Best 22 China Wholesale Websites To Import Direct From Chinese Factories

China Wholesale

When it comes to finding products to sell online, your profit margins are amplified by how low you can drive your sourcing costs down.

For example, the typical retail markup for an online store is 4X. As a result, for every dollar it costs you to source an item, you need to charge 4 dollars!

On the flip side if you can shave a dollar off your costs, then you can potentially mark down your prices by 4 dollars or pocket the extra profit!

Because labor is an order of magnitude cheaper in China, it’s in your best interests to find China wholesale suppliers and import direct from Chinese factories.

Today, I will teach you where to find China wholesale suppliers and what to expect when importing direct from Chinese factories.

This post will be broken down into 3 sections

  • Where To Find China Wholesale Suppliers
  • What To Expect When Importing From China
  • How To Prepare Your First Shipment

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Top Chinese Wholesale Websites Comparison

To save you time, I compiled a table of all of the China wholesale suppliers for your review.

PlatformDescriptionProduct QualityDropshippingReputation (Sitejabber)Founded
AlibabaB2B platform connecting global buyers with Chinese suppliersVariesYes4.5 stars1999
Global SourcesTrade platform linking global buyers with Chinese verified suppliersHigherYes1.14 stars1971
Made In ChinaB2B platform showcasing Chinese products and suppliersVariesUnknown3.94 stars1998
YiwugoB2B platform for the Yiwu wholesale marketVariesNoNo rating2006
1688.comChinese domestic version of AlibabaVariesYesNot enough reviews1999
AliExpressB2C Retail sister platform of Alibaba for international buyersVariesYes2.96 stars2010
DHGateB2B and B2C platform for Chinese suppliers selling globallyVariesYes3.47 stars2004
ChinaBrandsWholesale and dropshipping platformVariesYes2.54 stars2005
ChinavasionElectronics wholesaler from ChinaGoodYes3.99 stars2004
BanggoodB2C retail platform offering a variety of products, mostly electronics and lifestyleVariesYes4.52 stars2006
GearbestGoodYes4.43 stars2013
DIYTradeGlobal B2B trading platform with diverse productsVariesNo1.8 stars1998
TomTopRetail options that focus on fashion and electronicsVariesYes3.75 stars2004
LightintheBoxGoodYes3.88 stars2007
YaakuWholesale platform specializing in fashionGoodNoNot enough reviewsUnknown

Use A China Wholesale Directory

A China wholesale directory is database of suppliers and factories that you can look up to manufacture your products.

If you are unable to travel to China or Hong Kong to attend a trade show, the next best way to find Chinese vendors is to use an online directory.

The best China wholesale directories are…

  • Alibaba
  • Global Sources
  • Made In China
  • Yiwugo


Alibaba is a search engine for Chinese suppliers that allows you to access tens of thousands of vendors from your home computer.

Here’s how easy it is to find a vendor using Alibaba.

Simply type in what you are looking for in the search bar and Alibaba will return a bunch of suppliers, prices and minimum order quantities.


By clicking a button, you can then send the vendor a message and establish contact. Here’s an example script that I use when contacting suppliers for the first time.

Hi “vendor name”,

My name is “name” and I’m a buyer for “store name”, a store in “your country” that sells “the products you want to carry”. We are interested in carrying many of the items that you have to offer.

Specifically, I would like to get pricing and availability for the following items

“list the items…provide photos if you have them”

“list the items…provide photos if you have them”

“list the items…provide photos if you have them”

If you could send us more info as well as your product catalogs and MOQ requirements we would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you,
“your name”

Once you’ve established contact, you can ask for samples, place orders etc…

In addition, Alibaba offers a service called trade assurance which acts like an escrow service so you don’t ever get scammed.

If your order hasn’t been shipped, is missing, or damaged, you can apply for a refund within 30 or 60 days from the delivery date. You’ll have to negotiate with the seller first, and if they don’t respond or both of you are unable to reach a consensus, Alibaba will mediate your dispute.

Vendors on Alibaba can use Alipay, Paypal, credit cards, bank transfers, wire transfers, Western Union, and more.

Products from Alibaba can be shipped using either air or ocean freight, utilizing carriers like UPS, DHL, GLS, and DPD. However orders sent via sea freight can be expected to arrive in 30-60 days.

The only downside of using Alibaba is that the process of communicating back and forth with suppliers can take a long time.

For example, it can take weeks to get samples and negotiate pricing after initial contact has been made.

In addition, the language barrier can make communication challenging because you must describe exactly what you want to manufacture via email and live chat.

The other key difference between using a directory like Alibaba versus going to a trade show is that services like Alibaba tend to contain a lot of middlemen.

Because there is such a low signal to noise ratio for vendors on Alibaba, many of the higher quality suppliers don’t list themselves in the directories.

For example, none of our primary vendors advertise on Alibaba or Global Sources.

But that being said, as long you can make a profit with your suppliers, then that’s all that matters!

For more information, read my guide on how to buy from Alibaba safely.

Global Sources

Global Sources is a directory of China wholesale manufacturers that you can browse to quickly find suppliers online. You can find vendors here that offer a wide array of products such as gadgets, hardware, fashion, furniture, and so on.

Global Sources is very similar to Alibaba and they are the two biggest online directories for Chinese suppliers. But there are some key differences.

First off, Alibaba has many more supplier listings than Global Sources but it comes at the cost of quality. There are more middlemen and smaller merchants on Alibaba.

In general, Global Sources has a more involved vetting process which allows them to attract higher quality vendors.

In addition, the MOQs (minimum order quantities) for Global Sources vendors tend to be much higher than Alibaba as well.

However, your buying experience will depend on what you want to sell.

Global Sources accepts payments through Paypal, credit and debit cards, wire transfer, Western Union, and letter of credit.

Global Sources allows sellers to have their own return policies. However, buyers can request a refund if they haven’t received their package, if the product doesn’t match the production description, if they didn’t authorize a transaction, or if there’s a billing error.

Give both services a try and see where it takes you!

Made In China

Made in China

Made In China is a B2B China wholesale directory that specializes in machinery, electronics, textiles, arts and crafts.

Outside of Alibaba and Global Sources, Made In China is the 3rd largest B2B platform in China.

By performing a search for any product, the Made In China website will connect you directly to a suitable manufacturer.

Most of the suppliers on Made in China are verified for quality and you can view a Supplier Audit Report to get more information about the vendor.

On the website, you’ll also find minimum order quantities and pricing for your products.

Overall, Alibaba and Global Sources are bigger and more well known, but Made in China is an excellent third option to find China wholesale suppliers.



Yiwugo is the official directory of the Yiwu market, which is one of the largest China wholesale markets in the world.

Yiwugo specializes in jewelry, toys, clothing, shoes, bags, office suppliers and other trinkets that have a low dollar value.

Basically, anything that can be found in the Yiwu marketplace can be found on

The minimum order quantity for most products is around 10 pieces and the price will vary depending on the number of units purchased.

