Best 29 Wholesale Clothing Vendors In Los Angeles And The LA Fashion District

Wholesale Clothing Vendor

There’s a common misconception that clothing is no longer produced in the United States.

But a significant amount of wholesale clothing is designed and made in Los Angeles, California within the LA Fashion District.

While sourcing wholesale clothing from China is popular, prices for China wholesale suppliers have gone up significantly over the years and continues to increase at a rapid pace.

Many Chinese workers no longer want to work in factories and those that remain are receiving significant raises.

While you can still buy wholesale clothing from China, there are many disadvantages. For example…

  • The lead times for receiving product are on the order of months – For example, you typically have to order your goods 3-4 months in advance which makes inventory planning extremely important
  • The minimum order quantities are higher – The prices in China are super low but you have to commit to larger quantities in order to make it worth your while
  • Communication can be a problem – In order to communicate with your factories, you either have to stay up late or wake up super early. Designing new products in China can be difficult as well.

But when you source clothing in the United States, the process is much easier. Your wholesale clothing vendor is just a phone call away. The time zones are manageable and in the worst case, you can hop on a plane and visit.

In addition, more and more customers want to buy clothing made in the USA. Within the US, The LA Fashion District is an excellent place to find wholesale clothing vendors.

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What Is The LA Fashion District?

santee alley

The LA Fashion District is an area in downtown Los Angeles, CA that specifically caters to wholesale and retail clothing vendors.

The entire LA Fashion District spans roughly 100 square blocks and is known for being a creative center for the fashion industry. It’s a top destination for wholesale buyers, retail shoppers, clothing designers, fashion students and Hollywood stylists.

At the heart of the LA Fashion District are notable landmarks such as…

  • Santee Alley – Santee Alley is a popular outdoor shopping bazaar where you can shop amazing bargains on trendy apparel and accessories.
  • California Market Center(CMC) – The California Market Center is the main fashion wholesale building on the West Coast that houses many fashion brands and events.
  • New Mart – This is where the annual LA Fashion Markets, LA Fashion Week and other industry tradeshows take place.

Many clothing retailers source their fabrics and labor from Los Angeles and the cost of goods are very reasonable. In the LA Fashion District, you can easily find contract seamstresses and designers willing to work for a small shop.

Is The LA Fashion District Expensive?

The pricing for wholesale apparel in the LA Fashion District is reasonable but it costs far more than sourcing from China. In general, the prices are roughly 2-3X more than what it costs to make the same item in China.

Overall if you look hard enough, you can easily find an apparel wholesaler willing to manufacture what you need in low minimum order quantities.

In the LA Fashion District, there are different wholesale vendors that cater to all different sizes of business.

Can Anyone Shop In The LA Fashion District?

Anyone can shop in the LA Fashion District but many wholesale apparel vendors will ask for a sellers permit or resellers license.

However, some vendors will be willing to sell you clothing even if you don’t run a business.

Is The LA Fashion District Safe?

The LA Fashion District is located in an area that is ranked as one of most dangerous neighborhoods in LA. However during the day, shopping at the LA Fashion District is 100% safe.

While there may be instances of petty theft, we never once felt unsafe shopping there.

Tips For Navigating The LA Fashion District

LA Fashion District Map

Navigating the LA Fashion District can be overwhelming as there are stables and stables of clothing shops and accessory stands all over the place.

You should think about the LA Fashion District as a treasure hunt. There isn’t a true destination or a starting point, more like steps in a discovery process to your end goal.

Here are some tips for find a wholesale clothing vendor.

  • Bring a sample – If you have a sample in hand, vendors can take it apart and replicate the design.
  • Look for similar designs – Look for a vendor that produces clothing similar to the style you are looking for. If they can not produce what you want, ask them who can.
  • Be prepared to walk – Finding the right clothing vendor is an iterative process. You must be mentally prepared to walk around all day and step into 10-15 shops.

A List Of Wholesale Clothing Vendors In Los Angeles

Navigating the LA Fashion District can be time consuming.

To save you time, I made a list of the best 29 wholesale clothing vendors in Los Angeles that are based in or near the LA Fashion District.

American Bazi

American Bazi

American Bazi is a wholesale fashion clothing brand that emphasizes style, comfort, quality and self confidence. They also specialize in junior and junior plus sized apparel.

