140 thoughts on “MailChimp Vs Aweber – A Comparison Of Two Email Marketing Providers”

  1. Rosie says:

    Have just discovered that Mailchimp integrates with Google Apps and insight.ly. do you think this makes a difference?
    thanks so much for your review,

  2. Claude says:

    Type “Aweber image hosting” into Google and you’ll find they do host images.

  3. Thanks for sharing Steve. It does seem MailChimp is easier from a design perspective but from what you’ve said here and what I’ve heard Aweber is more powerful for tracking.

  4. Thanks for the information.

    I’ve been looking into autoresponder services and liked some of the design features and pay-you-go services that MailChimp offers.


    I’ve heard too horror stories about MailChimp shutting accounts down without warning. I don’t want to play Russian Roulette with my email list.

    AWeber sounds like a clear winner here.


  5. Joshua B says:

    We’ve changed email marketing from iContact to MailChimp and, just now, Aweber. We changed from iContact to MailChimp to cut costs. We then switched to Aweber because Mailchimp will not allow you to start an Autoresponder series on an imported list PLUS, as you mentioned, Aweber has much more robust measuring/management tools. However, people should be aware that Aweber requires imported subscribers to opt-in all over again.

  6. I’m not a techie so I don’t understand much of the lingo. One of the things I would like to do on my site is offer a free e-book and I heard you can’t do this on Aweber and had to pay a 3rd party company to send the book. Is this along the lines of the image hosting your mentioned? Does Aweber now do this without an extra fee?

    Thanks for the detailed review and comparison.

  7. Yeh, but Mail Chimp is free and AWeber is $19 a month. That right there can be/is the deciding factor.

    1. When Mailchimp banned me, during the downtime I easily lost a years worth of savings:)

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