2017 Mid Year Income Report: How Much I Made Blogging In The Past 6 Months

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My wife just closed the books on MyWifeQuitHerJob.com for the first half of the year and the results are better than I anticipated.

To be honest, I was expecting the numbers to be flat because MyWifeQuitHerJob.com hasn’t been my focus for the first half of 2017.

How Much I Made Blogging In The First Half Of 2017

If you recall, last year I finally hit the million dollar mark with my blog and after hitting that milestone, I decided to switch gears a bit to spend more time on Bumblebee Linens and to start a brand new project instead.

I also made a conscious effort to spend more time with the kiddos. For example, this year my wife and I purposely didn’t sign up our kids to many camps so we could hang out more during the summer.

But despite my shift in focus for the first half of 2017, I’m happy to report that my blog is still on track for another record year.

Here Are The Numbers

MyWifeQuitHerJob Graph

First off, here are the stats for the first half of 2017

  • Revenues increased by 38% from the same period last year
  • February was the highest month ever where I generated 144K of revenue in a single month!
  • Traffic increased by 18.3% from the year before
  • My ecommerce course continues to sell very well despite the price increases

Overall at the current pace, MyWifeQuitHerJob.com is on track to do 1.45M this year in revenue and I’m pretty stoked.

In fact, I’m still in disbelief at how far this little website has come in the past 8 years.

Way back when I started in 2009, I would have been ecstatic if my blog earnings could pay for my rent/mortgage. But today, it’s given me the freedom to quit my job and spend more time with my family.

The best part is that running MyWifeQuitHerJob.com is about as low maintenance as it gets. I have no employees whatsoever (except for a podcast editor) and it takes me roughly 15 hours per week to maintain during an average week.

Many of my entrepreneur friends have been on my case to hire additional staff, but I don’t see any reason to do so because I’m not even close to max capacity with my current workload.

And for the most part, I’ve been able to outsource many tasks to a computer by writing small pieces of code on the backend to automate repetitive work.

It also helps that I really enjoy what I do which includes writing posts, helping students and interviewing new guests for my podcast.

In fact out of all of the online business models that I’ve tried, blogging is my favorite because it’s infinitely scalable and doesn’t require inventory or staff.

Many of my readers often ask me whether I would still launch an ecommerce store today versus a blog if I were to start all over again.

And the answer is yes.

Back when my wife was pregnant, we needed to make money immediately. And there’s no faster way to make money than to sell physical goods online.

But if you have a 5 year time frame and you’re willing to slog it out for 3 years without making a dime, then blogging is a better long term choice.

The main problem with blogging is that it takes forever to get off its feet. But if you can stick with it despite the lack of instant gratification, then you will eventually succeed.

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The MyWifeQuitHerJob Podcast

podcast graph

One of the highlights of the year has been that my podcast listenership has almost doubled in 2017. And as a result, getting companies to sponsor my podcast has become easier than ever.

Instead of actively soliciting sponsors, more and more companies are now approaching me directly and saving me a bunch of time. In fact, I’ve just raised prices recently and no one has balked:)

But the key thing to realize is that I don’t podcast for the money. In the grand scheme of things, the money I make podcasting is a drop in the bucket compared to my other revenue streams but I enjoy it so much because I get to meet a new entrepreneur every single week.

And because of podcasting, my rolodex has grown so large that I feel like I can travel to most places in the world and have someone I can call to hang out.

The intangibles of podcasting are priceless!

My Ecommerce Course

ecommerce course

Even though I didn’t add many new features to my blog, I did spend a good portion of my time reorganizing the material in my ecommerce course.

Because I’ve been running my class for over 6 years, there’s now a ton of content in the class. Roughly speaking, I have 100+ hours of material across 300+ videos and the number continues to increase every week.

But having all of that material is a double edged sword. A vast content library is great but it’s not so great if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

As a result, I took the time to rearrange all of the material into step by step to do lists that outline exactly what videos you should be watching in the proper order. Needless to say, these to do lists have been a huge hit.

Sellers Summit 2017

Sellers Summit

The other highlight of the year so far has been my annual ecommerce conference, The Sellers Summit.

Even though I feared a possible sophomore slump, the Sellers Summit turned out to be way better than the previous year. Here’s why.

Based on the surveys that my partner Toni and I solicited from our 2016 attendees, we made two major additions to our event.

One, we introduced a special mastermind group for experienced ecommerce business owners.

Basically we brought together high caliber attendees, locked them in a room and spent an entire day helping each other solve business problems.

The second major addition we added were small roundtable discussions. These roundtables were run by the speakers and allowed attendees to have personal time with experts in a small group setting.

Overall, it was very successful and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. If you want to hear more about the event, check out these resources.

And if you’re intrested, tickets for the 2018 Sellers Summit are on sale right now!

Click Here To Buy Your Ticket Before Prices Go Up

Wrapping Up

As I’m finishing up this post, I realized that I forgot to mention a few major infrastructure changes that I made to my blog in the beginning of 2017.

For one thing, I switched all of my email marketing from ConvertKit over to Drip which was a pretty major undertaking.

Second of all, I made a small, but significant change to my sales funnel to encourage more sharing on the site.

Don’t worry. I plan on talking about these changes in depth as I gather more data but stay tuned for a comprehensive post about both topics in the coming weeks.

Here’s to a successful 2017!

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7 thoughts on “2017 Mid Year Income Report: How Much I Made Blogging In The Past 6 Months”

  1. Peter says:

    Keep on rockin it Steve! Here’s to quick healing for your bionic ankle!

  2. Peter N says:

    Wow! I didn’t realize your blog was doing so great! I started my blog a month ago and I want to make it profitable much faster than years. I was wondering what it was for you that actually made it to take off in terms of traffic and monetization. I am trying to figure out ways to “jumpstart” a new website.
    Also, I mentioned your blog on my website as a great place to go for eCommerce help. Keep up the great work!

  3. Darren says:

    Wow! $1.45 million in revenue must be unbelievable! I remember when MWQHJ was making less than Bumblebee Linens. Where do you see this business going in the next 5 yrs?

  4. Ship Me This says:

    Hard to believe the amounts and data that you have put without actual numbers. If you do, great to see such growth

  5. Victoria Rickert says:

    Awesome! I have been following along since 2011, took your mini course way back then and love the growth of your business, blog, courses, podcasts, summits and family. I have definitely used bits and pieces of your info you and your guest share. You are one of the few I keep in my inbox folder and recommend to others to check out, especially if they are interested in starting a ecommerce business ~ onward and upward ~

  6. Jonathan Watkins says:

    Fantastic Steve! I think the Blog vs eCommerce question needs to be given some context: you have to have something valuable to blog about. Your blog wouldn’t be making $1.45 million unless you had your eCommerce site(s) to teach about / learn from?

    1. Chloe says:

      I just read your post about balancing 3 businesses with family and your job. Based on your experience, if someone else said they were thinking about starting two online businesses at once while working a job, would you recommend they go for it, or would you encourage them to only focus on one?

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