Most of American Bazi’s clothing are stretchy and deliver a chic and comfortable lifestyle. Established in 2014, American Bazi is located in the LA Fashion District.

Here are American Bazi’s wholesale terms and conditions.

  • All sales are non-refundable and only exchanges and store credit are allowed.
  • Returns must be made within 7 days upon receipt and must be in their original packaging.
  • 20% re-stocking fee on returned merchandise without a return authorization.
  • $50 minimum on all purchases

Wishlist Apparel

Wishlist Apparel

Wishlist Apparel is a wholesale fashion brand that caters to contemporary young women. They specialize in staple classics with a twist that can be worn all year round.

Wishlist Apparel is known for their quality, fit and their unique color palette and sell everything from bralettes to tops to dresses.

Here are Wishlist Apparel’s wholesale terms and conditions.

  • Returns must be made within 7 days upon receipt and must be in their original packaging.
  • A restocking fee/penalty of 15% will be charged for unauthorized returns.
  • Orders are fulfilled within 11-25 days.

J.NNA Clothing

JNNA CLothing

Jnna is one of the largest wholesale clothing vendors in Los Angeles that supplies women’s dresses, skirts, tops, two-piece outfits, rompers, leggings and more.

They also offer plus size and girls’ clothing in a variety of styles including boho, missy and sexy club wear. New items are added every week and they offer the lowest prices in the industry.

Here are J.NNA’s wholesale terms and conditions.

  • Store credit or exchanges allowed on all merchandise but must be made within 7 days of receipt.
  • Free returns with no restocking fees.
  • Minimum order is $80.

Tasha Apparel

Tasha Apparel

Tasha Apparel is one of the largest online boutique clothing vendors in Los Angeles that specializes in trendy, inexpensive and high-quality women’s dresses, skirts, tops, two piece sets, rompers, legging and bottoms.

They create hundreds of new products every week and they allow dropshipping.

Here are Tasha Apparel’s wholesale and dropshipping terms and conditions.

  • Clothing comes in a pack of 6.
  • Free shipping for orders over $300.
  • No minimums for orders.
  • Dropshipping requires that you fill out an application.

En Crème


En Crème is a wholesale clothing vendor based in downtown Los Angeles that specializes in bohemian clothing, beach wear, cover ups, sundresses and other contemporary women’s clothing.

Their clothing is cool, casual and inspired by California’s effortless vibe.

Here are En Creme’s wholesale terms of service.

  • Returns are accepted within 10 days upon receipt with a valid RMA number. There are no refunds issued for return. Only store credit is provided.
  • All sale items are deemed FINAL.
  • A 20% restocking fee will be issued for unauthorized returns.

Lush Clothing

Lush Clothing

Lush Clothing is wholesale clothing vendor based in California that manufactures a collection of seasonal styles from casual to dressy.

They are known for their color, texture and on-trend designs from occasion dresses to chunky cardigans, bodysuits and floral tops.

Located in Los Angeles, Lush Clothing has been selling wholesale clothing for all types of businesses since 1995.

Here are Lush Clothing’s wholesale terms of service.

  • Returns are accepted within 14 days after delivery for damaged or defected items.
  • No refunds are provided, only store credit.
  • Minimum order of $99 with net 60 terms.

Hailey & Co.

Hailey & Co. is a company that curates and sells a wholesale collection of upscale contemporary brands. They offer a range of apparel from casual to dressy and are known for their on trend colors and beautiful silhouettes.

All apparel is made in the USA and 80 percent is manufactured locally in California.

Regular and plus sizes are available in dresses, tops, skirts, outerwear, and more.

Here are Hailey & Co’s wholesale terms and conditions.

  • Restocking fees are charged for all returns. Within 7 days, the restocking fee is 10 percent. After 7 days, the restocking fee is 20 percent.
  • No refunds are provided, only store credit.
  • A sellers permit or tax id certificate is required.
  • International customers are required to show 3 purchase invoices from LA wholesalers.
  • 120 piece minimum order required for private label purchases.



Tyche is a wholesale clothing vendor that sells young contemporary women’s apparel with vibrant colors and unique designs.

Tyche is known for their bold color palettes, striking print patterns, and hand-selected fabrics.

They design and manufacture every garment and ship worldwide.

