Top 7 Amazon Review Checkers To Spot Fake Reviews

Amazon Review Checker

Amazon shoppers rely on well-written customer reviews to help them decide which products to buy. But unfortunately, an increase in fake Amazon reviews has skewed many of the product ratings on Amazon. This is where Amazon review checkers are useful.

Amazon buyers and sellers can use an Amazon review checker to identify fake reviews and get a more accurate rating for different products.

This post will review the top 7 Amazon review checkers you can use as an Amazon shopper or an Amazon seller.

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What Is An Amazon Review Checker?

person reading an online review on a mobile device

An Amazon review checker is a software program designed to help customers determine the authenticity of product reviews.

They use algorithms and sophisticated technology to filter out fake, misleading, and biased reviews, giving buyers a more accurate representation of a product’s quality.

Review checkers can also compile data from legitimate customer reviews and provide it to sellers to help them deliver the products their customers want.

What Is A Fake Amazon Review?

warning sign posted on a fence

A fake Amazon review is a deceptive or manipulative review left on an Amazon product listing by individuals or businesses trying to inflate their product’s ratings or discredit a competitor artificially.

These reviews might use false claims about the product’s quality or performance to mislead potential buyers.

Fake reviews undermine the trust you have in the customer feedback system. They cloud your judgment, making assessing a product’s true quality more challenging.

Fake reviews can also hurt Amazon sellers who play by the rules. If you receive fake negative reviews, it can damage your reputation and hinder your product sales. You could lose business to competitors who boost their products with fake positive reviews.

Several indicators can help determine if a customer review is inaccurate or completely fake. For example, if a review doesn’t include a “Verified Purchase” label, it’s questionable whether the reviewer bought the product they are reviewing.

Vague reviews that award a one or 5-star rating but provide little to no detail about the product could be fake. Other warning signs include reviews that mention competing products or use unnatural language, i.e., poor spelling or incomplete sentences.

Who Should Use An Amazon Fake Review Checker?

people in an office looking at a report

An Amazon review checker is often used by Amazon sellers to identify fake reviews and understand what customers say about their products to make improvements.

Review checkers also allow sellers to track their competitors’ reviews to identify their strengths and weaknesses.

Amazon review checkers can be helpful to Amazon shoppers as well. For example, many of the review checkers on our list offer free Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browser extensions that you can download and use to get an accurate picture regarding reviews of products you want to purchase on Amazon.

The Best Amazon Review Checkers

graphic design spelling the words the best

The best Amazon review checkers (in no particular order) are: 

  1. Review Meta
  2. AppBot
  3. Fakespot
  4. TheReviewIndex
  5. Product Review Monitoring
  6. AMZ Tracker
  7. AMZFInder

These checkers work on Amazon, and most also support other online marketplaces, like Ebay, Walmart, or Best Buy. Some are free and can be used by buyers and sellers.

Others are paid tools that provide in-depth analysis for Amazon stores of varying sizes.


ReviewMeta Logo


Cost: Free

Top Features:

  • Available as a web browser extension (Chrome, Firefox, Safari)
  • Free to use
  • Receive results within seconds
  • Simple Pass/Fail scoring system

ReviewMeta is an independent website that analyzes reviews on and Their goal is to help online shoppers ensure they are reading accurate and fair assessments of the products they want to buy.

ReviewMeta is very easy to use. You can copy and paste a product link from Amazon into a search bar on their website or download a browser extension for added convenience.

ReviewMeta’s browser extension works with Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsers.

When you input an Amazon product URL, ReviewMeta will produce a report almost instantly. It will display the Amazon review rating alongside ReviewMeta’s adjusted rating, which may be the same, higher, or lower.

ReviewMeta will also inform you of the number of suspicious reviews they removed from the list, if any.

ReviewMeta summarizes each Amazon product URL using a scorecard system, like a report card. A product’s reviews are assigned a Pass, Warn, or Fail rating.

In addition to an overall grade, ReviewMeta lets you know which reviews they consider the Most Trusted and the Least Trusted.

According to ReviewMeta, red flags include the percentage of reviewers who have only reviewed one product. They call those “One-Hit Wonders”.

