ShippingEasy Vs – Why We Switched Our Shipping Software And How It Improved Our Order Flow

One of my biggest pet peeves with product reviews found on the Internet are that they are often written by people who have never used the product or service. And most online reviews lack any sort of depth whatsoever.

For example, when I was looking for objective reviews on shipping services for ecommerce, all I found were glorified feature comparisons between the different companies. Not very useful!

Anyway, my wife and I were recently in the market for a new shipping service for our online store and we ended up switching over from to

If you just happen to be looking for a good shipping solution for your online store, this post compares and contrasts my real life experiences with these 2 shipping platforms.

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Why We Started Out With

When we first launched our online store, all of our shipping was done through USPS. Why? It’s because USPS is by far the cheapest shipping option out there. It’s simple to use and the post man will pick up your packages for free wherever you are.

As a result, was a natural match for our shop early on. Not only do they provide a very straightforward integration to most shopping carts but they also provide discounts on various USPS services that are NOT available if you go to the post office.

But over the years, USPS has become more and more unreliable. Even though they “guarantee” a certain delivery time, they are often late. And even worse, we’ve had several cases when packages have been marked as shipped even though they never truly arrived.

As a result, we now ship all mission critical packages (anything that has a strict deadline) via UPS. In my experience, UPS and FedEx are much more reliable carriers and as our volume began to grow, we found it cumbersome to use and multiple other carrier websites to ship our orders.


Ultimately, the main reason we decided to switch away from to was because of the multi carrier integration. ShippingEasy allows you to ship from UPS, USPS, FedEx and DHL all from the same interface which is something that can not do.

But a funny thing also happened when we made the switch.

Have you ever been with a service so long that you’ve stopped keeping up with what else is out there? Have you ever used a service so long that you got used to its idiosyncrasies and just lived with them instead of looking for something new and better?

Switching over from to ShippingEasy reminded me of when I bought a brand new car earlier this year. All of sudden, I had access to cool features like Bluetooth and GPS navigation that my 16 year old beater car didn’t have, features that I never knew I needed because I wasn’t exposed to them.

Anyway, in this post I want to give you a detailed comparison of my experiences with vs ShippingEasy. Both services can get the job done, but one clearly does the job better than the other.

The Pros Of Using ShippingEasy

ShippingEasy Pros

One of my biggest pet peeves with is that they only allow you to re-print labels twice. So whenever our printer experienced multiple paper jams, we would have to request a refund of the label and repurchase it.

Presumably this “feature” was meant to reduce mail fraud but boy was this a major pain in the butt!

ShippingEasy allows you to reprint labels as many times as you need. This may not sound like a big deal but trust me it is!

Order Batching Is Much Simpler With ShippingEasy

We use a ton of flat rate shipping envelopes and flat rate shipping boxes for our business. And these packages are by far the fastest to ship because they don’t need to be weighed to determine the final cost.

With, even though most of our packages were of the flat rate variety, we still had to mark each package individually as flat rate which was extremely tedious.

But with ShippingEasy, you can create a group of orders that all have the same properties (all flat rate envelopes for example) and batch them all at once. This saves a ton of time!

You Can Save Common Package Configurations

Some of our orders use our own boxes and packaging. And the problem when you use your own boxes is that you have to enter in the dimensions of your box before they can be shipped.

ShippingEasy allows you to save these box configurations in a database so that you don’t have to re-enter the same dimensions over and over again.

ShippingEasy Is Cheaper Than For USPS Packages

As far as costs go, the postage savings between and ShippingEasy are pretty similar. But depending on the type of postage you purchase, you can potentially save a lot more money with ShippingEasy because they offer Commercial Plus rates for USPS.

Especially if you ship a lot of priority mail packages, commercial plus pricing can be significantly cheaper than the regular price. So if you find yourself using priority mail often, you will definitely save more with ShippingEasy.

Also, ShippingEasy allows you to boost the shipping limit for First Class mail up to 16oz per package. So if you mostly ship packages below l lb in weight, then having First Class Rates up to 16 oz will save you a ton of cash.

Some Miscellaneous Benefits Of ShippingEasy

There were some other pleasant surprises that stood out when we made the switch to ShippingEasy as well.

Instead of having to fumble through the user interface and figuring everything out on our own, ShippingEasy actually set up an appointment for us to have a live sales rep walk us through the integration.

This hands on approach was very useful! And it gave us the confidence to make the switch sooner rather than later. The support over there is pretty awesome.

Some other minor benefits of ShippingEasy include

  • The ability to see your shipping zones to instantly tell whether they are commercial or residential
  • The automatic correction of zip codes when the customer has entered it incorrectly or without the last 4 digits

Finally, I really like how ShippingEasy is a web based application as opposed to a PC based app. This allows you to basically ship from anywhere you happen to be.

With Stamps, we had to have this clunky PC app installed on every computer and it sometimes didn’t play nice across different machines.

The Cons Of Using ShippingEasy

Shipping Easy Cons

We’ve been on ShippingEasy for about 5 months now and while it’s a lot better than, there are still some issues we have with it. Here’s what we don’t like about it.

You Can’t Leave The Carrier A Message On The Package

Certain customers may have specific requirements for the delivery of their package. For example, some customers want their order delivered to their back door.

Unfortunately, ShippingEasy does not allow you to specify these messages on an individual order basis when doing a batch shipment.

You Can Only Sort The Orders By Order Number

This idiosyncrasy probably won’t affect most of you. But we like to sort our orders alphabetically as we are fulfilling them. Since ShippingEasy does not allow us to do this, we’ve had to change our shipping and fulfillment procedures to accommodate.

