How to Grow a Targeted Twitter Following and Drive Traffic to Your Blog

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I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of telling people how powerful Twitter can be as a tool for promoting your blog and/or website.

It is by a distance my social media network of choice, for three reasons:

  1. It drives the most traffic to my blog
  2. It allows you to build a loyal following, as opposed to simply hoping for one to appear
  3. It allows you to make the kind of connections that aren’t easily possible elsewhere

In this article, I want to focus on those first two reasons. If you are interested in growing a significant Twitter following that can drive targeted traffic to your site, read on.

Editor’s Note: For my online store, my best social media traffic source is Pinterest followed by Facebook. For my blog, Facebook is higher than Twitter traffic as well. But I haven’t been managing my Twitter account like Tom has.

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Interaction is Key

In this post I will be revealing the practical steps I have taken to grow my Twitter account by around 5,000 followers this year, but before I do so, we must first address something of vital importance — the number of followers you have on Twitter is almost pointless if you are not active and interesting.

Whilst it is possible to build a Twitter following without actually spending much time on your account, you will soon find that all of those followers have no interest in you.

In order to combat this potential outcome, you must be active on Twitter, and you should interact with your followers personally whenever possible. This isn’t complicated:

  • Tweet interesting and insightful content that is relevant to your target audience
  • Ask questions of your followers
  • Respond to those who tweet at you
  • Personally thank those who share your content
  • Be interesting!

You don’t have to spend an overwhelming amount of time on Twitter to get positive results — just two or three 5-10 minute windows per day can be enough time to keep on top of things.

How to Build a Twitter Following

When it comes to the ideal of having a large Twitter following, you have two options:

  1. Grow a hugely successful blog/site and watch your Twitter following grow organically
  2. Build a targeted Twitter following and use your account as a tool to engage with your audience and drive traffic to your blog/site

As you have no doubt guessed, we are looking at option two today. Even if option one sounds appealing (and you are growing a hugely successful site), option two can still benefit.

The principles for building a Twitter following are very simple:

  1. Follow relevant people on Twitter, and a proportion of them will follow you back with interest
  2. Unfollow those who don’t follow you back, or who are inactive on Twitter

Getting people to follow you back is important for obvious reasons. The reason you unfollow disinterested/inactive people is to free up space to follow those who may be interested.

You must actively manage your following to follower ratio. You should never follow more people than you have following you. Not only does it look a little untoward, but Twitter places a cap (above 2,000) on followings above approximately 110% of the number of followers you have. So if you have 2,000 followers, you cannot follow more than 2,200 people (or thereabouts).

I’m not going to lie to you — attempting to find and follow relevant Twitter profiles is too much hassle for me. Instead I use two semi-automated tools — Tweet Adder and ManageFlitter. Let’s look at each in turn.

Tweet Adder

This piece of software will set you back $55 (for a one profile license), but it is money well-spent. Amongst many other features, Tweet Adder allows you to follow and unfollow targeted Twitter users on a semi-automated basis.

You can build up a database of people who follow Twitter accounts that are similar to yours, then set Tweet Adder to automatically follow these people intermittently. If you are targeting the right people, you will find that a considerable proportion (anywhere from 10-40% in my experience) will follow you back with interest.

You can also set Tweet Adder to unfollow those who do not follow you back after a set period of time. This ensures that your following to follower ratio remains manageable.

Although automated products such as this can get a bad rap, I have nothing but good things to say about Tweet Adder. After all, it offers you an opportunity to spread the word of your blog or site to those who are interested. If they’re not interested they can simply ignore your follow, so I don’t see any moral issue.


The ManageFlitter app follows a freemium pricing model, and I only make use of the free options. Just one option in fact — Follow Inactive Users.

ManageFlitter can present you with a list of all your followers that have not tweeted in the past 30 days. I think you can safely assume that such people are unlikely to be heavy Twitter users, and therefore are not of value to you. You can unfollow these people en masse with just a couple of clicks.

ManageFlitter is also packed with a number of other tools which I recommend you check out.

Driving Traffic to Your Site

Once you have taken the above steps, you will find that Twitter drives a certain level of traffic to your site organically. When people follow you back, they may well check out your site (assuming that you have linked to it within your profile bio). I regularly receive tweets and emails from people saying that they found my site through Twitter, which is proof enough that my strategy is doing its job.

Beyond that, the obvious method for driving traffic to your site is to tweet out links — typically to blog posts. I tend to publish three tweets for every new blog post that I write (each separated by a number of hours, to ensure that they hit different timezones).

I also occasionally tweet out links to archived posts, and label them as such. You can also automate this process with a WordPress plugin such as Tweet Old Post, but I have found it to be a little buggy.

…And Then Wait.

That’s all there is to it folks! Although I could certainly go into far more detail, what you see above is the simple framework for growing an active Twitter profile.

The final ingredient is patience. If you are starting out with a relatively small profile, it will take a while for the snowball effect to begin. But once you start to pick up momentum, the growth will be exponential.

