276: How To Get Roasted On Your Own Podcast At Klaviyo Boston Day 2

276: I Got Roasted On My Own Podcast At Klaviyo Boston Day 2

I have an all star ecommerce cast for today’s episode. I’m with my partner Toni Anderson, Kurt Elster of the Unofficial Shopify Podcast, Andrew Youderian of Ecommerce Fuel and Padriac Ryan. And we’re reporting live at day 2 of the Klaviyo conference in Boston.

In this episode, we share our key takeaways from Klaviyo Boston Day 2 and I get roasted on my own podcast.

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What You’ll Learn

  • Why you shouldn’t go to the restroom prior to recording a podcast with friends you can’t trust
  • Key takeaways from Klaviyo con day 2
  • How Chubbies sends emails
  • New email features that you must use now

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Steve: You’re listening to the My Wife Quit Her Job Podcast, the place where I bring on successful bootstrapped business owners and delve deeply into the strategies they use to grow their businesses. Now today is a very unusual episode that is not like all the others and as an experiment. I decided to have Andrew Youdarien of e-commerce fuel, Patrick Ryan Andrew’s brand new employee, Kurt Elster of The Unofficial Shopify podcast and my partner Toni Anderson all on the show at the same time to cover day two of the klaviyo conference, but here’s what happened. I had to go to the bathroom really badly prior to this recording and while I was away Andrew, Tony, Kurt and Patrick all plotted against me to roast me on my own podcast. Now I debated for a while whether to release this episode but in the end I was like what the heck what is the worst thing that can happen? Anyway in this episode we go over key takeaways of day 2 of klaviyo Con and I get roasted in the process, enjoy.

But before we begin, I want to give quick shout out to Privy who’s a sponsor of the show. Privy is a tool that I use to build my email list for both my blog and my online store and right now I’m using Privy Display a cool Wheel of Fortune pop-up basically user gives your email for a chance to win valuable prizes in our store and customers love the gamification aspect of this and when implemented this form email signups increased by a hundred thirty one percent. Now, you can also use Privy to reduce car abandoned with cart saver pop-ups and abandoned cart email sequences as well one super low price that is much cheaper than using a full-blown email marketing solution. So bottom line Privy allows me to turn visitors into email subscribers and recover lost sales so head on over to privy.com/steve and try it for free if you decide you need to the more advanced features use coupon code MWQHJ for fifteen percent off once again that’s privy.com/steve. Now on to the show.

Intro: Welcome to the My Wife Quit Her Job Podcast we will teach you how to create a business that suits your lifestyle so can spend more time with your family focus on doing the things that you love. Here’s your host Steve Chou.

Steve: Welcome to the My Wife Quit Her Job Podcast. I’m Steve and we are here at day 2 of Klaviyo Con. I got an All-Star cast with me today. I got my partner, Tony Anderson. I got Kurt Elster of The Unofficial Shopify podcast not to be mistaken with the official shopify is there an official Shopify podcast?

Kurt: I think Shopify Masters would be the official.

Steve: That’s correct. It’s correct. And we got Andrew Youdarien here from e-commerce Fuel and we got his very he’s funny. We got Patrick here, but he’s holding up his name tag because he’s working for Andrew and I tried to hire him away, but he’s quite expensive actually.

Andrew: that’s true. And I’d like to know this is the multiple or multiple team members. You’ve tried to stay away from me. And none of them have wanted to come work for you given your reputation, which actually leads in before before we get started. See there was something that we were all hoping to chat with you about actually on the show.

Kurt: Well, we’re concerned that you’re under appreciating all Toni does

Steve: were you responsible for this Toni?

Andrew: And of course, she’s not getting paid nearly enough. I mean, we just we just see a lot. I mean she I think it’s safe to say I think everyone here would agree. You’re mostly just a figurehead at this point and Toni does all the work and we think for how you treat her especially she’s under compensate and we would like to publicly negotiate warm out of..

