Amazon Best Sellers – How To Pick Top Selling Products For FBA

This post will teach you how to research and find potential Amazon best sellers to sell online. But before we get into the details, you have to first understand what it takes to make the Amazon best sellers list. These days, selling on Amazon is much more difficult than it was in the past. Not only is there rampant piracy selling on Amazon but Chinese sellers have almost completely taken over the Amazon marketplace. In order to break free from the noise, the key to finding a potential Amazon best seller is to choose a product that carries a strong unique value...

How To Get Rich – 20 Lessons On Making Money When Lifestyle Is Your Priority

This post is a collection of principles I live by on how to get rich without sacrificing your family life. When it comes to business and life, my primary goal is to be the best Dad that I can be. Making money and getting rich are secondary objectives and most people don’t believe that you can have both. But if you approach building wealth with the proper mindset, then you can make lots of money and have the lifestyle you want at the same time. Now I want to preface this post by saying that I’m not filthy rich. ...

Amazon Dropshipping – Is This Risky Business Model Worth It?

This post will break down the pros and cons of Amazon dropshipping and why making money this way is inherently risky and not a good long term business model. Having been in ecommerce since 2007, I’ve seen many popular ecommerce business models crash and burn. And through all of the years that I’ve been doing this, one lesson always rings true. If it sounds too easy and too good to be true, then it probably won’t last. Amazon dropshipping falls into this category. First off, I want to say that there is money to be made by dropshipping on Amazon. ...

Shopify Vs Wix – Which Is Better For Ecommerce?

This article will compare Shopify vs Wix in the context of creating an online store that sells physical products online. Both platforms have their pros and cons which will be clearly illustrated below. First off, Shopify is well regarded as the industry leader in the ecommerce space. However, I’m often asked whether Wix is a viable ecommerce alternative. Why? It’s because right now, Wix has over 190 million users worldwide. 190 million! That’s more than half the population of the United States! Meanwhile, Shopify is substantially smaller with only about 500K storefronts. Both platforms have ecommerce features...

Powerful Quotes For Entrepreneurs That Will Change Your Outlook On Life

What I love about powerful quotes are that they provide you with a certain perspective that you may not have considered before. But once they resonate with you, they can completely change your outlook on life. The quotes that I’m about to present to you have drastically changed the way I approach business and entrepreneurship. In fact, they have enabled me to run a 7 figure ecommerce store, a 7 figure blog, a podcast, an online store course and a conference all while working a full time job with 2 kids. Quick Update: I have quit my job since the...

The Dangers Of Selling On Amazon And Horror Stories From Real Amazon Sellers

On a base level, selling on Amazon is very straightforward. All you have to do is find a product with good margins/demand, list it on Amazon, and it will eventually sell because Amazon’s audience and reach is so vast. When my wife and I first learned how to sell on Amazon FBA several years ago, we sold over 60 units in a matter of 8 days with just 3 products listed online with no reviews. Amazon is seriously that powerful. But with any business with low barriers to entry, there’s always going to be a ton of competition. Right...

Amazon FBA – A 2020 Guide To Selling Private Label Products

This detailed guide will teach you how to start an Amazon FBA business selling private label products step by step. Here’s what you will learn.How to find a profitable product to sell on Amazon How to setup your first Amazon listing the correct way How to optimize your listings for maximum conversions How to get early exposure for your products How to run Amazon pay per click ads the right way How to make the front page of Amazon searchThe strategies described in this tutorial are primarily meant for private label sellers but they can be also be applied to other ecommerce business models as well....

Amazon FBA Fee Calculator – Hidden Selling Fees You Must Know

Amazon selling fees have gone up dramatically in 2020. Please review this updated Amazon FBA Fee Calculator to see how this will affect your margins. Have you ever wondered how Amazon merchants selling $2 items can possibly make a profit? The truth is that they are not. In fact, most sellers fail to calculate all of the fees associated with selling on Amazon and end up losing money as a result. To make matters worse, Amazon doesn’t exactly make it easy for you to tabulate all of your costs associated with selling on their platform and there are many hidden costs...

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