They also look for repetitive phrases, unverified purchases, deleted reviews, uneven word counts, etc.


appbot logo


Cost: $39 – $449 per month

Top Features:

  • Designed for use by web developers, product managers, and customer support teams
  • Get an in-depth analysis of customer sentiment across many channels
  • It gives you the ability to identify and resolve product glitches quickly

AppBot is a powerful review checker tool that works across various channels, including app reviews on the Apple App Store, Google Play, and Amazon product reviews.

However, it’s meant to be used by app developers, product designers, and customer support teams.

Because of this, regular consumers who only want to check for fake Amazon reviews may find AppBot too in-depth and costly to use.

Amazon sellers can use AppBot’s Amazon review analysis tool to gain powerful insights. It measures trends in user sentiment, review volume, and star ratings over time.

This helps you understand what customers think about your product changes.


fakespot logo


Cost: Free

Top Features:

  • AI-powered fake review checker
  • Free to use
  • Scan Amazon reviews with a browser extension or mobile app
  • Works with several marketplaces, including Amazon
  • Simple grading system
  • Suggests alternative products with more reliable reviews

Fakespot is an AI-powered review checker that works on several large online marketplaces, including Amazon, Best Buy, Ebay, Sephora, Shopify, and Walmart. According to Fakespot, more than 1 million shoppers use their product to spot fake reviews.

To use Fakespot, you can download their browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Android. You can also download their mobile app, which integrates seamlessly with Amazon. Fakespot works with Amazon in 9 countries, not just the US.

Fakespot does more than alert you to fake Amazon reviews. It can identify suspected scam sellers and will suggest more trustworthy sellers instead, making for a smoother online shopping experience.

Fakespot assigns grades to Amazon reviews to let you know how reliable they are. Their grading system works as follows:

A and B: The reviews are reliable
C: Mix of reliable and unreliable reviews
D and F: Insufficient reliable reviews

While Fakespot doesn’t reveal what data they use to detect fake and unreliable reviews, their artificial intelligence algorithms run multiple tests to determine their ratings.


thereviewindex logo

Cost: Free browser extension; Contact for custom pricing for the Pro tier.

Top Features:

  • Free and paid versions
  • Check Amazon reviews on the website or via Chrome and Firefox browser extensions
  • The ReviewIndexPro provides more in-depth analysis for a fee.

TheReviewIndex is an AI-powered review analysis tool that works with Amazon marketplaces in the US, Canada, the UK, and India, as well as on Steam, Flipkart, the Play Store, Best Buy, etc.

TheReviewIndex offers a search bar on its website where you can enter any Amazon product URL and browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox.

After inputting the product URL, TheReviewIndex presents you with an overall score out of ten.

From my testing, their free review checker tool doesn’t offer the same level of insight as ReviewMeta. They do, however, let you know the number of scanned reviews and old or unverified reviews, if any.

TheReviewIndex groups review comments into categories based on the identified keywords, which is a helpful feature.

For example, if you want feedback on the design of a product, you can read comments associated with that specific feature.

Overall, TheReviewIndex caters to larger Amazon sellers with their PRO version. Founded by ex-Google employees, they help businesses “extract meaning and insights from unstructured textual feedback data such as user reviews, chats, surveys, support tickets, etc.”

Unlike AppBot, TheReviewIndex does not publish pricing for their paid products. Their custom pricing varies depending on the number of data sources and the type and volume of data to be analyzed. They prompt potential customers to contact them directly for pricing.

Product Review Monitoring

product review monitoring logo

Cost: 90-day free trial, then custom pricing

Top Features:

  • 90-day free trial
  • Works on over 15 major ecommerce marketplaces
  • Unlimited users
  • Analyze up to 10,000 products

Review Monitoring automates review monitoring and analytics across over 15 ecommerce websites, including Amazon.

What helps Review Monitoring stand out is their 90-day free trial, during which Amazon sellers can test their tools with 3 products. And when you have questions, Review Monitoring offers customer support via chat, email, and telephone.

Review Monitoring will help you use Amazon reviews to improve your products and monitor your competitors to find out what they’re doing well and where they struggle.

AMZ Tracker

AMZ Tracker logo

Cost: 7-day free trial, then $50-$400 per month (discounted pricing when paid yearly)

Top Features:

  • Free 7-day trial
  • Keyword tracking
  • Super-URL tool helps you bring traffic from off-Amazon
  • Negative review alerts
  • Listing hijack alerts
  • Access to Vipon and Unicorn Smasher tools

AMZ Tracker is an all-in-one Amazon review checker that helps Amazon sellers spot fake reviews and optimize their product listings.