Steve: Toni is actually very well compensated. Let’s not even discuss how much she’s compensated

Andrew & Kurt: clearly she’s clearly your d-roc and we’ve heard your difficult can’t please guys, of course you can you can’t polish this this is this is this is an issue that if it’s not publicly

Steve: and I go to the bathroom.

Kurt: All right happens when you gallons of coffee and..

Steve: Well, we are here to talk about klaviyo. Toni is very well compensated.

Andrew: So we are not going to talk about this very real issues at okay. I guess we’ll just don’t you and your dad you’re going to get your phone number in case anyone is interested in partnering up with you? Okay, excellent.

Steve: And we did discover that Toni. Loves hugs. So if you ever see her out in the hall or at a conference, just give her a hug. It’s a term in verb. It’s one of her five love languages when of hugging

Andrew: yes, so she has all five love languages like hugs. What else we discuss my acts of service, which I think you could you know, maybe working on the

Steve: tons of access service.

Kurt: Yep. I don’t think compensation is one of those five love languages. Yeah

Toni: compensation is my love language.

Steve: Alright. Anyways, we’re here to talk about klaviyo Con and key takeaways. We did spend a lot of time on that tangent. I apologize for all the listeners out there. What’d you guys think of also day two first thing that happened was Jake Cohen came out and he talked about all the new klaviyo features the the features that I was very impressed at were all the new data Gathering features right now when I need numbers, I actually have to contact my wife who then has to run through all these equations on the Excel spreadsheet. And it gets a little bit cumbersome now. I can just pull all my own data. So I’m very happy.

Kurt: I think the thing I like most about klaviyo con is that all the talks or majority of the talks are Merchants their customers. So it’s not like Shopify staff or klaviyo staff saying, hey drink the Kool-Aid. It’s real people saying look, we’re going to pull back the curtain. This is how we’re using this. So just from like actionable tactical advice. There’s a lot of great stuff but to your point about Jake Cohen keynote this morning. I mean the the features coming down the pipe not necessarily surprising but still seeing the implementation seeing how easy to use these new tools are it’s really phenomenal. Of course like the big one. The one that they the big takeaway is SMS is now SMS. You can now approach in The Identical fashion do email as far as implementation goes.

Steve: Yeah, absolutely and he gave a little demo on stage. It’s it was like two clicks to get that implemented.

Kurt: It was like it’s a checkbox in the preferences panel is the craziest thing.

Steve: Absolutely not Actually refer a lot of beginners over to Klaviyo and what’s nice is and I know they were doing this but they’re actually like scraping your site now so that they’ll grab your logo the grab any sort of graphics and then you instantly have some templates that are customized with your colors right off the bat.

Kurt: I didn’t even know that

Steve: I didn’t even know that either because it’s been so long since I’ve been using it. So

Andrew: I thought the there’s a session he touched on a little bit but I thought the email deliverability where they’re automatically testing and trying to to send over the course of 24 hours and figure out what time is best. I think that’s quite I don’t know you guys would like we do. We don’t do where you just pick a time that we think works well and blast it out the ability to just automatically have that happen and optimize around send times for maximizing open and click-through is pretty cool. Like I

Steve: You know it’s funny Toni. I we had lunch with one of the data scientists that klaviyo because I wanted some clarification on how that works and they released this paper where they were trying to figure out. So what they were originally going to implement was optimal times on a per individual basis. So for example, like you might open your email at 11 I might open at 9 a.m. And that would be the most optimal but they did all these studies and it turns out that I don’t remember what she said was something like you would need like 3,000 emails sent for that individual to gather enough data to do that. And if you don’t have enough data, it’s not going to be accurate. So they’re smart sending feature. What it does. All you have to do is send one broadcast to train when approximately everyone has the highest percentage of open rates and for subsequent campaigns it optimizes and sent at that time in a particular persons time zone and it works a lot better

Toni: and what I want at we talked about this a little bit on the first podcast that we did for day one, but what was really cool is that we sat in the keynote learned about all the new features. We actually had a couple questions about one of the things was the personalized time because it didn’t it wasn’t fully explained in the keynote because there wasn’t time but we had a whole lunch to sit there with the klaviyo data scientists and like ask the hard questions and you know then have her basically say what are you looking at? What do you need? Send me an email? So it’s cool because you learn things in the sessions, but then you have the opportunity to In dive deeper with all the Klaviyo staff that’s here at the conference.

