341: How To Fight Back Against Chinese Counterfeits With Steven Weigler

341: How To Fight Back Against Chinese Counterfeits With Steven Weigler

Today I’m thrilled to have Steven Weigler on the show, Steve is my go-to guy when it comes to intellectual property protection, copyrights and trademarks. He is the founder of where he helps e-commerce entrepreneurs protect their IP. I brought him on the podcast today because Amazon copycats and IP theft is out of control. Factories in China are blatantly stealing designs and selling them in the US. In this episode, Steve teaches us how to fight back. What You’ll Learn How to protect your intellectual property. Should you patent your design? The differences between copyrights, trademarks and patents. […]

332: How Amanda Recovered Her Business After Getting Crushed By Covid-19

332: How Amanda Recovered Her Business After Getting Crushed By Covid-19

Today, I’m really happy to have Amanda Wittenborn back on the show. Amanda is a student in my Create Profitable Online Store Course, and back in episode 269, we talked about her 7 Figure commerce business selling party supplies online. In fact, she was on track for a record year until COVID-19 hit and she lost almost all of her sales overnight. In this episode, you’ll learn how Amanda pivoted her business and managed to grow her sales significantly despite the pandemic. What You’ll Learn How Amanda lost a significant portion of her business due to Covid-19 Amanda’s tale of […]

321: Why Ecommerce In Q4 Is Going To Be A Disaster With Casey Gauss

321: The Upcoming Ecommerce Disaster With Casey Gauss

Today I’m thrilled to have Casey Gauss back on the show. Casey is the founder of Viral Launch and he’s helped tens of thousands of eCommerce entrepreneurs drive billions of dollars in sales. He is an expert in all things Amazon and I’m happy to have him back on the show to talk about what he’s been up to (a lot has changed in the past year alone) and to discuss some high-level trends and strategies in the eCommerce space. What You’ll Learn Casey Gauss’ predictions in the ecommerce space The looming ecommerce disaster for Q4 How to prepare yourself […]

312: Should You Hire An Agency To Run Your Amazon PPC Ads With Edward Ruffin And Jeremy Crowe

Today, I’m thrilled to have both Edward Ruffin(PPC Ed) and Jeremy Crowe from Sellers Labs on the show. PPC Ed is in charge of sponsored product ads over at Sellers Labs and Jeremy was my account manager for the PPC ads case study I conducted earlier this year. In this episode, I provide a realistic account of my experiences having Sellers Labs run my Amazon Ads this past year. What You’ll Learn When you should use an agency to run your Amazon ads The pros and cons of outsourcing your ads The process Seller Labs uses to onboard their customers […]

303: How To Sell Oversized Goods And Manage Your Supply Chain With Liz Mercer

303: How To Manage Your Supply Chain For Oversized Items With Liz Mercer

Today, I’m thrilled to have Elizabeth Mercer on the show. Elizabeth helped start Jungle Scout with her husband Greg but she’s since stepped down to start a 7 figure ecommerce business selling ergonomic furniture over at Now in order to sell products that are large and heavy, you must manage your supply chain efficiently which happens to be Elizabeth’s specialty and in this episode, she teaches us the tricks of the trade. What You’ll Learn Why Liz decided to sell furniture The challenges of selling large oversized items How to launch an oversized item on Amazon How selling oversized […]

267: The New Amazon Ads You Probably Aren’t Running Yet With Brett Curry

267: How To Run Amazon DSP Ads With Brett Curry

Today, I’m thrilled to have Brett Curry back on the show. Brett is someone who I met through Drew Sanocki at the Traffic And Conversions Summit in San Diego. He has spoken at my conference, The Sellers Summit, for the past 2 years and he runs OMG Commerce which is an ecommerce agency that has helped over 125 companies with their pay per click advertising. In this episode, Brett and I talk about combining Amazon PPC with Amazon DSP to grow your Amazon business. What You’ll Learn What is Amazon DSP? What ads can be bought through Amazon DSP How […]

264: What Amazon Strategies Are Working Today With Brad Moss

264: Brad Moss On What's Working With Selling On Amazon Today

Today I’m thrilled to have Brad Moss back on the show. Brad is the former head of Seller Central at Amazon and he’s also the founder of where he helps Amazon sellers blow up their businesses. As a result, he has intimate knowledge of how Amazon works from the inside. This year, Brad spoke at my conference, The Sellers Summit, for the 3rd straight year, and his presentation was very well received. Brad is one of my go to guys when it comes to Amazon and today, we’re going to talk about the latest Amazon strategies. What You’ll Learn […]

263: How To Outsource Your Amazon Business For Less With Omer Riaz

263: How To Outsource Your Amazon Business With Omer Riaz

Today, I’m really happy to have Omer Riaz on the show. Omer and I just hung out for 3 straight days at my annual event the Sellers Summit. He’s been an Amazon and Ebay seller for many years and now he helps others manage their own businesses. Today, he runs the popular Amazon VA service and in this episode we are going to talk about how to outsource and scale your Amazon business even if you are a one man show. What You’ll Learn Common mistakes Amazon sellers make Which Amazon tasks are easy to outsource How much it […]