In addition to Amazon US, AMZ Tracker supports Amazon websites in 11 countries, including Canada, China, India, Japan, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

When you sign up for an AMZ Tracker plan, you can access their keyword tracker tool, email reports, on-page analyzer, Super URL tool, and more. The bigger your plan, the more products and keywords you can analyze.

For example, the $50/month Basic Plan allows you to check reviews for 50 products and track 110 keywords. The $400/month Legend plan increases to 400 products and 3000 keywords. Custom pricing is available if you need more than that.

All AMZ Tracker plans except for Basic allow you to promote your products using Vipon, which AMZ Tracker owns.


AMZFinder logo

Cost: $29.99 – $419.99 monthly for Review Management;

Top Features:

  • Affordable starter pricing
  • Automates customer email reviews
  • Invoice Generator
  • Negative Feedback Tracking

AMZFinder is an Amazon review checker that aims to boost profits for Amazon sellers with their Customer Email System and Review Management software tools.

Their Customer Email System automatically sends review requests to buyers via email. The information provided can help the seller gain more positive reviews.

Meanwhile, AMZFinders Review Management product monitors product reviews, which includes sending you daily alerts via their review report.

The two products are priced separately, with Review Management starting at $29.99 monthly and going as high as $419.99. 

Email System pricing ranges from $19 – $779 per month, depending on how many monthly emails you want to send.

One of the best features of AMZFinder is their low entry pricing on their Review Management Plans. For example, the Starter plan is only $29.99 per month and allows you to track 50 ASINs, view all history reviews, receive negative feedback tracking, a dashboard report, and daily email alerts.

Even if you sell over 50 products, you can choose this plan and select the products you want to track.

AMZFinders tools support multiple Amazon marketplaces, including the US, Canada, Denmark, France, Italy, Spain, the UK, and Japan. Unfortunately, AMZFinder can only support Professional Amazon seller accounts.

Individual seller accounts, Vendor accounts, and Author central accounts are not supported.

Should You Use An Amazon Review Checker?

As a buyer or seller on Amazon, you need a way to identify fake customer reviews and get an accurate rating for a product. Amazon review checkers have become valuable tools for helping you understand if the reviews you’re reading are genuine.

For buyers, try one of the free browser extensions from ReviewMeta or TheReviewIndex. Fakespot’s tool, built directly into Amazon, is also a great option.

If you’re an Amazon seller looking for deeper analysis, you may want to consider one of the paid review checkers. Consider testing a few products using Product Review Monitoring’s free 90-day trial. AMZ Tracker and AMZFinder are a solid value for smaller Amazon sellers.


persons finger pressing a tablet

How can I verify the authenticity of Amazon reviews?

You can check the authenticity of Amazon reviews using online tools such as ReviewMeta, Fakespot, and TheReviewIndex. These tools analyze factors such as the reviewer’s history, language, and review patterns, to gauge the authenticity of the reviews.

You can also look for Amazon’s “verified purchase” label, which is an indication that the reviewer has actually purchased the item.

Can I trust Fakespot to evaluate Amazon reviews?

Fakespot is a reliable tool for evaluating Amazon reviews. It uses artificial intelligence to analyze language patterns and reviewer history to identify potentially fake reviews.

While it may not be perfect, it can give you a good idea of the trustworthiness of a product’s reviews. Remember that it’s one of several available tools, so you may want to use it with other review checkers for the most accurate results.

Is there a browser extension to check Amazon reviews?

Several review checkers offer free browser extensions for Amazon reviews, including Fakespot and ReviewMeta. Browser extensions are perhaps the easiest way to check a product’s reviews quickly. With some apps, you don’t even have to leave the Amazon website.

How do I deal with negative reviews on Amazon?

If you’re a seller receiving negative reviews on Amazon, responding professionally and addressing the reviewer’s concerns is critical. Reach out to the customer to understand their issue and offer a solution or a refund if appropriate.

Several review trackers mentioned in this article provide negative review tracking, so you can act quickly after receiving a poor review.

Remember to focus on providing excellent customer service and high-quality products to build a positive reputation and minimize the impact of negative reviews.

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