Steve: Absolutely. And I don’t know if I excluded some of you guys from the conversation but me and the data scientist. Her name is Christina. We were kind of geeking out because she went to MIT. I’m gonna look so engineer. She was a material science major and so I just it was just nice to and she was getting really excited to talking about all the stuff. So people out klaviyo are very happy and with their jobs and she was just ecstatic to be talking about these numbers. She even took some notes Down based on what we said, so they’re constantly gathering information. Patrick any key takeaways?

Patrick: Yeah, I think the analytics portion is it seems like everyone had to jump through hoops to get analytics Data before and now it’s going to be right there a couple clicks and you get the data you need and it looks like they’re probably going to get the eventually get the graph data and crunching right on screen as well. So I think it’s going to save a lot of people a lot of time.

Steve: Yeah, so I had a couple things to say just about like the customer analytics because klaviyo has all of your data across your entire store. You can basically get your Revenue numbers based on any segment. So anyone who has spent over $100 and bought red handkerchiefs in the last week. I can easily get a nice graph year over year to see how we’re doing in that in that respect and just to have all that data which is completely accurate since you’re sending all your data to klaviyo is just really powerful. You don’t need to contact your wife for example to get the numbers. I think I already said that right? I probably I’m sorry Jen. I’m really sorry.

Andrew: We love you Jen

Steve: what’s sessions you guys go to I know Toni I went to the chubby session. I don’t think we saw you there which sessions you guys go to

Patrick: try to go to Chubby’s boot was full they will ya what was it was a good

Steve: it was those guys are a riot. I found it hilarious. They what they do is they have they test all these subject lines and they also send emails five times a week, which I thought was pretty insane, but they’re open rates weren’t bad given how much they send. I think they’re average open way was 16% given all their sins. I think you’re the data was not actually 9 percent is what their year-to-date numbers were which I thought were a little low. Because we Toni and I we sat in on a deliverability session once and I think they were telling us that if the deliverability drops below 15% you should be worried about it.

Toni: Yes, one of the things I was actually curious that they didn’t talk about in the session. Although I’m a huge Chubby’s fan. Like I think their marketing is amazing and the two guys that were speaking like were totally brand appropriate but I’m curious if their conversion rates on those emails, right? Because I did, you know, we’ve had this conversation afterwards like nine percent seemed a little low but because like some of their emails are not sale emails at all, right, they’re just random content and so I’m wondering like their conversion rates because they send I think three or four different emails out to right like they have one that’s very specific and then I think they’re Friday one. They said was like the Weekender which is sort of nonsensical a little bit. So I was curious if they didn’t discuss because it wasn’t that wasn’t the topic.

Steve: Well, I’d be more curious what their deliverability rate is right? Because when it drops below 15% that means maybe yahoo, or Microsoft emails as a whole are getting blocked all together.

Toni: Yeah, that’s true.

Steve: Actually, one of the Klaviyo representatives offered to introduce me to the Chubby’s founder. So I’ll have them on the podcast at some point. And if I had the courage I will ask them those hard questions and see what they say.

Kurt: They’re a lot of fun. Let me ask you a question German. What are what are some of the common themes that you’re seeing among Merchants presenting talking whatever it is.