It’s important to note that Yiwugo is just a directory like Alibaba and you are responsible for shipping and negotiating with your supplier.

In general, each shipment takes about five working days. Yiwugo also states that if vendors ship damaged goods or incorrect items, the buyer will receive a full refund and the vendor is responsible for all shipping costs.

In addition, most suppliers on Yiwugo do not speak English fluently and some may only accept payment in RMB.

1688 is a China wholesale supplier directory that is owned by Alibaba Group. In fact, is almost exactly the same as except that primarily caters to Chinese businesses.

In fact, the entire website is in Chinese and you have to use Google translate or find someone who can read Chinese to help you find suppliers on their website.

Why use 1688 if it’s in Chinese?

The reason is because Chinese vendors have inherent biases towards Americans, Europeans and other foreigners when they provide their price quotes on Alibaba.

In other words, sometimes identical vendors that you find on Alibaba and will offer higher prices to foreign businesses.

Here’s what you can do to make sure that you are getting the lowest price.

Whenever you are done negotiating on price for a vendor on Alibaba, you should also contact that same vendor via with a different email address to see if the quote is any different.

If the prices are similar, then it’s all good. But if the pricing is drastically different, then you should find out exactly why there is a discrepancy.

Overall, you can use a site like in conjunction with Alibaba to help you get the lowest price.

Buy From A China Wholesale Marketplace

A China wholesale marketplace is a platform where shoppers can easily buy a variety of products from different wholesale suppliers in Asia.

All products are purchased directly on the marketplace website and you can have your goods delivered straight to the end customer.

Some of the most popular China wholesale marketplaces include…

  • AliExpress
  • DHGate
  • ChinaBrands
  • Chinavasion
  • Banggood
  • Gearbest
  • DIYTrade
  • LightInTheBox
  • TomTop
  • Yaaku

Overall, the prices that you find on a China wholesale marketplace will tend to be higher than sourcing direct from a manufacturer.

But the main advantage is that the MOQ will be much lower.

By shopping on a marketplace, you can often buy products in single unit quantities which is ideal for testing out new markets before committing to a bulk purchase.

Most wholesale marketplaces also offer a refund guarantee on all purchases.

Here’s a list of the best China wholesale marketplaces to source from.


What Is AliExpress

AliExpress is a marketplace that allows independent small businesses and factories in China to sell direct to individual customers worldwide.

AliExpress is like the Ebay of China and you’ll find individual merchants selling a wide variety of products in single unit quantities such as men and women’s fashion, gadgets, electronics, toys, beauty products, tools, and more.

However, you can not private label goods bought from AliExpress. All products are premade and you can not add your brand or make modifications to the merchandise.

AliExpress Pros

  • No minimum order quantities on products
  • Buyer protection program insures all purchases
  • Great for dropshipping
  • Huge variety of products to choose from
  • Cheap shipping

AliExpress Cons

AliExpress accepts Alipay, debit and credit cards, PayPal, bank transfers, and Western Union.

AliExpress provides a range of shipping options, including standard (15-45 days), expedited (7-15 days), and premium (3-7 days). They offer free shipping, though delivery times can be inconsistent and have limited tracking.

If you’re not satisfied with your purchase or you don’t need the products anymore, AliExpress permits free returns initiated within 15 days of receiving the product, up to three times a month.

AliExpress’s current ratings stand at 2.96 stars on Sitejabber and 2.6 on Trustpilot. The most common complaints revolve around incorrect item delivery and lack of communication from both sellers and their customer service.

For more information, read my AliExpress reviews and how to get fast AliExpress shipping.



DHGate is a China wholesale marketplace that allows small businesses in China to sell direct to consumers and ecommerce business owners worldwide.

You can find a wide variety of products here, from gadgets and electronics, fashion and other accessories, to home and garden essentials.

Most of the sellers on DHGate are individual Chinese businesses and not factories. And similar to AliExpress, DHGate is not a good place to find private label manufacturers or steady suppliers of product.

However, you can use DHGate to test your market before placing a bulk order.

DHGate Pros

  • No minimum order quantities on products
  • Buyer protection program insures all purchases
  • End to end tracking for shipments
  • Huge variety of products to choose from
  • Offers dropshipping

DHGate Cons

  • Quality control is not good
  • Merchandise is cheap

DHGate accepts PayPal, credit cards, wire transfers, and Western Union. They offer the following shipping methods, along with their average delivery times:

  • China Post (4-6 weeks)
  • DHL (1-2 days, occasionally up to three weeks)
  • EMS (4-15 days)
  • FedEx (1-7 days)
  • Hong Kong Post/Singapore Post (10-27 days)
  • UPS (3-14 days)
  • TNT (2-9 days)

DHGate also processes returns and refunds your money anytime customers aren’t satisfied with their purchase. However, customers will still be responsible for shipping costs for any returns.

DHgate currently has a rating of 3.47 stars from Sitejabber and 1.7 stars from Trustpilot. Most complaints are about lack of resolution on their disputes, refunds, and returns.

For more information, read my post on DHGate.



Chinabrands is a leading online China wholesale marketplace that specializes in dropshipping and light bulk sourcing.

Unlike other marketplaces, Chinabrands does not include any invoices in the packaging for delivery. In addition, their shipping boxes are blank with no logos whatsoever.

They also have physical warehouses in China, Europe and North America for faster delivery depending on your home country.

Overall, ChinaBrands offers over 1 million products in popular categories such as jewelry, clothing, and auto parts.

Chinabrands Pros

  • No minimum order quantities on products
  • Best China wholesale marketplace for dropshipping
  • Huge variety of products to choose from
  • Cheap shipping
  • Options for product customization

Chinabrands Cons

  • Shipping from China is slow
  • Merchandise is unbranded and can be poor quality

For more information, read my post on the best dropshipping suppliers.



Chinavasion is a China wholesale marketplace that specializes in selling electronics, cell phones, gadgets, toys and apparel.

Unlike other marketplaces, Chinavasion also offers name brand merchandise from Chinese companies like Huawei and Xiaomi. They also have a quality control team to ensure that products are in working order before they are shipped.

Similar to AliExpress, products can be purchased directly from the Chinavasion website. You also have the option to pay by Paypal or credit card and Chinavasion supports most major shipping carriers like FedEx, EMS and UPS.

Chinavasion Pros

  • No minimum order quantities on products
  • Huge variety of electronic products to choose from
  • 1 year warranty on products
  • Offers dropshipping

Chinavasion Cons

  • Shipping is expensive
  • No good shipping options for bulk orders

All Chinavasion products, except for accessories of main products, are under warranty for 3 months after you’ve received your products. If your items are faulty, poor quality, or you received the wrong item, they will replace the item or try to repair the product and ship it back to you for free. However, customers are responsible for the shipping costs of sending back any returned items.

Chinavasion provides multiple shipping options. Standard shipping typically spans 20-35 days, with orders under 2 kilos qualifying for free shipping. For faster delivery, they offer expedited or express services such as DHL, which take approximately 3-7 days.

