How To Put Your Website Under Maintenance Without Affecting Your Search Rankings Or Losing Money

The other day a student in my Create A Profitable Online Store Class” asked me a pretty good question. Right now while I’m developing my site it doesn’t really matter but how do I put my store under maintenance after I’ve launched without affecting my search engine rankings? The great thing about this question is that it applies not only to ecommerce shop owners but to all webmasters in general. If you improperly put your website under maintenance, you could potentially destroy your search engine rankings while driving away customers at the same time. Especially if you plan on bringing...

Why Paypal Freezes Or Limits Accounts And How To Prevent This From Happening To You

A few months ago, I posted an article about Paypal Website Payments Pro Vs Authorize.Net where I provided a detailed comparison of two different credit card processing solutions. And almost immediately after posting it, I started receiving an abnormally large amount of email feedback from Paypal haters. In fact, I’ve never encountered such strong anti-feelings for any service before.Having used both services in the past with no problems whatsoever, I was very surprised to hear the overwhelming negative feedback towards Paypal. I will never use Paypal again. After being a loyal customer for over...

How To Prevent WordPress Spam Comments From Crashing Your WordPress Blog And Taking Down Your Server

First off, I just wanted to clarify that this article is NOT about how to detect and flag comments as spam. The WordPress plugin Akismet already does a pretty good job of screening out and filtering traditional WordPress spam comments. Instead, this post is about how to prevent comment spam and other rogue activity from crashing your server and taking down your blog.Photo By BoxChainAs I mentioned in my last article, the traffic to my blog has doubled in the past year. And unfortunately during that time, the amount of spam comments has increased by an order of...

Paypal Website Payments Pro Vs – A Review Of Two Credit Card Processing Solutions

As part of my free mini course on how to start an online store, I recommend 2 different credit processing services, Paypal Website Payments Pro and which is an provider. But the problem with recommending more than one option is that you still have to make a choice. And making the right decision largely depends on the nature of your business and the volume of payments that your shop processes. The reason I decided to recommend more than one option is because both services have their pros and cons which I’m going to talk about in this...

How To Stop Someone From Plagiarizing Your Website And Stealing Your Content

A few months ago on a Sunday morning, I was looking through my emails when I discovered a bunch of new Google Alerts in my inbox. For all of you who are unfamiliar with Google Alerts, Google Alerts are email updates of the latest relevant Google results (web, news, etc.) based on your choice of query or topic. As an online shop owner, I keep track of the competition for all of my main keywords using Google Alerts which tells me when new websites are indexed that pertain to my industry.Photo By Nisha A.Once a week (or whenever...

Dropshipping Vs Affiliate Marketing: Which Online Business Will Make You More Money?

Most of the readers who visit fall into opposite extremes when it comes to their online business goals. Either they want to go all out, create their own products or import their goods from Asia for maximum profit or they want to start an online store as a side business using the most “passive” methods available.The prospect of making money passively without requiring much work is extremely attractive which is why many readers fall into the latter category. In other words, they want to be able to make money with as little active...

Inventory Management And How To Handle Cash Flow For An Online Store

Recently, my wife and I moved our ecommerce store into a brand new facility and it was one of the most stressful experiences that we’ve gone through in awhile. Now moving is always a pain. But just imagine running a business and trying to fulfill orders while thousands of pounds of inventory are in complete disarray with linens littered all over the office. On top of that, imagine that you have 4 employees who you must manage efficiently in this environment to move product out the door.Now my wife and I didn’t really want to move, but a...

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