How We Stopped Short Of Becoming Lazy Pieces Of Crap

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I admit it. I’m a lazy person at heart. If I’m watching television and I can’t find the remote, I’ll watch whatever channel happens to be on. If I have a craving for a certain food but have to cook it myself, I’ll just eat leftovers instead. If I’m lying in bed and I’m thirsty, I’ll stay thirsty.

In fact, my wife can probably provide you with a hundred more examples of my laziness, but the topic of this article isn’t about that kind of laziness. The laziness that I’m referring to is the laziness that stops you from taking charge of your life.

The laziness that I’m talking about is what makes you stay with that 60 hour a week job that you hate so much. The laziness that I’m alluding to is what stops you from pursuing your personal goals and aspirations because you don’t have the time.

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When my wife and I first got married, we wasted a lot of time on empty activities. Our life consisted of working from 9-6:30, eating dinner and then watching television until it was time to go to bed.

Sure, it was fun and relaxing but looking back, what did we have to show for it? I asked my wife the other day if she had any specific memories of that period of our life and she really couldn’t come up with anything. And you know what? I couldn’t come up with anything either. I couldn’t even remember what shows we used to watch.

In fact, the one thing that stood out in my mind was how much my wife hated having to go to work. Every morning before she left she would kiss me goodbye and say “Okay honey. I’m off to the hell hole I call my job!”.

She clearly wasn’t happy and neither was I because I had to watch her suffer every morning. Over the course of 10 years, she switched companies several times, but she never was happy going to any of her jobs.

What was ironic was that we both wanted to start a business and we had the motivation but just never got around to it. In short, we were lazy.

But something eventually came over us that pushed us to create our own business. Something came over me to create this blog. Here’s how we ended our lazy streak.

We Found Something Worth Working For

There’s always something in life that motivates you to be a better person or to get off of your ass. For us, it was our baby. I can’t even begin to describe what happened to my psyche when my wife became pregnant with our child but I’ll give it a shot.

For one thing, I felt like I needed to change my ways. I needed to be more responsible. I needed to take better charge of my life. I wanted to make sure that I could provide for my family.

There were many thoughts swirling through my head at the time but most of them involved financial security. I wanted a house in a good school district. I wanted to start a college education fund so that my child wouldn’t have to take out loans for school.

I wanted to have an emergency fund so large that I could be out of work for well over a year and still be ok.

For my wife, she wanted to quit her job so she could take care of our child full time. She didn’t want to miss a single minute of our baby’s childhood. Equally as important, she didn’t want quitting her job to place a major crimp on our lifestyle or finances.

With so many factors dependent on money, we needed to find alternative sources of income. Hence our online store was born.

We Wanted To Accomplish Something Memorable

While having a baby certainly shortened the time table for us getting our act together, it certainly wasn’t the only thing that caused us to overcome our laziness. Our peers played a large factor as well.

Most of my friends are extremely motivated and driven people so whenever we would get together, they would tell us about the exciting things going on in their lives. Sometimes they had crazy stories to tell us about their travels. Sometimes, they’d tell us about a new business that they were starting. There was always something going on.

But whenever the subject of “what’s new” came around to us, we often had little to contribute. We could talk a mean game about the latest television shows or celebrity gossip, but in general, we had very little substance to contribute to the conversation.

This got tiresome and after awhile my wife and I desperately wanted to prove to ourselves that we could accomplish something special as well. To this day, I’m thankful to have such entrepreneurial friends. I admit that I’m jealous of some of their success stories, but at the same time they’ve motivated me to pursue things that I may not have ever thought of trying.

We Wanted To Help Others

Once things started running smoothly with our online store, my wife was able to quit her job. And soon after, I had several friends come to us wanting to know how we managed to supplant my wife’s income with our online business.

In fact, I got so many questions that I decided to document our experiences in a blog and hence was born. One of the main points of this blog is that it doesn’t take much prior knowledge or money to start a business, nor does it require much risk at all.

We knew absolutely nothing about web programming or wedding linens but still managed to find a way to create a successful online store. There is a ton of valuable information on the web and I hope to contribute to the vast pool of knowledge with this blog.