Chinavasion currently has 3.99 stars in Sitejabber and 1.6 stars in Trustpilot, with most complaints mentioning issues on refunds, returns, or replies from customer service.



Banggood is a leading online store for gadgets and electronics from China. However, unlike AliExpress and DHgate, Banggood does not allow 3rd party sellers to sell products on their website.

Instead, they source their own products from a network of suppliers and factories across China. As a result, Banggood performs their own quality control and their quality is generally better than a typical China wholesale marketplace.

When you buy from Banggood, they are responsible for entire transaction and shipping of your product. Most products are shipped from China which can take a long time.

Banggood Pros

  • No minimum order quantities on products
  • Huge variety of electronic products to choose from
  • Banggood sources all of their own products
  • 30 day refund policy
  • Offers dropshipping

Banggood Cons

  • Shipping is slow
  • Electronics from no name brands may be of poor quality

Banggood accepts BGPay, PayPal, Visa and Mastercard credit and debit cards, Webmoney, and cash on delivery for certain countries.

Banggood offers a variety of shipping methods depending on your location. If you want your products shipped to the US, they offer the following methods:

Shipping MethodEstimated Delivery Time
Economic Shipping (Special)20-65 business days
Economic Shipping30-40 business days
Standard Shipping20-30 business days
Banggood Priority Shipping13-20 business days
Banggood Expedited Shipping8-12 business days
Banggood Express17-25 business days
Express Shipping10-17 business days
Air Parcel Register20-25 business days

If your products are defective or you’re generally unsatisfied with your purchase, you can return the products and they will either release a partial refund or replace the item. Some products such as underwear, earrings, and other hygiene products are not covered by their return policies.

Banggood currently has 4.52 stars from Sitejabber and 3.8 stars from Trustpilot. Most customers are satisfied with the quality of their products and cheap prices.



GearBest is a China wholesale supplier that specializes in electronics, appliances, apparel, and accessories.

Even though they sell clothing and jewelry, Gearbest is best known for its low prices on wholesale electronics such as phones, laptops, watches, computers and more.

Unlike other marketplaces, Gearbest offers name brand electronic merchandise from companies like Xiaomi, Huawei, Samsung and Lenovo.

Gearbest Pros

  • No minimum order quantities on products
  • Huge variety of electronic products to choose from
  • Name brand electronic merchandise
  • Offers dropshipping

Gearbest Cons

  • Shipping is slow
  • Poor customer service

Gearbest accepts various payment methods including PayPal, Visa, American Express, credit and debit cards. They also allow customers to make payments over time in multiple installments.

They offer four shipping methods:

  • Unregistered
  • Registered air mail
  • Priority line
  • Expedited shipping

If your products are from their warehouse in China, shipping from China to the US will take 16-30 days. If it’s from their US warehouse, delivery will take 3-7 days.

Gearbest offers various guarantees and returns depending on the reason and the product. If your item is defective or damaged, contact them within 7 days of receiving the item and they will send you a new one free of charge or reimburse you for the full amount.

If you simply don’t want your item anymore, they also have a 30-day refund guarantee. However, customers are responsible for the shipping costs and the product must be unopened and unused.

Gearbest currently has a rating of 4.43 stars on Sitejabber. Most customers praise Gearbest’s customer service, good-quality products, and quick shipping. You can reach them through their email address.



DIYTrade, known previously as eBigChina, is a prominent China product directory and trading platform that presents over 5 million various products. It caters to a global market, offering items ranging from electronics, apparel, home goods, machinery, to nearly every conceivable product category tailored for retailers and wholesalers.

DIYTrade has a comprehensive directory of suppliers and products and also does online trade shows and buyer-seller matching. You can find unmarked goods where you can place your own brand or logo.


LightInTheBox logo

LightInTheBox is a global online retail company that sells a wide range of products, including clothing, home and garden essentials, electronics, and more. They cut out the middleman, letting you reach manufacturers directly. They stock new products every day and also offer dropshipping.

LightinTheBox accepts PayPal, most major credit and debit cards, as well as Apple and Google Pay (mobile). They also offer installments and buy now, pay later options with Klarna, Sofort, and Afterpay.

They offer shipping through postal services, expedited postal, priority line shipping, and expedited express. If your package is set to a US address, delivery will take about 10-20 days via postal services, 5-8 days via expedited postal, 4-7 days via priority line, and 3-5 days via expedited express.

LightInTheBox provides refunds, returns, or exchanges in cases of faulty or damaged items, incorrect deliveries, and products under warranty.

Additionally, they offer a convenient 7-day no-questions-asked return policy for items you change your mind about. However, for a return to be accepted, products must be in their original condition, unopened, and with all tags intact. Some exclusions apply, including made-to-order items, swimwear, certain accessories, lingerie, shapewear, and other hygiene-sensitive products.

LightintheBox currently has 3.9 stars in Sitejabber and 4.2 stars in Trustpilot. Most customers praise the high-quality and affordable products, helpful customer service, and fast shipping.



TomTop is another Chinese wholesale supplier that offers a wide array of products, including electronics, clothing, home and garden, and toys and games. They offer both wholesale and dropshipping. TomTop has membership levels wherein the higher your level, the more benefits you’ll have. This could be discounts, lower MOQs, free shipping, dedicated customer service, and more.

TomTop accepts Paypal, credit cards, wire transfers, BOLETO, and QIWI.

Shipping will vary depending on where your products will be shipped from:

From their Chinese warehouse:

  • Airmail: 7-15 days to the US
  • EMS: 6-8 days
  • DHL (expedited shipping): 3-7 days

From a US warehouse:

  • USPS: 3-6 days
  • UPS: 2-5 days

Every product from TomTop is backed by a 12-month quality guarantee. If you receive an item that’s damaged upon arrival or becomes defective within the warranty period, you’ll either receive a refund or a replacement. However, the buyer is responsible for the shipping costs associated with returning the item.

TomTop currently has a rating of 3.75 stars on Sitejabber and 4.0 stars on Trustpilot, with most customers praising the fast and free shipping and quality of products.



Yaaku is a wholesale clothing supplier that buys different types of clothing from assorted manufacturers and sells them at competitive rates to individuals and resellers.

Yaaku Wholesale offers a wide range of clothing items, including dresses, skirts, leggings, jackets and coats, tops and sweaters, and undergarments.

You’ll need to spend at least $1,000 to qualify for wholesale terms of purchase. They accept Paypal, Western Union, MoneyGram, and bank transfers. Yaaku also offers a variety of shipping options, including expedited shipping and international shipping using DHL, EMS, FedEx. Average delivery times go from 15-30 days.

Yaaku allows returns and exchanges within 7 days of purchase, as long as the products have their original tags and packaging. Shipping costs to return the items are at the buyer’s expense. You can reach their customer service via live chat, email, WhatsApp, or Skype.

Honorable Mentions

Here are other Chinese wholesale websites that are less known or more niche, but still may be worth looking into.

