001: How We Started A 6 Figure Business Selling Hankies So My Wife Could Stay At Home With The Kids

Steve Chou Episode 1

Because this is the very first episode of the My Wife Quit Her Job podcast, I thought that it was only fitting that I would be the first guest.

In this episode, I take you back to the very beginning when my wife and I first started our online store selling wedding handkerchiefs. You’ll learn how we got started, how we stumbled upon our niche and how our business gave birth to a popular blog and an online course on how to start an ecommerce store.

Finally, you’ll learn about my motivations for the podcast and what’s in store for future episodes. Enjoy!

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What You Will Learn

  • What this podcast is going to be all about
  • The type of entrepreneurs that I’ll be bringing on the show
  • Our motivations for starting our online store selling wedding handkerchiefs
  • The story behind how Bumblebee Linens was created
  • The story behind MyWifeQuitHerJob.com
  • The story behind the creation of my online store course at ProfitableOnlineStore.com
  • The one thing that gave me the confidence to start my own online business
  • How starting our businesses have improved our lifestyles
  • Why you don’t need to hit a home run with your business
  • Why starting a business doesn’t cost a lot of money and is less risky than you think
  • My philosophy behind why you should start a business on the side while working a full time job

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10 thoughts on “001: How We Started A 6 Figure Business Selling Hankies So My Wife Could Stay At Home With The Kids”

  1. Sarah Liesa says:

    I will buy your course if you tell me it works also for Germany. I live in Germany and I visited your website. Does it include how to count taxes or you need an accountant…I m not perfect in german (it s not my first leanguage).
    So, I am waiting for your reply.
    Sarah Liesa

    1. msajidali says:

      I just reading it right now not much more.

  2. Mark Lone says:

    thaks for useful sharing………

  3. yulia ber says:

    thank you!

  4. Kahealani says:

    Aloha from Hawaii, this is my first time considering starting an online business. I am both grateful and thankful for your sharing of information and guidance so far. I am glad there are people like you who are genuine and really want to help people like me start. The information you provide is phenomenal and very well prepared. Mahalo and I cannot wait to start. I am only on my second day of your six day videos however, I like it so far and I am sure I will not be disappointed. Thank you!

  5. Roland and Company / Stanley B. Roland says:

    Everything are looking good Steven.

  6. James J. Fish says:

    Launched FBA effort January after attending FBA Boston Seminar.
    Not pleased to date, not experiencing the guaranteed success pitched at the seminar. SO, been seeking other opportunities outside the current relationship.
    Digging a pretty deep rut myself seeking a product with Jungle Scout, SaleHoo, etc.
    Working this full time. Sales are increasing, running out of product, unable to find profitable products to sell. Confident in the model, just need to find the skus.

  7. Simon says:

    Am following up with it

  8. Jessica C. Moreira-Spencer says:

    I’m late to the party and wanted to start listening to your podcast from the beginning. Since the older episodes aren’t available on Itunes I searched for your blog. Unfortunately somehow this episode starts playing and then suddenly for no reason the episode re-starts from the beginning all over again. So basically all that is available is the beginning of this episode. Is there any way that can be fixed so I can listen to the whole episode #1?

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