Helping others start their own businesses is the motivation behind and I hope that my writings prove to be a valuable resource to someone out there.

How Will You Overcome Laziness?

So how will you overcome laziness? Well you can have a baby, but that probably isn’t the right solution for everyone:) I think the best way to overcome laziness is to sit down and reflect upon your life.

Do you need or want a change? Are you unhappy with any aspects of your life?

If so, you need to find something that inspires you or pushes you to change. It also helps to have friends there to motivate you and to have a higher goal in mind. Even the laziest people in the world have something that motivates them and it’s just a matter of finding out what it is.

Ready To Get Serious About Starting An Online Business?

If you are really considering starting your own online business, then you have to check out my free mini course on How To Create A Niche Online Store In 5 Easy Steps.

In this 6 day mini course, I reveal the steps that my wife and I took to earn 100 thousand dollars in the span of just a year. Best of all, it's absolutely free!

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49 thoughts on “How We Stopped Short Of Becoming Lazy Pieces Of Crap”

  1. Wow! I didn’t know you knew me well enough to write about me. Besides lazy, I think FEAR is a major factor that keeps people in their comfort zone. Silly as it sounds figuring out what the fear is all about is the challenge.

    1. @Dee
      I guess we are one and the same! Even once we got over the fear part, we were still kind of lazy about it. It’s much easier to talk about something than to actually do it.

      Yep, totally agree. Getting moving is key even if it’s only a little bit.

      Interesting, I’ve never heard of it called the sleepwalking phenomenon before. I just tell it like it is

  2. I think sometimes the trick is to just get moving – maybe not even on the BIG project on our plate … but just to start moving at all. Movement begets more movement – it’s all about building momentum!


  3. Hey Steve – what a well-written post and your experience before you had your baby perfectly describes the sleepwalking phenomenon that plagues many. It is very heart-warming for me to know more about you through your experiences and to know that having your baby drove both you and Jennifer to taking real action. I’m really happy for you and your family! πŸ˜€

  4. Stumbled! Another great article. It’s amazing how much “time” emerges when you actually use it wisely. When I was working full-time and blogging every day, I started to wonder what was filling up my time when I wasn’t blogging! Now I am looking for a new job, as I am not one to stay put when I am dissatisfied, although it’s a trap that many people fall into quite easily. But I admit it is easy to get the lazy bug when you are unemployed and seeking a new direction in life.

    1. @Saver Queen
      It’s amazing isn’t it? I still wonder how I find the time to fit everything as well as spend a significant amount of time with my daughter. Where there’s a will there’s a way.

      I know you have a tough situation on your hands and I doubt you are lazy. Best of luck to you in the coming year. Hopefully Obama will make a difference

      Given your health situation, it’s a wonder how you get so much done. In fact, you’re probably one of the last people that I would call lazy.

      I’ll send you a link to store via email. Still debating to whether to put the link on the blog someday.

  5. little off subject here, but have you read about the guy responsible for the salmonella, peanut butter? He knew about it, ordered it processed and shipped because of the money. I know he probably will not get in much trouble, but wouldn’t you say that he is responsible for not only making a lot of people sick, but several deaths? Just wondering you’re opinion

  6. I think for me, good time management will be key. Unfortunately, I’m not in the position where I can work myself in the ground (health wise) so not being “lazy” with my time manage will go a long way.

  7. Hey,
    Nice one. I had the same thought(s). I was once asked by my uncle- so what do you do in your free time. I had no answer for that. Thereafter I decided I needed to look back and tell what I did in the recent past.

    Where is your online store?

  8. Excellent story, I’ve found similar motivation to the one you experienced when you found out your wife was pregnant. In my case it was being able to work from home, full-time on my projects. This is my chance, i don’t want to twaste it. If i do then I go back to getting a job and working the struggle like millions of others out there.

    Great post, inspiring!


    1. Hey Glen,

      Thanks for the compliment! I’m working on several side projects right now which will hopefully allow me to free up more time with my kid eventually as well. Glad to know that I’m not alone.