WebsiteKnown for
Taobao LiveLive streaming platform for diverse product showcases.
HTDCHong Kong Trade Development Council’s platform for a wide range of products, especially linking Hong Kong and mainland China suppliers.
Trade KeyGlobal B2B marketplace with a strong presence of Chinese suppliers.
TradeEasyComprehensive platform for various products, ensuring manufacturer certifications.
SheinTrendy and affordable fashion-focused wholesaler.
ZafulFashion-forward clothing and accessories wholesaler.
TinyDealAnother popular site for electronics, gadgets, and various other products.
RomweFashion-centric platform known for affordable trendy wear.
PandaHallFocused on jewelry beads, findings and gems.
TVCMallElectronics and mobile accessories wholesaler.
SunskyWholesale supplier for electronics, especially smartphone accessories.

Search The Ocean Import Records

Every single shipment imported by sea is documented on the public record. And if you search this public record, you can easily find out where companies are sourcing their products from.

There are 3 main companies that allow you to conduct import searches for a monthly fee.

  • Panjiva
  • Import Genius
  • Jungle Scout



Panjiva is a service that provides insight to the entire supply chain of any company.

By typing in a business name, Panjiva will tell you every single sea shipment that company has made, where the shipment originated from and the manufacturer.

For example, here’s a sample bill of lading from The North Face that I obtained from Panjiva for free.

bill lading

If you see a product online and you want to make something similar, you can easily find out where it was made and reach out to the exact same manufacturer!

Import Genius

Import Genius

Import Genius is a service that tracks shipping activity all over the world and provides real time shipment records for any company in the US, India and 15 other countries.

Similar to Panjiva, you can use Import Genius to find out the exact factories that other brands are using to source their products.

Simply enter the name of the competitor you want to research and Import Genius will provide information about all recent import/export activity for that company.

Jungle Scout Supplier Database

Jungle Scout Supplier Database

While Panjiva and Import Genius were the first companies to offer the ability to search the US import database, Jungle Scout now allows you to search the public record at a far cheaper price.

What’s nice about the Jungle Scout Supplier Database is that with a few clicks of the mouse, you can easily figure out where your Amazon competitors are sourcing their products from.

In addition, you can see exactly what they are importing and at what quantity as well.

Below is a video that I created which provides a demo on how to use the Jungle Scout Supplier Database.

If you want to follow along with this tutorial step by step, Click here to sign up for Jungle Scout and save 30%

Attend A China Wholesale Supplier Trade Show

A wholesale trade show is an exhibition event that brings thousands of China wholesale suppliers together to demonstrate and show off their latest products and services.

The key benefit of going to a trade show is that it allows you to make face to face contact with a large number of wholesale vendors and establish real relationships.

By going to China wholesale trade show, you can easily meet hundreds of factory owners in just a few days.

Many China wholesale vendors who attend trade shows do not have a web presence so it’s next to impossible to find them otherwise.

Here are the top China wholesale trade shows to attend.

Canton Fair

canton fair

The Canton Import And Export Fair is the one of the largest wholesale trade shows in the world that is held twice a year in Guangzhou China.

The Canton Fair easily trumps any trade show in the US and it’s so large that they have to split it into 3 phases.

  • Phase 1: Electronics, household electrical appliances, machinery, lighting equipment, hardware and tools, vehicles and spare parts, building materials, chemical products.
  • Phase 2: Consumer products, decorations and gifts.
  • Phase 3: Textiles & garments, shoes, office supplies, cases & bags, recreation products, medicines, medical devices and health products

To give you an idea of the magnitude of the fairgrounds, the Canton Fair is equivalent in size to 218 football fields.

Normally finding a Chinese supplier is an extremely tedious process.

There are many companies to go through and it’s hard to gauge product quality by just looking at photos online.

In addition, language and cultural barriers can make communication challenging over email and text.

But the Canton Fair is a place where suppliers and factory owners from all over Asia congregate and you can easily find a vendor that either carries what you want to sell or can make what you want to sell.

In addition, all of the vendors bring in samples of what they make so you can touch and feel all of the merchandise first hand before committing to a purchase.

Most of the suppliers at the fair are used to dealing with American and European companies so they have the experience and infrastructure to export products to wherever you live.

Most China wholesale suppliers speak English…not good English mind you, but enough to communicate at a basic level.

If you require an interpreter, you can easily hire one for a very reasonable price (100 yuan = 15 bucks for the day).

Going to the Canton Fair sounds intimidating but it’s actually not that bad and it doesn’t cost nearly as much as you think.

First off, the Canton Fair is free to attend and the cost of living is much lower in China than in the US.

Second of all, I’ve published my full itinerary and a complete guide to the Canton Fair below. If you plan on going, you can simply copy my travel plans.

Here’s a podcast that I recorded about my last trip to the Canton Fair.

Here’s an in depth video about the Canton Fair.

Global Sources Trade Show

Global Sources

The Global Sources Trade Show is an exhibition in Hong Kong that offers buyers a comprehensive set of products from verified wholesale suppliers in China and Asia.

Similar to the Canton Fair, Global Sources is a gigantic convention where factory owners from all over the world congregate twice per year.

What’s nice about the Global Sources Trade Show is that it takes place just BEFORE the Canton Fair in Hong Kong so you can easily hit both shows during the same trip!

While the Global Sources show is not as large as the Canton Fair, there are a few key differences that make the Global Sources show a must attend event.

First off, there is very little overlap with the Canton Fair in terms of suppliers and many of the vendors that attend the Global Sources trade show are unique.

Because Global Sources is a search engine for Chinese vendors like Alibaba, they also have a gigantic searchable database of manufacturers that you can establish contact with prior to attending the event.

In addition, Global Sources contains a much larger contingent of suppliers in certain key categories such as electronics and fashion accessories. So if you plan on selling anything electronic, Global Sources is the best show to attend.

The other key difference is that Global Sources provides a strong focus on education. During their show, they simultaneously run a conference that teaches you how to run a successful importing business.

The content of the event is fantastic and they invite successful ecommerce entrepreneurs from all over the world to speak.

But perhaps the best part about the Global Sources trade show is that there’s no language barrier!

Unlike China, everyone speaks English in Hong Kong and it’s generally much easier to get around as a result.

My advice if you decide to travel all the way to Asia is to attend both the Global Sources show and the Canton Fair during the same trip. Canton is only a 2 hour train ride away and it costs $30.

Below is an interview that I conducted with the CIO of Global Sources

Yiwu Wholesale Marketplace


The Yiwu wholesale market is one of the largest wholesale markets in China where you can find a variety of different products at really low prices.

Unlike China wholesale trade shows like the Canton Fair or Global Sources which only occur twice per year, the Yiwu market is open everyday of the year except for certain Chinese holidays.

What’s also different is that the Yiwu marketplace is literally a place where you can physically walk away with goods that are ready to sell or have them shipped directly to your warehouse in bulk.

In other words, many of the goods are off the shelf and ready for sale.

In terms of products, you’ll find a bunch of suppliers that sell everyday goods like handbags, textiles, accessories and watches. Basically, you can buy commodity products that complement the goods you already carry in your shop at really low prices.