Steve: I think the higher degree of personalization across the emails. I really like what they’ve done with the flow Builder the ability to just Branch depending on the type of customer. I think we Toni and I we touched on this on yesterday’s episode already just you know higher lifetime value customers, you might want to treat a little bit differently versus the ones who might not spend that much or haven’t become customers yet might want to heavily discount just to get them in the door. I think that has been the general theme of the event. I know what do you guys think?

Andrew: It’s a the the own marketing is probably what I would say the biggest thing that they’re pushing. I think it I think it resonates you want to Define what that is for the people who don’t know what that is. So any any marketing channel where you have total control over it? So right Google Facebook Amazon do not count because you’re hitchhiking off. Someone else’s platform some in some way podcasting email direct mail. Those will all be own channels SMS things like that. So I think that’s a huge one that’s been talked about a lot the other one. I’ve seen a lot. I think this is true is like people like if you’re gonna if you’re gonna start a business and run it and sell people stuff like you got to have a better reason than just selling people random stuff and because otherwise it’s hard to stand out. It’s hard to like higher motivated smart people and it’s hard to it’s hard to there’s a lot of noise in the world today, you know, so like having a good why I’m seeing that a lot more with with with companies and Brands.

Steve: Sorry Andrew. What do you sell again?

Andrew: I sell I sell relationships and Community.

Steve: Okay. Yeah.

Andrew: What do you sell digital products IC. Yes digital products longtime member here long time on the beginning. I’ve been to all the e-commerce fuel lives

Andrew: and not so I’m not sure if the 10-year will continue. But yeah

Steve: you know if funny thing we talked about own marketing even with email with Gmail introducing all the different inboxes arguably email is not quite owned either right because you got to stay out of the promotional inbox and Google technically has control over that

Kurt: I like the idea of own marketing, you know, like it’s you know, Amazon, you’re just renting a table at their Marketplace Facebook Google ads you’re renting the traffic from the traffic store, right? And then these other channels really it’s ostensibly you create the content and in talking to the a lot of these Brands and seeing the brands were speaking the common theme was we’re creating entertaining content first. So a lot of people just like really producing lots and lots of content and it’s not necessarily sales content. It’s entertaining content to build a one-on-one relationship and like what a the one of the mantras for Success that I’ve held for years is people buy from people not Brands and to see like an entire conference built around that idea my gosh. So excited but also just thrilled to see actionable ways to do that and people saying like hey the way you make money with these channels is create compelling engaging content and people like and some of the stuff feels like going back to basics.

That we’ve started to overlook in favor of all the shiny toys that are out there like so many people have said we have what flow what’s the one you can’t live without they got welcome series like well, what do you do in the welcome series like, oh, we just trying to introduce people to the brand to us to the team to Ry and like oh, but what about you know products and sales their got that comes later and that like in these are huge Brands big like seven eight figure Brands. So really it’s been been very compelling and inspiring to see that

Steve: absolutely and actually the poster child. I would probably be Chubbies they spent a lot of time on their content and I actually want to just kind of touch on a couple of things one of their men they do an insane number of subject lines. I think I can’t remember who was speaking, Toni?

Kurt: Eric?

Steve: was it was it Eric? But I think they go through like 30 subject lines at least maybe more and they spent a lot of time on that stuff

Toni: they do and but then I think they said they sent they send for

Steve: yes.

Toni: Usually they A/B test with for subject lines, but more importantly in do we talked? I can’t remember we talked about this in our round one, but the preview in the email.

Steve: Yes

Toni: and I know you and I talked about that offline. I can remember if we put that

Steve: No, we put that in there because I wasn’t doing it.

Toni: Yes

Steve: and then you were

Toni: yes, but to see right there. Yeah well to see their preview, you know, what what shows up in the right after and what I thought was interesting we didn’t talk about is the who it’s from where they’re making up those email addresses, which was really cool.