  9. Hi Steve,

    Great post! Finding something worth working for is, to me, the most important thing. Having a great support team is the next most important thing. You are blessed to have peers who are encouraging and motivating. :)

  10. Great article. It always seems so scary to quit your job and start your own thing. But once you are on the other side it is hard to believe you waited for so long.

  11. Gnilrets says:

    i was too lazy to finish reading this.

  12. Great read! I’m going through the same process and having some real difficulty getting over that lazy hump (even after kid 2) but I know it needs to get done.

  13. Hi Steve!

    Fantastic post! I could REALLY relate to this cos’ I’m probably one of the laziest persons you would ever meet!

    I absolutely agree with you that “Even the laziest people in the world have something that motivates them and it’s just a matter of finding out what it is.”

    You’re spot on with this! Coincidentally, I’ve written an article back in Nov ’08 where I explained how I overcame my laziness to start working toward my goals. The general idea was that I managed to find what I’m passionate about and I’d rather get off my ass to work than glue my eyeballs to the TV.

    Feel free to take a quick read if you’re interested to find out how another lazy bum self-motivate himself to work.

    What’s Your Success Idea?

    Hope you enjoy the read. :)



  14. Ken says:

    Very good post, you said what exactly in my mind. Sometimes I just have to think about what I am going to do in the future? 1 year, 5 years or 10 years. Not just myself, also what kind of things I can provide to my children. I always have some “great ideas”, and probably I should start to put a couple of them into action.
    Thanks for sharing your experience, it’s great!

  15. Hi Steve –
    I realize this post was months back, but I still had to respond. You have some fantastic points in here. It seems to me that if you look back through the lives of most business owners, you’d find that “thing” that motivates them. Mine is the same as yours. In my mind, children are the best motivators out there.

    I was unable to find a job, had a newborn and couldn’t work the hours necessary to keep a job even if I could find one, and only had one major skill – I could write. It’s amazing what you can come up with when fear of not being able to provide comes into the picture. Two years later, although I’m not at the level I want to be (yet), I’m making enough to take care of the necessities and a little bit more, and business is steady and growing. I’ve gained more skills than I ever thought possible (some even highly technical!) and have been able to put it all to work.

    To all those reading Steve’s blog, it’s definitely possible to take something that YOU might think is nothing and turn it into something great! All you have to do is pick your feet up, get started and don’t let small stuff get in the way.

    Great post, Steve! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Wow Jahnelle, thanks for the comment! It always brightens my day to hear a success story like yours. You are right, it is all about finding that one thing that motivates you. In most cases, just wanting money is not enough. Something greater is needed to get most people over the hump. Is level343 your business? Your site looks fantastic.

  16. You’re most welcome, Steve. I’m glad you like Level343, although it’s not all mine. I’m a working partner and quite proud of it. :) As for wanting money, it’s definitely not the best motivator. In my experience with hiring individuals, those that just want money are the ones that disappear after the first paycheck. Owning your own business (or running one, even), takes a lot of work as I’m sure you know, and, like you said, money isn’t a big enough thing to push yourself over the humps.

    I’ve even noticed that the times I start worrying about money, things start to slip. It may sound odd, but it seems that money is part of the “small stuff” that you shouldn’t sweat if you want to be successful.


    1. Hey Jahnelle,
      I feel a blog post coming on about just what you brought up. I’ll have to time to write about motivation and money after this small business guide is done.

  17. Life can be easily wasted, we must have strong willpower! Nice post.

  18. Brandy says:

    Great information here! I was surprised at all the things that have to be done to start an online business. I thought I could make a website, sell products and be done with it. Boy was I wrong!! I’m glad that I had not started the process before reading the information here!! Thank you Steve for putting all of this together. I am sure that you have saved a lot of people a lot of time and effort.
    I do wonder tho, do all of the rules and regulations apply if you are an affilate or if I wanted to do something like ?
    Again, thank you for your time and effort!

  19. Brandy says:

    Sorry to bother you again Steve. But I would also like to know if I need or have to register with D&B? I have heard that a business needs to register with them as well.
    Thank you, Brandy

  20. Marbey says:

    Inspired. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  21. Dustin says:

    Hi, you said that there are a lot of good resources for starting an online business. What are some that you would recommend? I would definitely appreciate it!!

