Alibaba makes money and how they compare to Amazon? The post will provide an in depth comparison of Alibaba vs Amazon. There’s no question that Alibaba and Amazon dominate the worldwide ecommerce market. Amazon is the 800 pound ecommerce gorilla in the USA and across Europe. Meanwhile, Alibaba has established itself as Amazon’s strongest competitor and the world’s largest B2B ecommerce marketplace. Both companies have built a strong brand presence in their respective territories which is why the two are often compared to one another. At a high level, Alibaba and Amazon appear...

Email Blast Best Practices And The Right Way To Segment Your List

Once you’ve built up a sizable email list, you might be tempted to send an email blast to all of your subscribers. After all, if you’re paying an email marketing provider to store your subs, you may as well email everyone every time right? Wrong! Intuitively, you might think that sending a monolithic email blast to everyone on your list is the best way to maximize your reach. But in reality, you could be negatively affecting your email deliverability. You might be annoying potential customers by sending messages that they don’t want. The right way to run your email marketing...

Every Must Have Tool I Use To Run My Ecommerce Store

I am often asked what services I use to run my ecommerce store so I put together a quick list of my favorite tools for you today. First off, if you’ve followed my blog for any length of time, you are probably aware that I pride myself on coding many things myself. In fact, I’ll often go out of my way to AVOID paying for any apps at all if I can come up with a poor mans solution that doesn’t carry a recurring cost. As a result, you can rest assured that every tool mentioned in...

Ebay Alternatives – Sites Like Ebay To Sell Your Stuff Online

If you are fed up with Ebay and looking to expand your ecommerce business, this post will compare and contrast the top 11 Ebay alternatives to sell your products online. When my wife and I first began our ecommerce journey, we started out by selling on Ebay because it was easy. With Ebay, you can quickly list a product online to millions of users in a matter of minutes for less than a dollar. All you need is a digital camera and you are ready to sell! But the convenience of Ebay comes at a cost and there...

How To Open An Amazon Storefront And Why You Need One

This post will teach you how to create your own Amazon storefront step by step. You’ll also learn how to leverage your Amazon store to drive traffic and sales from external sources. One of the main problems with selling on Amazon is that it’s really hard to establish a strong brand. Every product listing looks identical and your brand name is often displayed in a tiny font that is easily overlooked. To improve your brand visibility, Amazon introduced “Amazon Stores” to allow you to set up a home base within Amazon to highlight your unique value proposition. Amazon storefronts are especially...

What Is Dropshipping & How To Start A Drop Shipping Business In 2020

Many of the questions that I receive in my inbox at are related to opening a dropshipping business and I can definitely see the appeal. When you run an online store that only offers dropshipped products, you don’t have to worry about inventory and you don’t have to worry about product fulfillment. All you have to do is sell the product, take orders and make a decent profit. Easy right? Unfortunately, it’s not that simple and with anything that sounds too good to be true, there are always gotchas. In theory, dropshipping sounds like a great idea because it’s inherently scalable without you...

How To Build An Email List Fast Without Spending Much Money

This post will teach you how to build an email list fast. Most of the methods described in this post are free but the quickest methods will involve some form of paid advertising. Enjoy! Right now, the number of email users worldwide outnumber Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest combined with a far better ROI! Despite reports to the contrary, email marketing still dominates the online space, and almost every online activity still requires an email address today. Compared to social media, email is also much more likely to reach its intended recipient. When you send out an email campaign, at...

High Performance Habits Of Successful Entrepreneurs

Can the average person start a profitable online store? What is the most important aspect of starting any successful business? This article will point out the high performance habits of successful entrepreneurs. I’ve been running my Create A Profitable Online Store Course for almost a decade. And through the years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with thousands of students on a personal level. Some students are wildly successful and start making money right away. For example, Toni Anderson made 25k in her first 3 months and 100K in her 4th month alone! Abby Walker made 7 figures with a...

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