If you have any questions pertaining to my strategy, please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments section.

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21 thoughts on “How to Grow a Targeted Twitter Following and Drive Traffic to Your Blog”

  1. I don’t get how unfollowing people that don’t follow you frees up room. You explained how you’re capped on following people but not on how many can follow you, so this doesn’t make sense to me.

    1. Hey MB,
      I’ll wait for Tom to respond here but basically it looks bad to have your following count be higher than your follower count for social proof reasons. I personally don’t use any automated tools but this apparently is working for Tom.

    2. Hello,

      Your following to follower ratio must be under around 1.1 : 1 once you are following more than 2,000 people. Therefore, by unfollowing people who aren’t following you, you free up to room to follow people who might. Does that make sense?



  2. Its all about your regular activity on Twitter that can drive more traffic to any places you want.For growing followers you can use their search option and follow people in relevant niche.However the above article also contain a must follow tips.

  3. I think I should add my fans number to my twitter,it is a rough work!

  4. I use ‘who unfollowed me’ a freebie, keeps me up to date on who unfollowed me, and who I am not following back. Recently I have been going back through my list of followers and following some folks that I did not follow orginally, because I liked their site and/or tweets. Haha, I see Steve is not follwing me back. And then again I don’t tweet alot, and when I do, automactic blog post tweets, it’s about vintage fashion or Hospice.

    And, you are so correct in saying that just a few minutes here and there thorughout the day is all you really need to connect, I find that true also with Facebook. Thanks Tom

  5. I am not a fan of using tools to grow my follower list though I agree that it could really help you if you wanted to have a big number of followers in just a short span of time.

    Personally, I prefer to let my followers grow naturally. One of the strategies I am currently doing to build my followers is building relationships with tweeps with high influence. To date, this strategy works very well with me and it does help me generate good traffic out of it.

    Well, this is just my opinion.

  6. Hi Tom,

    This is a well written post. The steps you’ve laid out are simple and easy to follow. I’m just getting back involved with using Twitter to promote my blog site. I currently have around 800 or so followers, about 300 more than the people I’m actually following.

    My traffic results from Twitter vary. I can’t say that I’ve seen a huge burst of traffic, but I get a trickle her and there. I’m working on becoming more active and I’m leveraging tools like SocialOomph to automatic some of my tweets. This seems to be working pretty well for me so far.

    Thanks so much for sharing your Twitter insights with us and for sharing this on I appreciate it!


  7. I am struggling with Twitter’s follow limit rule. I am following 4249 and I have 3858 followers at the moment. I don’t think I should be “punished” for wanting to follow a great number of tweeps! 😉 I will check out ManageFlitter.

  8. Nice post… thanks for the information. Now i know how to increase traffic from twitter thanks a lot..

  9. Hi Tom

    I have so far avoided using Tweet Adder to build my Twitter following.Because I just do not trust automated software. I have a small but very targeted Twitter following of around 1800 people .But at some point I suppose that I will have to give Tweet Adder a try.

  10. I have used tweet adder for quiet some time now. It’s definitely a great marketing tool. Awesome indepth guide by the way.

  11. I feel that using Twitter during the peak hours of 1-3 pm are the best way to get traffic to a site. This is what I have been doing and it works great.


  12. Awesome info, I’ve been digging into Twitter more since buying Tweetbot. Interesting what spending $20 of a program will make you do, I almost feel I have to get my “value” out of it!

    I did find some contradictory information in this report [] on asking questions via Twitter, which typically get much less of a click rate, but I suppose that can ultimately be dependent on your specific audience.

    Tweet ya later

  13. Vicki says:

    Thanks for the info. I’m interested to know what you use to multi publish your posts.

  14. I never yet tried twitter, but some of your list of tips work, i am doing some of them and it really increase my blog traffic. Thank you for sharing..

  15. Well written article with a lot of useful tips. One thing I have learned from experience as this article points out is interaction is the key. If you put the time and effort into well written tweets your followers will have a tendency to re-tweet these over the more automated approaches.

  16. Hi Tom,

    Today’s my first time of landing on this blog. Just before I add my thought to this post, I’d like to appreciate you for the kind effort you’ve put in on this post. Thank you so much.

    Now back to growing Twitter followers – I agreed with all that you said. But there’s one thing I haven’t really giving much attention to and that’s using Twitter tools. Though it saves time but I often frown at it when I see people sending uncustomized messages that could as well be sent to a million persons.

  17. David says:


    I read your article and I would like to point out a few things from my personal experience. First I must say that you’ve made excellent explanations and basic steps on growing your reach by making new engagements on organic way. But I think that we shouldn’t forget how hard it is to do all the things mentioned previously as a beginner. When I started my profile, it was really hard to get a well spread network without putting too much time and effort in it and without a solid follower base, it is not easy to keep going. After a while I came to a conclusion that purchasing followers and retweet packages is a must and I did it from the following site It has helped me a lot wen boosting my profile afterwards with the strategy you’ve mentioned in your blog post.

    I believe you will consider my opinion useful.

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