It’s also important to note that the wholesalers at the Yiwu market are not manufacturers. Instead, most merchants in the market are trading companies or small retailers.

You should also be aware of fake or knock-off brands at the Yiwu market. In general, none of the products at Yiwu will have a brand and any “well known brand name” that you see there will likely be inauthentic.

Overall, the products at Yiwu tend to be cheap, commonplace items that you can use as upsells or cross sells for your existing portfolio. They also make great items for a free plus ship offer or a giveaway.

East China Fair

East China Fair

The East China Fair, also known as the East China Import and Export Commodity Fair, ranks as the second-largest regional trade event in terms of scale and impact.

With plenty of traders, a diverse array of products, and the most onsite deals, it’s a prominent business platform in the region. The fair is not only the most significant amongst regional fairs but also draws buyers from nearly 100 countries globally.

If you’re looking to buy Chinese garments, home textiles, consumer goods, and art deco gifts, East China Fair is a good place to start.

The Ministry of Commerce of China officially backs the East China Import and Export Commodity Fair. Additionally, nine provinces and cities jointly co-sponsor this influential exhibition.

This 4-day annual fair takes place at the Shanghai New International Expo Center, located in Century Park, Pudong, China. The event has around 20,000 attendees annually.

What To Expect When Importing And Manufacturing Your Goods In China

cargo ship

While importing your goods from overseas is the best way to obtain quality products at rock bottom prices, there are several logistical issues you have to work out in order to be successful.

Below is a brief overview of what to expect when importing goods from overseas along with some tips on getting your goods to your warehouse.

First off, here’s what you should expect…

Long Lead Times

Most overseas vendors won’t even begin making your products until you actually place an order and put down a small down payment to cover the cost of materials.

Depending on the nature of your items, expect to wait anywhere from one to four months to get your products manufactured.

Most vendors do not carry inventory and goods are made to order so you must plan ahead.

When we order goods for our online store, the lead times are typically 3 months long so we always have to predict our demand way in advance.

A Large Minimum Order

If you are ordering products to be manufactured overseas, expect to place a fairly large minimum order. Every manufacturer will have their own MOQs(minimum order quantity) but don’t be embarrassed to ask before ordering.

If you are just starting out, make sure that you obtain samples first and validate that your product will actually sell BEFORE you place a large order.

These days, I rarely purchase less than 300 pieces of any new product but you can often negotiate lower minimum order quantities if the vendor believes that you are a serious customer.

Be sure to check out my free guide on how to negotiate MOQ with your supplier.

Payment Terms

Most manufacturers expect to be paid by wire transfer. Also, you usually have to put down some money upfront(usually 30%) to cover the initial costs and then pay the balance once the items are ready to be shipped.

If you are worried about fraud, there are escrow services like Alibaba trade assurance that will facilitate the exchange of goods and services.

But in general, transactions go much faster when there’s mutual trust between you and your vendor.

For example, we pay for all of our orders via wire transfer and our vendors don’t make us put up the initial 30% down payment.

However if you are just starting out, don’t be afraid of wire transfers. If you are apprehensive about sending your money overseas, consider asking to pay by Paypal instead.

Some vendors will accept Paypal if you cover all the fees but don’t count on it.

Quality Control

Quality control will often be an issue and you have to be very specific in telling the vendor EXACTLY what you want. In general, it ALWAYS pays to hire an inspector to inspect your goods at the factory.

After all, once your products get shipped to you, there’s not much you can do if you receive defective merchandise.

For the price of around $300, you can get a statistical sampling of your shipment directly at the factory and know what percentage of your goods are defective.

Catching manufacturing issues at the source will save you lots of headaches. It also keeps your vendors honest.

Below are some of the more popular inspection companies.

What To Expect When Communicating With Asian Suppliers


Working with Asians is a lot different than working with Americans or Europeans. Here’s a short list of what you need to be aware of when dealing with Asian suppliers.

Expect A Language Barrier

The key thing to keep in mind when communicating with Chinese suppliers is that they probably studied English in school.

They might not be able to speak or understand English that well, but they can probably read it much better than they can listen.

So when you are visiting your vendors, it helps to have everything written down or typed in English. If you go in there and start blabbing away, chances are that the vendor will only be able to pick up bits and pieces of the conversation.

They might nod and go “uh huh”, but in reality they probably have no clue what you are talking about.

The same goes for taxi drivers and directions. Have someone write everything down in Chinese if possible and if you have to speak, speak slowly and enunciate every word.

Expect Cultural Differences

One of the main cultural differences between the US and China is that Chinese people tend to be non-confrontational.

For example, Chinese vendors will rarely correct you, interrupt you, or let you know that they don’t completely understand you.

It is part of their culture to be polite and accepting. But if you are not careful, this one simple cultural difference can cause you a ton of grief when placing orders.

The biggest obstacle to overcome is that you might think you are communicating when in fact you are not.

For example, I could be discussing something with my vendor and they might be nodding and acknowledging everything that I’m saying but then turn around and do the complete opposite once the conversation is done.

The key is to ask direct questions and make sure that there is no misunderstanding. Ask, clarify and reiterate all of your points as many times as necessary and be sure to write everything down as well.

The important thing to realize is that your vendor is just trying to be polite so you can never assume that anything is clear unless it has been thoroughly discussed.

Contracts Are Not Final

In the United States, contracts are considered final. After a series of negotiations, the final contract is supposed to represent an agreement and acknowledgment of terms.

In Asia however, a contract is almost meaningless. When I deal with Chinese vendors, drafting an official agreement can often seem like a waste of time.

We might spend a day negotiating and agreeing on terms and pricing only to have everything change the very next day.

For example, one time we drafted a written agreement for a large handkerchief order only to have the supplier contact us a week later to tell us that they couldn’t manufacture some of the items we requested.

On another occasion, a supplier tried to raise prices on us after the fact even though we agreed on pricing long ago.

The key takeaway here is that the definition of a contract is different in Asia than it is in the US.

Don’t expect a written document to be the end all and be all of your negotiations. In fact, I would argue that drafting an agreement is just the beginning.

Don’t Make Assumptions – Be Specific

Here’s a general rule of thumb that needs to be ingrained into your head when importing from China. Never assume that the vendor knows what you want.

If it’s not spelled out in a document, then your vendor will get it wrong or cut corners.

For example, we import plain white handkerchiefs and you would think that it would be straightforward to describe.

After all, it’s just a piece of fabric right? But one time we negotiated a lower price and the vendor sent us handkerchiefs with paper thin fabric.

Because we didn’t specify the exact thickness of the material, the vendor met our price by cutting corners on the fabric.

Bottom line, go through your samples and specify every last detail of what you want. Assume that any aspect that is not explicitly spelled out will be made incorrectly.

Preparing For Your Shipment


Once you’ve ordered your products and they are ready to be shipped, there are two main ways to get your goods into your home country, by air and by sea.

But before you initiate your shipment, make sure you ask for the following documents from your vendor. These will be required in order to clear customs.