Steve: Yeah. So just to kind of expand upon that they make up funny user names for their emails depending on whatever theme they have. I don’t know if I can replicate them because just the style their emails are really irreverent. Their email subject lines are just so off the wall. And I probably couldn’t do that for like my store, or example. it’d be a lot of fun to do that to be able to put irreverence subject lines. Like what was one of their funny ones? They’re like just off the wall.

Toni: Yeah, very random has nothing really to do with the product. But so I guess I just mind auto-populates, right? So it’s from the actual brand email right? But then like you can also put like someone’s name like I usually put Toni at the oil collection or whatever but they do they create that where you can actually customize enough to be a true email like one of them was like, hello darkness my old friend at Chubbies.com. Right? Like they because it had to do with whatever subject line was or like, is it the weekend yet at Chubbies.com like they change in it’s like really clever and I think it’s just another way to get like be top of mind like look when you get in your inbox, right you’re fighting to get notice and he also said that they try to keep their like actual subject like one a couple words, right?

Steve: Yeah two words, their subject lines are always super short. Yeah. So what they do, I’m just looking at my notes right now. They do a three-hour test when they do there. With test for the highest open rate and then whatever wins they press out to the rest of their list.

Andrew: So this is a little this may be a little niche when you’re not spend too much time on it. But a lot of us here put on events. Like would you guys appreciate about the event or would you have fun with here from an event like an event standpoint as opposed to contest that point because I think that’s fun to geek out on to

Toni: I mean, it’s definitely not as cool as ECF live or seller Summit right? But no actually I will say Adama stickler for events and things running on time like everything’s on time here, you know if session starts at 10 a.m. It is starting at 10:00 a.m. They end on time which is great because sometimes when sessions run along then you’re forced to not get to the next session that you want to go to. Yes just drives me insane when the speaker just keeps talking and you know, you got to shut the mic off whatever but they’ve been running on time. It’s a great venue very walkable area, which I always think is good. They feed you all day long, which is a big deal. Lots of water, coffee. All the standards have that a lot of people don’t necessarily think is important.

It actually is really important to us like a customer to the event and I think what what sets its event apart from other brand events, although I haven’t been to a ton is the amount of like klaviyo people that I can actually solve your problem which we talked a little bit yesterday are the other day on the podcast, but I think that’s a huge benefit to coming here. If you’re a klaviyo user if you want to use klaviyo to its fullest potential like coming here is a good place to be able to figure that out and find like the gaps in your own business.

Kurt: So the swag is a big deal to a lot of conferences. You have the cool swag and it’s like so easy the T-shirt now it sucks. And klaviyo really went next level with swag. So I wore just out of practicality a fanny bag Fanny. Yeah fanny pack to this event only to discover the swag you get when you show up is a fanny pack from a Shopify Merchant. And then as you in the fanny pack is a poker chip that’s has Klaviyo on it. And then as you do different things like get support go to the after-party you get more of these poker chips, and then you can take those to the the swag boo. Which is a Plinko board and you drop the chips into the Plinko board and it spells out. Klaviyo at the bottom and each letter corresponds to a different kind of Swag and the there were like, it was like socks t-shirts. I forgot my sunglasses. So I got some klaviyo blenders, I wear sunglasses which was convenient, but the big hit was like a they’re giving away backpacks that people were really into but it’s always fun to see like, okay not only did they put thought into valuable swag that you’ll actually like use and enjoy later but they made it they gamified it made it this very fun process.

Andrew: This is maybe less exciting but more practical like two things. I thought were cool. It was the paper schedule. We use a nap. Everything’s digital. I hate paper most people hate paper, but I loves this thing. Like I just play time. It’s so much easier. I we’re going to do that at our next event yet. You got one too. That’s great the bells like I think you guys know to like trying to get heard people into sessions at an event is people have great discussions and you don’t want to break those up at the same time like you got to get the the Rolling and the little magic Tinkerbell fellows that Steve you look really you look very beautiful walking around like I don’t know how they got you to do that. But doing the bells,

Toni: like first of all..

Andrew: have a you have a talent for that my friend..

