The Consequences Of Taking The Easy Route When Launching Your Business

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Every time I publish an article on entrepreneurship that encourages my readers to start their own business, I find myself tiptoeing across a very fine line.

On one hand, starting an online business is simple, relatively risk free and doesn’t require a lot of start up capital.

But on the other hand, running a successful business requires a ton of hard work, perseverance and a little bit of luck.

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The problem is that when I emphasize the enormous amount of work that is required to launch a company, I tend to turn people away from starting a business.

However when I emphasize the simplicity, people tend to harbor unrealistic expectations and expect a quick path to riches.

It’s unfortunate, but many would be entrepreneurs choose what business model to pursue based on how “easy” it is to start as opposed to considering the actual probability of success.

In fact, every other day I get emails from people asking me why they should go through the hassle of selling actual products when they can just be an affiliate.

Why should they stock their own inventory when they can simply drop ship all of their goods? Why should they bother setting up a shopping cart when they can just put up a blog and sell advertising?

Easy Is Not Necessarily A Good Thing

Have you surfed the web lately? If so, you’ve probably come across a bazillion blogs out there. Why are there so many? It’s because it’s pretty darn easy to launch a blog.

All you need to do is signup for a webhost, install WordPress and you are good to go. In fact, you can literally launch a blog in about 15 minutes flat if you have a general idea of what you are doing.

Not only that, but there are many courses on “blogging for income” out there that supposedly teach you how to “monetize” your blog for long term “passive” profits. Bingo! Sounds easy and it’s risk free too!

But why do you think that 99% of the people out there don’t make jack with their blogs? It’s because while it’s easy to launch a blog, it’s extremely difficult to make any decent money off of it.

The same goes with affiliate marketing. Whenever I get asked why I even bother selling my own products when I could just become an affiliate instead, a big smirk appears on my face.

Sure on paper, being an affiliate sounds infinitely better. You don’t have to ship any product. You don’t have to provide any technical support. You just refer the sale and get paid.

Sounds like a great business model and indeed it is. But why the hell do most people fail at referring even a single sale? Setting up an affiliate site is easy. Actually getting people to click on your referral links and attracting an audience is hard to do.

Most people give up at this point because their website is so easy and cheap to setup that they simply cut their losses and move on to something else. What requires very little work to start requires very little work to abandon.

The result of something being “easy” also means that there is usually a ton of competition if you choose to enter the market. One of the main reasons I like running an online store that sells physical products is because the barriers to entry are higher.

Because I have to source products and establish relationships with vendors, that is one extra task that a competitor has to do in order to copy my business idea.

Because I manufacture many of my own products and control my own website, it’s much more difficult for someone else to carry the exact same products that I carry or to copy my site. The additional barriers to entry means that once my business is off its feet, it has more staying power in the long run.

Business Ideas That Come Too Easily Are Usually Too Saturated

I’ve been running my course on how to create a profitable online store for about 6 months now and every time a new student joins the course, they inevitably want to sell something in a highly saturated and highly competitive market.

“I want to sell t-shirts”
“I want to sell baby clothes”
“I want to sell wedding favors”
“I want to sell electronics”

What’s wrong with these product ideas? Nothing really, except that they are easy products to come up with. In fact, most newbies usually think of these exact same product ideas until they realize that there are a bazillion companies out there selling similar products.

The best online store product ideas tend to be narrow and extremely focused. All of the big commonplace products are already being sold by established players. The best product ideas are obscure, harder to come by and require a good amount of niche research.

Easy Is Often Not Worth Doing

The problem with easy is that it’s easy for everyone and not just you. As a result, what is easy is often not even worth pursuing at all.

Therefore, your criteria for starting a business should not have anything to do with how “easy” it is to launch. Instead, you should focus on what needs to be done and how much money there is to be made.

Forget about the difficulty of implementation. Is your business idea even realistic? Do you even have a chance to make a decent profit?

Think about the major hurdles involved and focus on those problems instead. Fundamentally speaking, the hardest part of any business online is how to get traffic to your website. And the less saturated the market, the easier it will be for you to stand out and grab your customers’ attention.

Ready To Get Serious About Starting An Online Business?

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11 thoughts on “The Consequences Of Taking The Easy Route When Launching Your Business”

  1. Hi,
    I’ve been following your blog for a while and I love the information you share with all of us. I especially appreciate this post as I’ve recently went live with my own online store and am still working on perfecting my offering. After reading this I am inspired to attempt an additional offering that I’d considered but discarded. Thanks for all of the great posts!

    1. @Carissa
      Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m heading over to check out your clothing shop as we speak

  2. I just want to second Carissa’s comments. We launched our online store a few months ago and this site and blog have been a great help throughout the whole experience. Our store has been a lot of hard work and is still a work in process (always will be) but we’re enjoying it and it’s been a great learning experience as well.

  3. Hello. Easy is easy. What I mean is that a lot of product are being sole online using its ‘ease’ as a selling point. When the truth is that making a success in business, especially online, you have to put in the hours, pay attention to online relationships and ‘invest’ in people before they are going to pay attention to what you have to offer.

  4. Yes, nothing is easy. I found out even writing quality content is not that easy either. The barrier definitely is a LOT higher, if you possesses the know-how, be it technology, products, etc.

  5. I once always thought making money online is easy because of all the products that sells in this market say so, but when I fail multiple time, I realize everything wasn’t easy and when I went into the copywriting market I realize the word “easy” is just a emotional word that trigger people to buy their stuff.
    So for months I do a lot of research and went into doing small niches, I still remember the first small niche I go into was “how to train your spider to fight” and can you believe even clickbank does have this sort of product.
    From there I started using PPC and to my surprise people did buy and is really easy to rank in the first page for a few cent at that time which was 3 years ago.
    After months of successful campaign, I started going into all kinds of small niches, though not all niches are successful, but most of them indeed is a profitable campaign. :)

  6. Well, any business hasn’t been easy and it never will be. Sure thing, easy is easy, but business is business.

  7. The truth is that there is no easy route. If you want to be successful in a business you need time. Also remember that a saturated market means that there is a lot of money. With hard work you can create a good site with stable rankings and stable income.

  8. Steve, this is why I am such a fan of yours. Your approach makes starting and running a business sound do-able, but you never shy away from showing the hard work that it takes to truly be successful. Thanks for your transparency, I’m sure its a big part of why you are so successful!

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