268: How To Rank An Ecommerce Store In Search With Dan Shure

268: How To Rank An Ecommerce Store In Search With Dan Shure

Today, I’m excited to have Dan Shure on the show. Dan is the founder of a boutique SEO consultancy called Evolving SEO and he is an SEO expert with a fantastic reputation.

He’s helped entrepreneurs like Nathan Chan of Foundr Magazine and Noah Kagan of Sumo.com with their SEO in addition to popular startups like Ring, and Hint Water.

He also runs a popular podcast called Experts on The Wire. In this episode, Dan and I discuss what it takes to rank an ecommerce store in search.

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What You’ll Learn

  • What’s working with search engine optimization today
  • How to rank an ecommerce store in search
  • The right way to do keyword research
  • How to write clickable post titles
  • How to get the featured snippet
  • The main strategy when it comes to ranking a site in search

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    Awesome topic. However I cannot see the transcript for 268: How To Rank An Ecommerce Store In Search With Dan Shure

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