Toni: He had piano lessons for many years as a child.

Andrew: He did?

Toni: So I think that’s part of it but

Andrew: So Graceful wasn’t it?

Toni: but yeah, I’m beautiful and with the to to in Tights as well. Like I feel like that just added

Andrew: I didn’t see that again. He did it again with to to tights?

Toni: On day 2, it was day one. Day two he was wearing regular clothes. Yeah

Andrew: we will post some pictures in the show notes here if you want to see those, so

Toni: I actually asked Steve about getting the bells because I do I agree with you. It’s hard to get people back in session and then it’s annoying when they’re coming in and out and the door and he said, you know Toni we don’t have the budget for that right but I have but I have a megaphone.

Andrew: To tos are very expensive

Toni: he has a megaphone at home. So we’re good. I’m just going to walk through blast and people with a megaphone at seller Summit, you know, and I feel like that’s that’s in line with the type of event. We like to run.

Andrew: Yeah see thank you for inviting us to come on your body.

Steve: Yes. I’ve been like you can’t see me but Been fighting to grab the mic backs as we have two mics. We got five people here and we’re passing around. So would you say you just you didn’t mention like you like the paper schedules would you say it’s more valuable than a nap Andrew?

Andrew: more valuable than a nap? This is a trick question. I think both are very important and I think

Steve: Course you do, Kiss Ass haha

Andrew: I think they are like we are..

Steve: have vendors already afraid of Tony that’s even better long. She’s already terrified.

Andrew: Yes. I know. So will you guys we have an app for our conference? And they’re great. They’re good for messaging and stuff. But like it’s also the schedules the best part about the paper.

Steve: So I want to switch gears a little bit from not making fun of me. Do some key takeaways for the event It’s the final day here. We’re almost done with the event. You want to start Kurt? What are your key takeaways from the event

Kurt: when I get back to my office. I think the the thing I want to do is pick a couple retainer clients and just start going through their flows and trying to reconcile what they’re doing and all of the phenomenal advice I got here like so many people is what’s the one flow and like browse abandonment welcome series and all with this customer service Focus. So I really wanted like with a critical eye go back and look and make sure that we’re doing a good job of engaging and entertaining and delivering that like personal content that Brands like Chubbies are doing so well that I think everybody and you don’t have to do it like the irreverent funny way the Chubbies does but you can certainly make things like they don’t have to be so stuffy and business and corporate that we can leave to the Enterprise, Organizations and instead it approach things in a much more human way. So I think that’s

Steve: I didn’t realize you could copy writing is part of your services. Do you?

Kurt: I have a little bit everything.

Steve: Okay.

Kurt: Now when we do specifically like email setups and email management and as part of that I just I let my inner copywriter out.

Steve: Let me ask you this. What is what is one feature that was announced that you plan on thoroughly integrating with your clients.

Kurt: So number one the smarts end times that’s just like in a single checkbox immediate win. So they said it soon as I say something. It’s gonna do it again. It was with the smart. Sometimes they said on average. It was a 10 percent lift and open rates. That’s a single option that will make that work better. So all right easy win. Everybody makes more money if I enable that feature

Steve: absolutely

Kurt: and yeah that one number one and I think that’s all I got, now go back.

Steve: I’m not editing this

Kurt: not like I gotta go back go back through it. Everybody’s doing welcome series of browse abandonment like everybody asks, what’s the one thing you can’t live without it was browser Bandit welcome series over and over. So I think I need to re review and make sure everybody you’re running both of those and I think the way to supercharge that is to do because personalization was a common theme.