  • A Commercial Invoice – The declared value of the items
  • A Packing List – What you are importing
  • A Detail Sheet – Outlines how the products are manufactured so customs can determine the duty classification
  • Bill of Lading – A legal document between the shipper of goods and the carrier detailing the type, quantity and destination of the goods being carried.

Note: Are you unsure which shipping method to use and how much it will cost? Do you want a good estimate of your real landed cost of goods? Click here to use my free import calculator

Shipping By Air

Shipping your items by air is by far the easiest option but also the most expensive. Expect to pay between 5-6x more to ship by air versus shipping by sea.

Personally, we use DHL for all of our international air shipments. Our vendors all have accounts with DHL and shipping with them is a breeze because they take care of everything.

Basically, the vendor provides DHL with all of the materials mentioned above and then DHL transports all of your goods directly to the address that you specify. You do NOT need a customs agent!

If this is your first time importing goods from overseas, you will be contacted by customs to provide your social security card or a company id number. Have this information handy once your goods have shipped and you are all set.

DHL will also send you a customs bill so that you can pay any and all duties associated with your imported goods.

Shipping By Sea

Shipping by sea is a much bigger headache but totally worth it if you are importing a large volume of goods. As mentioned before you can easily save between 5-6x compared to shipping by air.

The key to accepting shipments by sea is to hire a good customs agent. This is absolutely required especially if this is your first time importing by sea.

Do not try and do things on your own unless you know exactly what you are doing. This is what the customs agent will take care of for you.

  • Customs Documentation – They will take care of any and all documentation required in the entire process
  • Customs Entry – They will take care of getting your goods from the port directly to your office
  • Customs Duty – They will take care of calculating and billing you for any duties associated with your goods.
  • Customs Entry Bond – You are required to buy a bond that acts as insurance with Customs in the event you should default on the customs duties. Your customs agent will take care of this for you .

Of course all of these services come at a cost. Right now, we are using a company called Toll Forwarding as our freight forwarder and customs agent.

For our last sea shipment, we paid about 1800 dollars to transport over 6100 pounds worth of goods to our warehouse and the whole process took about 3 weeks.

To give you an idea of the difference in price, shipping a 35 pound box via air courier costs about $170 which makes it cost prohibitive for large shipments.

In general, it makes sense to ship your products by sea if your shipment exceeds 200lbs in weight. The tradeoff of course is time.

Whereas sea shipments can take over 3 weeks to arrive, shipping by air typically takes 3-5 days.

Should You Source From China Wholesale Suppliers?

Because the cost of manpower is so much cheaper in developing countries like China, Thailand and Vietnam, it makes sense to source most goods from Asia.

Any product that requires a lot of labor to assemble like textiles and electronics can often be purchased at a fraction of the price.

As a result, you should definitely consider importing from China as a sourcing strategy. With higher margins, you can focus more of your dollars towards marketing and customer service.

China Wholesale Websites Versus Domestic Wholesalers

The table below outlines the advantages and disadvantages of using China wholesalers vs. domestic suppliers.

FactorChina WholesalersUS Wholesalers
CostTypically offer products at a lower cost due to the economies of scale and lower labor costs. Potential hidden fees, such as import duties and shipping charges.Often have higher costs due to stricter regulations, higher wages, and other overhead expenses. Transparent pricing, often inclusive of taxes and shipping.
Shipping & Lead TimeLonger shipping times and potential for customs delays. Products may take weeks to months to arrive.Faster shipping times, especially with less potential for customs delays.
Quality AssuranceInconsistent product quality. Due diligence required to ensure product meets desired specifications.Often more stringent quality control measures, especially in regulated markets.
CommunicationLanguage barriers, time zone differences, and potential for misunderstandings.Easier communication with minimal time zone challenges.
Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)There may be some flexibility with MOQ, allowing for bulk purchases at discounted rates.Many domestic suppliers might have higher MOQs due to limited scale.
Product VarietyExtensive variety of products due to the large manufacturing base.Limited to what’s available within the country.
Intellectual PropertyPotential risks related to counterfeits or IP infringements.Generally more respect for and adherence to intellectual property laws and regulations.
Payment SecurityPotential risks with unsecured payment methods or fraudulent sellers.More established payment infrastructures and generally more trustworthy transaction methods.

What Precautions Should Buyers Take When Sourcing Products From Chinese Wholesale Websites?

Sourcing products from Chinese websites presents many opportunities, but it also comes with its share of challenges. Here are some precautions buyers should consider:

1. Research the supplier. Investigate the supplier’s history, credibility, and reputation. Use platforms like Alibaba’s Gold Supplier feature, which offers background checks for suppliers. Go through reviews and feedback from other customers, particularly Western buyers if possible.

2. Use secure payment methods. Opt for platforms that provide an escrow service (like Alibaba’s Trade Assurance) or use PayPal. Avoid wire transfers to unknown suppliers.

3. Check compliance and certifications. Ensure that the products comply with regulations, standards, and certifications required in your home country. For specific industries (like electronics), check if the manufacturer has necessary certifications.

4. Understand tariffs and duties. Familiarize yourself with import regulations, duties, and tariffs for your country to avoid unexpected costs.

5. Diversify suppliers. Avoid relying on a single supplier. Having multiple suppliers can mitigate risks if issues arise with one of them.

6. Avoid too-good-to-be-true deals. If a deal appears too good to be true, it probably is. Extremely low prices can be a red flag for scams or substandard products.

7. Intellectual property (IP) protection. Be cautious about sharing IP without safeguards in place. Consider using non-disclosure agreements when discussing product designs.

8. Plan for shipping and logistics. Determine the mode of transportation (air, sea, rail) and understand potential delays, especially during peak times like the Chinese New Year. Consider using reputable logistics companies and familiarize yourself with shipping terms like FOB, CIF, and EXW.

9. Establish a clear returns policy. Clearly define terms for product returns or refunds in the event of defective or incorrect products. If the supplier already has their own policy, review it to make sure you’re not getting the short end of the stick.

Frequently Asked Questions About Buying Wholesale From China


What Is The Best Website To Buy Wholesale From China?

The best, most complete website to buy wholesale from China is Alibaba. However, Global Sources is also a great resource if you plan on sourcing electronics. You can also use tools like the Jungle Scout Supplier Database to look up suppliers of existing products being sold online.

How Can I Buy Goods From China?

The easiest way to buy goods from China is to first identify a supplier. Then, you should purchase a sample and iterate with your supplier until you are happy with the overall design of your product. Finally, when it comes to buying in bulk, you should enlist the help of a freight forwarder to help you import your goods to your home country.

What Is The Best Item To Import From China?

Because the wages in China are much cheaper than anywhere else, it's to your advantage to import goods that require a high amount of labor to produce. For example, clothing, textiles, embroidery are ideal to import from China because the material costs are low and the fabrication process is manual. There are many types of products that fall into this category.

Do I Have To Pay Import Duty From China?

The answer is yes unless the value of your shipment is less than $800.