  22. Running a business can indeed be a lot more satisfying can climbing up the corporate ladder one level at a time. Business gives the flexibility to move more and let’s creativity flow. Your post will inspire a lot of people to pursue entrepreneurship, good job!

  23. thanks for everything this its a start for me

  24. Interesting story. Sometimes we need that extra “kick in the butt” to get us to start making life better for ourselves. I hope to have kids one day and I would like to know that they are in a financially secure household and I would like to be able to teach them how to get by in life and find their own path.

  25. I did a Google search on leaving eBay to what alternatives, and you popped up, I really enjoyed this post. It is so true, being to lazy to quit a 60 hour week job, to me the point is, it is hard to break through your normal daily routine an take action toward something better, in My own case, I have been fortunate to carve out a niche on eBay selling vintage vinyl records for the last 2 years, My living expenses are such that I didn’t have to make a killing, but I have done far better than I thought I would, Good service goes along way, as well as friendly communication with your buyers, but just in the 2 years, eBay has done things things that have really demoralized me personally, especially the new June 2012 top rated sellers standard, which almost no small seller can comply with, even large one’s are just forfeiting their 20% TRS discounts. the 1 day shipping rule is the big one for me, since I have 4 kids and a wife, who has a full time job, and I am only one man, taking care of a 2 year old during the day and trying to stay on top of things business wise, eBay’s new fee calculations factoring in shipping charges and this new loss of my 20% fee discount, has certainly made me consider alternatives to eBay, They also changed the picture style on eBay to a clunky new style that has shrunk my large photos. it’s just one thing after another, in just 2 short years with ebay, They have forced a 100% positive feedback seller with literally 5 star DSR ratings, and just about run me out of there, I Know I am not the only one, I just need the motivation to push to the next level with my own business, without having eBay breathing down my neck with their constant changes and money stealing fees.

  26. I found this post from the first email after signing up for your Free Mini Series, and could totally relate!

    My wife and I left the corporate world over 15 years ago to start our own home based graphics firm, but as 10 years flew by we discovered we were still working for other people. Five years ago we found something worth working for when our dog Jerry got cancer. We have been helping others ever since by offering support and advice with an e-book and helpful products for those facing amputation for their dogs. (Talk about a niche market!)

    Now we have taken the lessons we’ve learned and are helping others find their niche and follow their own dreams.

    It’s easy to overcome laziness when you’re passionate about what you do!

    1. Hey Jim,
      I hear you loud and clear which is why I created my blog. To be honest, I’ve found myself much more passionate about teaching others than running my own business but I suppose that the two could be considered one and the same.

  27. Great post and so motivating! For years I’ve wanted to start my own business so I could be home with our son who is now 8. But now that I’m pregnant again I really have that drive and determination to follow my dreams this time. So inspiring to hear of someone else who had the same dream and it came true!

  28. Steve, it’s almost as though you’re writing about my life there!
    My wife and I are both working and expecting a baby girl in a couple of months. I’ve been going back and firth on starting an etail business but I’ve been scared, lost, and lazy.
    Reading this makes a difference. Makes me want to just get out of my comfort zone and just start doing it.

    I look forward to your daily emails and resources on here which are truly valuable.
    Thank you!


  29. sam says:

    Hey Steve and congratulations on your success! I hope it’s not to late for me. I know what you mean by living in a ‘rut’ and I must say I did that all my adult life and now that I’m retired have very little to ‘show for it.’ However, I’m willing to change that ‘mind-set’ and try something new. I have plenty of time so maybe it’s not to late to get in on some of the goodies…

  30. emily says:

    how many days is the course

  31. Hey Steve, great (and eye opening) story. It’s great that you’re so honest and upfront about your past shortcomings, and I think you’re definitely not alone with this. I think at least 90% of the “civilized” population could relate to this story, yet most of them never stops being lazy or never start challenging themselves. Then, as you say, life just passes them by without them remembering any particular details… It’s so sad to think about. Anyway, congratulations on your success and thanks for being the inspiration that you (and your wife) are! Steve

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