Steve: Yep

Kurt: like a browser abandonment. It works. It’s nice to make a customer service focused but it could be a little generic. I think the magic is in let’s take this idea of personalization apply it to browse abandonment where we do different browser abandonment flows and you could do like split flows and klaviyo now where it’s depending on what category they viewed

Steve: right

Kurt: That’s a very easy flow filter to apply you could filter by collection. So it’s like oh they viewed wallets. All right, then the browse abandonment email is actually an email about which wallets right for me like that kind of thing. So it’s rough start repurposing that content making it very you focused on the customer and just help them by engaging them in this customer service oriented way. I think that’s how we’re going to start selling and really Separating these the small business brands from the the big news cpg Procter & Gamble direct to Consumer brands that are cropping up

Steve: cool, Youdarien, what do you got?

Andrew: I think takeaways are get better about sending email email sound like you mentioned testing that more because I we’re horrible at it. Really? I am Patrick maybe..

Patrick: Don’t blame me I’ve only been there for four months haha

Steve: so just for the record you guys can’t see this, but Andrew said he sucks at and then he looked over at Patrick

Andrew: and said maybe You’re better at this

Steve: I never blame anyone but myself. When..

Andrew: is that true Toni?

Toni: Yes that’s so true

Steve: just a testament to my character

Toni: I’m not sure about that Steve

Andrew: and thrown a lot of rocks from living in a glass room. Literally. So yeah, I think I mean that’s a big one. I think the one to is thinking about just like nurturing. There’s a couple good campaigns on nurturing and nourishing people throughout your throne. Like I got I won’t I’m not blaming Patrick showed up Steve’s got me all defensive but like our nurture series is pretty bad and the opt-ins are horrible on her blog like we just I think we really I need to really redesign it. We’re going to work on this together. But so that was one thing and I think another one was also like SMS is there are some SMS companies floating around it’s not hugely widely used thing for a lot of merchants right now. And I think it is of all of the marketing mediums that have the potential to backfire. I think this one’s pretty as a lot of potential to do that because maybe people are different.

I am very sensitive to the marketing messages I go with text. Text from you like every personal Channel, you know, and like I if I get some messages from Brand, I really love for product really am interested in and it stays like much money. Okay, maybe that’s fine. But if I start getting spammed by text, it will create an emotional it has in the past create an emotional backlash with me and I think Brands should be really careful how they I can be super powerful, but I think you’ll be really careful. Otherwise, you’re going to alienate a lot of customers.

Steve: I know for SMS for me. I think I will probably only use it like as a last resort if people aren’t opening emails may be just as Of like a last ditch effort to give him some sort of discount or some sort of piece of content that I know they want to click over or have them re– opt into some other series. I’ll probably also use it. Maybe this is an e-commerce related but for webinars just to kind of remind people that the webinar starting soon. That’s probably something that might not be that intrusive. But but I agree if it’s just for to announce the latest sale that can get annoying real quick. All right, Patrick. What do you got man?

Patrick: I think data points. We have a lot of data points and I think we use them effectively enough to personalize the email Series. So I think playing with those and the sin x might help our deliverability and open rates, but also but also playing around with the subject lines make a little more fun with that and changing all of our from addresses to see wears a pink tutu at e-commercefuel.com would be perfect. So definitely a great takeaway from this conference. I can Implement that tomorrow.

Andrew: Steve do you know anyone that can do really good Photoshop work for us totally unrelated totally relate, but do you know anyone?

Steve: anyway next question so my key takeaway was I like Kurt I actually haven’t been using a whole lot of the personalization features in my flows and I actually created all my flows back when they didn’t have that whole new flow bloat Builder. So I actually have multiple flows that kind of overlap and I exclude the people on the other flows when I do it. So right now it’s a complete mess and I just need to kind of redo all of them and you can you can consolidate a bunch of flows because you can do conditional stuff within the flow builder now to really simplify things. So that’s kind of next on my objective

Toni: what I love about events. Like this is that you tend to get an aha moment sometimes based on multiple things you heard so yesterday they talked about gender predictive feature, which I was like cool. I don’t know how I’d use that most of my customers are female. But then as I started thinking about it today and having other conversations, I realized that actually I do have Male purchases and it’s always a gift right and then I started thinking well, it’s always a gift. They always come organically and they never use a coupon. So I never want to send them a coupon right because they’re going to buy without a coupon. So I said we were at lunch and we were talking to the data scientist and I was like, oh, I got it. Like I need to make sure that I’m segmenting my people so that they’re not getting a coupon because they’ll never they don’t need to use one and I think a lot of times guys when they’re looking for gifts aren’t likely to use a coupon anyway, so that was my big aha moment.