How Do You Buy Goods Directly From A Manufacturer?

Directories like Alibaba and Global Sources contain a large list of Chinese factories and manufacturers. Alternatively, you can find a sourcing agent to help you find suppliers for the products you want to sell.

Do I Need A License To Import From China?

There are no permits required for importing products from China unless you are bringing in hazardous or restricted materials. You will however, have to pay import duties depending on the types of products you sell

How Are Customs Duties Calculated?

The value of your shipment determines how much duty or taxes are assessed on your shipment. In general, duties and VAT are calculated as a percentage of the customs value of your goods. If there are any tariffs involved with your HS codes, they will be directly added on your duties.

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    1. Steve says:

      Alibaba is great if you take the time to go through and contact each vendor, request samples etc… But going to a tradeshow will save you a lot of time. I know several people that use Alibaba with mixed results.

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      Thank you.

    5. Robert D. Farren says:

      I am looking for help buying factory direct from china. I need help fast, very fast. I have an order 65K – 85k (CIF shipping). Too many “China” everthing websites and people to contact.

      If you can help, I would gladly compensate for your time.

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    1. Steve says:

      Awesome! Good luck at the show. I don’t think that most of the vendors will speak Cantonese there but I’ll bet you’ll be able to get by just fine with English. If not, just grab a translator! Should be a fun trip for you!

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    Is Worldwide Brands really a good deal? It seems like I’m paying for the same info/vendors that I can get on for free?

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      Worldwide Brands is a different beast than Alibaba in that they specialize in light bulk and dropshipping vendors. WWB has already gone through the effort of screening out only legitimate vendors and have an elegant interface to search for them. Alibaba is for finding vendors in Asia. If you are having good luck with Alibaba, then stick with it. But if you are looking for lower volume merchandise, then WWB is probably better and much easier to use.

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    Anyway, in order to help me make a decision on whether or not the expense could be considered a wise investment, could you please share the costs of you and your wife’s trip? If so, please break down the expenses as best as possible. Such as airfare, hotel expenses, transportation expenses while in China (subway, taxi, other airfare, etc…), meals, and unforeseen expenses. I believe this information will help us make a decision on whether to visit the show in the coming spring or fall.

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    Thanks so much for bringing this into view for me, Steve!

    1. Steve says:

      Yeah the Canton Fair is incredible and easily the largest fair I’ve ever attended in my life by about 10X. You should definitely check it out if you get a chance.

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      Best luck and please dont do not hesitate to contact me,

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    You can organise everything yourself or take the strain out of it all and book through ourselves.
    Happy trip!

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    I Will be visiting phase 3 of the canton fair this coming month and had some questions.

    1. Do you think i need to be there for the entire phase 3 or is doing 2-3 days out of the 5 suffice?

    2. You mentioned it was a 2 hour train from HK. I’m staying in Kowloon so that seems great however someone mentioned to me with the travel time from HK to the train, waiting for the train, going through customs, then from Guangzhou station to the fair can be about 4 hours one way, is this true? If so i was thinking maybe i should double book and get a hotel in Guangzhou for phase 3 but i would like to avoid this additional expense being my hotel in HK is already paid for and non refundable.

    3. I am a clothing company looking to bring my own patterns for manufacturing. I already have a invitation from a factory that I have been working with previously. Do I need a badge to enter the fair? Do I need to register online to be an attendee?

    Thanks for the insightful advice and the open invitation to contact you.

  31. bill shen says:

    Dear all,
    Do you need interpreter, sourcing consultant, liaison officer with your suppliers and you, quality control staff in china for your purchasing? i would like to do it for you at a reasonable price.

    Thank you again and best regards,


  32. Jon says:

    Great article, but I wouldn’t commute from HK!! Just stay at one of the hotels next to it (Langham, Westin) so you can be fully fresh. In fact you can pop back to your hotel room for lunch and to rest your legs.

    Oh, and they all seem to speak english in my experience. And if they didn’t would you want to work with the supplier anyway?

    Hope that helps!

  33. Nasser says:

    Thank you Mr.Steve for this great article
    I just wanna Ask you in one thing about what you’ve been said
    of the beginner saler should start with dropshipping and/or a light bulk wholesale vendor how i can find the light bulk wholesale vendors
    i hope you please replay me coz i was for the one who will guide me to start
    of my small business of T-shirt and clothing
    thank u again and im waiting for ur replay ^_^

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    1. jACK says:

      Hi, we are the high quality clothing suppliers on the Chinese side hope to have the opportunity to mail in touch with you

    2. luisa says:

      Hi Cory, I am going to china for 40 and I will be looking for a factory with similar characteristics. feel free to contact me I can help you giving you information of vendor that I find.

    3. cara says:

      Hi Cory, hope I can help. Please ass my whatsapp for further discussion:+86 18877573725. thanks, Cara

  36. A.J. says:

    Hi Steve, I wanted to thank you for the information, it is very helpful! I do have a couple of questions i was hoping you could answer for me….I sell AUTHENTIC brand name items such as (just to name a few) Beats, The North Face, Ugg Australia, etc… Does the Canton Fair offer these items? and if so, are they Authentic? Also, would i find wholesale vendors on the WorldWide Brands website that offer authentic items such as these? I am interested in a membership but i do not want to waste my time or money if they do not offer what i sell. Thank you very much, A.J.

  37. daron whitfield says:

    Did you find any quality wholesale hair distributors??

  38. Ryma says:

    When it comes to dealing with China we should have a prospective business.We should always deal with the company directly. I know whole sale products are not always good but sometimes they are very valuable.

  39. wallis says:


  40. shubh says:

    I would like to know what product we could buy …. any prefences plzzzz

  41. shubh says:

    And yes is it good to buy gadgets like mobiles ????and sanitary goods plzz suggest me something …

    1. Johan says:

      Canton Fair, created a B2B website where all suppliers from the fair are available online. thus, it is no longer necessary to visit the fair to a trustworthy purchase.
      The sourcing can be done on that page, you just have to register and obtained direct access to the suppliers of the fair. here the URL

  42. Tara says:


    Does anyone know any reliable Lace wig manufactures. I will be supplying my own supply of hair.. so just need a company to make the wig to spec?


  43. Yonela says:

    Hi there, I have a clothing store and want to grow in the business and I’m in china guandzhou at the moment, to buy clothes from the markets. but I would love to buy from the factory direct and create my own brand please advise.I am original from South Africa. Thank you for showing us that it’s possible. Hope to hear from you soon. Regards Yonela

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  45. ricky says:

    it does not tell people. that canton fair management is greedy and just want money to give badge which you need to do on site. they just do not want to approve any one badge on website. you need whole day or night to sit front on computer and wait for their website link to be work. the only part people i hate is to get the badge. suppliers are awesome inside and get sources. personal i hate canton fair management. they also have people standing outside of convention center to sell badge. so beware of that and make sure you have extra money out of your budge. so you can pay for nonsense badge.ohhhhhhhhhhhhh

    1. blyne says:

      Yeah I agree with you. We used to go to fairtrades but for the last 5 years, we made a very good strategy to save us a lot of money and efforts.
      Now every 2 months we are in China and can buy good quantity for quality and price. Trade fairs are definitely one way of meeting suppliers, but far from the best.