ShippingEasy Does Not Provide Address Correction Suggestions

Every now and then, we receive an order where the customer has entered in an incomplete address. Now what’s nice about is that the software automatically suggests possible addresses.

For example, will sometimes autofill the address with a missing suite number or building number.

ShippingEasy however, will only flag an address as incomplete and you have to do your own leg work to determine the right address.

ShippingEasy Does Not Allow You To Send Exception Notifications To The Customer

This “feature” is probably the most annoying aspect of ShippingEasy. Whenever you make a shipment on the website directly, you have the option of automatically emailing your customer when something wrong has occurred with their package.

For example if a package is delayed due to inclement weather, the customer is instantly notified of the delay. Unfortunately, ShippingEasy does not allow you to send this notification.

ShippingEasy Software Is Slower Than

Finally because ShippingEasy is a web based application, it’s generally slower than the desktop app.

For example if you have a USB scale hooked up to your computer, weighing a package with is instantaneous whereas ShippingEasy takes like 5 seconds for the weight to appear on the screen.

This is probably one of the main tradeoffs between using a web based app versus a native PC application.

The Pros Of Using pros

Even though we’ve been really happy with the switch to, there are still a few features that we really miss about

For one thing, displays every single order on the same screen and you can pretty much ship your packages without switching back and forth between different menus.

However with ShippingEasy, you first have to select which packages you want to ship. Then, it takes you to a different screen where you must go through and decide on the various shipping parameters. Kind of annoying. also allows you to sort your packages in a variety of ways whereas ShippingEasy only allows you to sort by order number.

And finally, I really miss the fact that is 100% free once you cross a certain shipping threshold.

ShippingEasy is the opposite. While their service is free for up to 50 packages a month, you’ll end up paying a monthly fee if your store does any sort of volume.


My wife and I made a huge mistake by sticking with the same shipping vendor for such a long time. The problem with running a business is that it’s hard to switch away from something that’s already working even though it may not be working that well.

And as an engineer, I have a tendency to live with pain rather than to seek a completely new solution to alleviate it.

If you plan on shipping with multiple carriers (USPS, UPS, FedEx), then going with ShippingEasy is a no brainer.

And even if you are a brand new store, ShippingEasy is free for up to 50 packages a month. Hopefully my experiences and this detailed review was helpful!

Click here to sign up for ShippingEasy and get a free account for up to 50 packages a month!

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17 thoughts on “ShippingEasy Vs – Why We Switched Our Shipping Software And How It Improved Our Order Flow”

  1. Jessica says:

    Thanks Steve! We just did a similar transition from paypal multi shipping tool to and absolutely love it. I think it may handle some of the sort and label note issues you mentioned. I’m a big fan of your content, thanks for all you do!

    1. Steve C says:

      Yeah. I evaluated shipstation as well and the 2 services are very similar. What finally convinced me was that ShippingEasy was practically pursuing me and offered to get on a web chat to walk us through it.

  2. kim says:

    Wow sounds awesome. Really like to know how to ship First Class up to 16oz, such a deal! Not even the post office will let you do that!

    1. Steve C says:

      Yes. First class up to 16oz can be a huge deal if you sell lightweight items.

  3. Terri Ann says:

    Thanks so much for this thorough review! I just launched my shop this past weekend and plan to use while getting my footing with everything else; there are so many components to running an online business. is the only service of this sort that I’ve used before it’s a good place for me to start and seeing the reasons you switched will be something I will keep in the future as I grow!

    1. Steve C says:

      Hi Terri Ann,

      ShippingEasy is a super set of so I would just start out there. It’s free for up to 50 shipments a month

  4. Jessica Merchant says:

    Hello! Thank you for discussing and sharing your experience I recently opened an online boutique and was exploring these options. If you were mainly shipping from USPS would you stay with As of this date does Shipeasy still offer discounts for shipping through them? Is the 16oz. First Class weight option automatic with Shipeasy when printing labels.

  5. Jennifer says: ALSO gives commercial rates for businesses… Maybe they’ve changed it since you wrote this.

  6. Lynn says:

    Can you tell me the date this comparison was done?

  7. jackie says:

    I am starting a estore and don’t think I’ll ship more than 50 packages per month. Why did you say “While their service is free for up to 50 packages a month, you’ll end up paying a monthly fee if your store does any sort of volume.”?

  8. Kirsten Warren says:

    Hey Steve…question….we have been using ups for years for our eBay store. We ship a lot of auto parts. So larger boxes. Ups has just been easy. But costly. I’m looking for another carrier. Something simple. But cheap and timely. We generally ship about 100-140 packages a month. I’d love to know what you recommend.

    1. John Starke says:

      I hope this message get forwarded to you. I work with a multi carrier capable shipping platform that has all different kinds of discounts including cubic discounts for USPS. For some shipments UPS might be the best option but many times we will have much better options for all service levels.

  9. chris chennault says:

    Boo. Hiss. The latest “improvement”, which has done away with “Preview” and instead provided a huge “SAMPLE” graphic, completely obliterates the label so that now we can’t review for accuracy or spelling. Un-fix it, please!!!!!

  10. Matt says:

    Nice blog, very helpful comparison, and I totally agree that product comparisons are usually only meaningful when the reviewer actually uses the product…can i find out when this was written or updated??

  11. Lorene says:

    Is it ALWAYS FREE if you ship 50 or less items per ,onto? Or only the 1st month?

  12. Josh says:

    These days almost every review is tied to an affiliate link. Its hard to tell whats good or pays the highest affiliate fee.

  13. Caroline says:

    Why isn’t this post dated? I have no idea how long ago it was written and if it’s still relevant given constant updates to features and functionality.

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