Steve: Clearly. Those guys are not Asian because yeah,

Toni: yeah

Steve: I use a coupon whenever I can

Toni: I yeah, I and I don’t pull the I don’t use the data like I should but I know just from like especially early on

Steve: noticed there wasn’t like a racial setting on on the klaviyo thing.

Toni: I’m not even gonna respond to that

Steve: I think I’m gonna cut that one out.

Andrew: steve, when you’re shopping for presents for Jen you go and find like half a dozen coupons and then pick from those for the present?

Steve: They don’t have coupons for Cartier, Tiffany’s and all those high-end high-end retailers and

Toni: Walmart’s already discounted enough so you don’t need a coupon right, Steve?

Steve: So I’m going to end this podcast a little bit earlier than I typically do. We’re in a soundproof booth right now, but the ceiling is wide open and we’re sitting right outside of the main hall and people are sent to exit right now. But I hope you guys appreciate this little recap and in the roasting I guess

Toni: this is going to be your most popular podcast ever

Steve: just show me your support by leaving some in the comments in defensive me, please and

Andrew: and just for the record if you didn’t hear at the beginning our defensive Toni and her support, it was edited out by Steve write to him at Steve@mywifequitherjob.com and ask him to include that back into the podcast because it’s an important piece and I mean, I just I think it’s important

Steve: what’s funny is This is all plotted while I went to the bathroom. I had to go to the bathroom before we started recording and then they plotted this whole thing. They know I can’t really edit it out. And then Toni was probably the Mastermind. I’m guessing

Toni: in all seriousness this in all seriousness. This is why you should attend these events because you get together with people that you usually only see online and you’re able to share ideas you joke around you can rip on each other. It’s pretty cool side benefit of being here. So thank you Steve for being a good sport.

Steve: I don’t know if I call this people my friends but we do but we do see each other once or twice a year and it’s a lot of fun.

Andrew: I know Toni and Kurt, I consider you a good friends.

Steve: So, all right. Take care.

Hope you enjoyed that episode as it was a departure from one of my typical episodes. And as you can probably tell going to events with your friends and fellow podcasters can be a lot of fun. For more information about this episode go to mywifequitherjob.com/episode276.

And once again, I want to thank Klaviyo for sponsoring this episode and inviting me to the event now. Klaviyo is my email marketing platform of choice for e-commerce Merchants. You can easily put together automated flows like an abandoned cart sequence a post purchase flow or win back campaign. Basically, all these sequences that will make you money on autopilot. So head on over to mywifequitherjob.com/klaviyo. Once again, That’s mywifequitherjob.com/klaviyo.

Oh, I also want thank Privy for sponsoring this episode. Privy is the email capture provider that I personally use the term visitors into email subscribers. They offer email capture exit intent and site targeting tools to make it super simple as well. And I like Privy because it is so powerful and you can basically trigger custom pop-ups for any parameter that is closely tied your eCommerce store. Now, if you want to give it a try it is free so head on over to privy.com/steve. Once again, that’s P-R-I-V-Y.com/steve.

Now I talked about how I use these tools in my blog and if you’re interested in starting your own e-commerce store heading over to mywifequitherjob.com and sign up for my free six day mini-course just type in your email and I’ll send you the course right away. Thanks for listening.

Outro: Thanks for listening to the My Wife Quit Her Job Podcast where we are giving the courage people need to start their own online business. For more information visit Steve’s blog at www.mywifequitherjob.com

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