  46. MBH says:

    HI, I organized the trip in phase 3, 30 Oct to 6 Nov, interested in the cleaning cloth. But I think I made a mistake, the cleaning cloth is in phase 2. You confirm or my choice is right?

  47. Gyan Raj Khatri says:

    Great article,Really inspired be a lot and I am thinking of coming China as soon possible. Can anyone give me contact number of china vendors?

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  49. Maria says:

    Very interesting article and comments. I am a small fry trying to do some online business. Not in the league of going to the Canton Fair. You are extremely knowledgeable and would appreciate your advice. I would like direction as to where best to buy, in small lots, cellphone accessories, etc. to resell online. Maybe later I would love to be in the position to visit the Canton Fair. Right now I am at the bottom of the totem pole.

  50. kossi says:

    Dear Sir

    Can you handle a project to supply any of this product Drilling Pipes and water pipes or T-shirt,Carpet Backing, Laminating Machines,safety boot,Hospital equipment, Led Light.

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  51. Michelle says:

    Any travel advise. I’m looking to go to the next canton show for hair factories .. Looking for as much information as possible!

  52. Danielle stallings says:

    Hello I’m interested in buying wholesale about 10k worth I have a small boutique that is going great and I want to expand my business can someone please email who is the best wholesaler in China to go through. I’m planning a trip in October to go to China to visit if all goes well but I need this asap. Thanks

    1. Lizzy says:

      Hi, please I want to go into clothing 100% human hair and shoes. Please can you tell me how to go about it?

    2. alex says:

      i am a chinese, what’s products do you want to buy ? I think i can do some help for you , we have much experience in buying for customers. you can contact with me , my skype is focuslighter

      1. farjana akhtar says:

        i have furniture and fabrics with home decor business
        i need to know about genuine supplier about related this product.

    3. Grace says:

      there are many wholesale markets in china for the women fashion, for sure you can find the right styles

    4. Adewunmi says:

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  54. Angela says:

    Hi there,

    I’m not too sure if you can help me but my husband and I have a manufacturing business here in nz where we manufacture wiring looms for trucks and trailers. We currently import some of our parts from China through Alibaba but we are wanting to travel to China to buy in bulk. We are unsure of where and how to start. Are you able to help with this at all please?

    Thank you

  55. Sivakumar says:

    Hello Sir,

    I’m planning to visit Canton Trade fair this October. I’m not sure if its really necessary. I tried to use Alibaba but i see that lot of suppliers out there are not trustworth and make fake supplier accounts. With my digging so far I checked out the website which looks more trustworth i guess. And to my surprise I see that lot of suppliers listed on canton fair seems to accept L/C payment terms which i rarely see in (never remember seeing one). So if the suppliers listed here at are trustworth the I can see the trip to the trade fair and buy with some confidence directly. If you or anyone can share your thoughts on this it would be really appreciated.

    Thanks again

  56. Gabriel Lance says:

    Thanks for sharing your information with us.


    Dear Sir, BLESS you for this timely information on the canton fair particularly for greens as I embarking on international business on a small scale with growth expectations. I’m interested in going into the shoes, bags, clothing, household as well as any other that could be in high demand in my country Nigeria with a minimal amount. I seek your advise, do I start with the canton fair in onto – November for goods purchase!? Thank you.

    1. Bolanle Abudu says:

      Hello,I am also from Nigeria,a young business woman. I am planning to visit China in April for clothes, shoes handbags etc I was wondering if you eventually went to China as you planned,would love to ask you a few questions please oblige me and send me your email address please
      Thank you

      1. Adewunmi says:

        Good day, am working with a Chinese man that is into Cargo from China to Nigeria he has been in Nigeria for 5 to 10 year and always help people buying from China and have it delivered to Nigeria. To get more info about him or to start using our cargo service call me 08118618804.

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  59. Nadya says:

    I am looking to go to china to find vendors for clothing and hair .

    1. JOSS says:

      Hello, I am a Chinese manufacturer and wholesaler. I hope we can have further exchanges and cooperation. This is my e-mail address:; Looking forward to your reply, I believe we will cooperate happily

    2. sahil says:

      hi nadya i am also plane go to china to find vendors for clothing

  60. JAN says:

    Hello, I’m a Chinese manufacturer and wholesaler. I hope we can have further communication and cooperation. This is my email address:; here is my WhatsApp account: +86 18613172812. Looking forward to your reply, I am sure we will cooperate happily

    1. Karthik S says:

      can you please throw some light on how do B2B apparel suppliers like “Hanes” source clothes and supply them to other retail apparel companies like Banana Republic and so on.

    2. Masompe m mweba says:

      hi Jan my name is Masompe from Zambia I want to start ordering things from you….

  61. Siphokazi says:

    I am looking to go to china to find vendors for clothing,handbags,shades and weaves 100% human hair.

  62. Samir jung thapa says:

    I am thinking of opening an good online store and market directly in my country nepal capital city colleges for students.So can you give me a run down and hook me up with someone to attend this fair next time.Thanks//

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  64. Thirith neov says:

    I want to have an online sales business, selling to Cambodia. Where should I find products and what company can help to ship it to Cambodia and help with my own page?
    Any products that can supply from the company?

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    I already live in china for 2 years constintllyngoing ti many shows and update my suppliers, it’s not easy and competition is big so prices and quality ranges from edge to edge… though luckily some clients like personal judgment and attention to details so they let me shop for their needs with full trust.

  69. Fernanda dias says:

    I’m looking from a company that can manufacture fashion T shirts .

    1. cara says:

      Please add my whatsapp +86 18877573725, hope I can help.


  70. Loranny M. says:

    Never write reviews but thought I’d say that your website has been incredibly helpful. I’ve been doing turns in my head about starting and online business focusing on home goods but I had no idea where to start. I know people that have successful online business but as you may know not many like to share any tips… anyway I will definitely look into this trade show and other recommendations. Just a random question: how much did you invest and how much lose your first year. I’m one of those that scared of investing so much money and I’ve heard whenever you start a business you may not gain much the first year. Thanks!

  71. Melvin says:

    I want to go into clothing and Brazilian hair….. How do I begin?

  72. Melvin says:

    How do I get a supplier?

  73. sisanda says:

    i want to buy staff online but i need to speak to some via whats up

    1. Chy says:

      Read up Sisanda, u will see some WhatsApp contacts of some suppliers

  74. Original Sourcing Pro says:

    After going through your post, I found it useful how we find the wholesale suppliers while importing products directly Chinese factories. It’s also nice to know how one can exploit the fairs and sourcing tradeshows because they really are a good source to fulfill one’s needs.
    Thank you for posting…

  75. Jay says:

    Looking for a Reliable & Quality Fireworks company any suggestions
    Or possibly a Exporter I could contact that knows the industry

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