Here are Tyche’s wholesale terms of service.

  • All sales are final with no refunds.
  • Returns for unopened products are accepted within 7 days for store credit.
  • Buying wholesale requires you to fill out an application. A sellers permit is required.

Bloom Wholesale

Bloom Wholesale

Bloom is a California based wholesale clothing vendor that specializes in women’s and plus size fashion at low prices.

They have no minimums for orders. However, larger purchases are eligible for quantity discounts.

Choose from women’s tops and dresses made with eye-catching styles and a relaxed and carefree vibe.

Bloom is also a wholesale clothing dropshipper and will ship to your customer on your behalf.

Here are Bloom Wholesale’s terms of service.

  • Shipping is a flat rate of $9.95 for orders less than $800.
  • No minimum purchase and single unit quantities are allowed.
  • Returns accepted within 3 days of receipt of goods. There’s a 5% restocking fee.

Heart and Hips

Heart And Hips

Heart and Hips is a wholesale clothing vendor that specializes in junior and young contemporary women’s apparel.

Located in Vernon, CA, they carry hundreds of styles and offer the most competitive prices in the industry.

Here are Heart and Hips’s wholesale terms of service.

  • Minimum order is $50
  • All orders ship via UPS Ground within 3-7 business days.
  • Store credit or merchandise exchanges are allowed for returns.

Chris & Carol

Chris And Carol

Chris & Carol is a wholesale clothing vendor that supplies boutiques with timeless basics and wearable trends that are made in the USA.

All garments are made for comfort and longevity and they do not believe in fast fashion.

Everything is made in-house and their design, pattern, cutting and sewing teams are all under the same roof.

Their collection includes women’s and kid’s clothing, maternity, and plus-size wear.

Here are their wholesale terms of service.

  • Minimum purchase is $150.
  • All sales are final and only damaged or defective items can be returned. All claims must be made within 5 days.
  • All products are shipped within 1-2 business days.


Timing Fashion

Timing is a leading wholesale fashion company that specializes in the junior market and they are the main supplier to many large retail chains in the US.

Their clothing carries a casual vibe with bright and colorful prints.

Timing also owns several sister product lines which include Coverstitched, Lumiere and Misia Fashion.

Here are Timing’s wholesale terms and conditions.

  • Minimum order quantity is $50.
  • Returns must be made within 7 days.
  • All sales are final and there are no refunds provided, only store credit.

Good Stuff Apparel

Goodstuff Apparel

Good Stuff Apparel is a wholesale clothing vendor based out of Los Angeles that purchases overstock goods from manufacturers and sells them at a major discount.

Hundreds of LA designers contribute the latest fashion clothing to Good Stuff Apparel’s extensive catalog.

Choose from a variety of skirts, dresses, pants, joggers, apparel, jeans, activewear, sweaters, blouses and jackets.

First-time customers get 10 percent off with most of their products already marked down 75 percent below wholesale.

Clothing is available in all sizes for women and kids, including plus-size.

Here are Good Stuff Apparel’s terms and conditions.

  • Returns must be made within 5 days of receipt. Only store credit is provided.
  • A resales license is required if your business is located in California.
  • No minimum order required.



Wondery is a wholesale clothing vendor that sells outdoor apparel with strong ties to the women’s outdoor community.

Their mission is to create awareness and resources for women to gain confidence in outdoor activities.

Wondery sells wholesale through Faire and here are their terms and conditions.

  • Minimum order is $200.
  • Net 60 payment terms.
  • 30 day returns on unused merchandise.

Ocean And Main

Ocean and Main

Ocean and Main is an ethically sourced wholesale supplier of clothing that specializes in eco friendly caftans and tunics inspired by the ocean.

All pieces are made locally in Los Angeles, CA and they only sell high-quality boutique wholesale clothing.

Ocean And Main clothing can be found in high fashion retailers such as Neiman Marcus and Four Seasons Resorts.

Their mission is to reduce the carbon footprint, they use recycled water and give a portion of their earnings back to ocean preservation.

Here are Ocean and Main’s wholesale terms and conditions.

  • Minimum order of $1500.
  • $5 restocking fee on all returns
  • Garments that arrive in unsellable conditions are subject to a $50 restocking fee.

Eva Franco

Eva Franco

Eva Franco sells and designs feminine clothing that is sensuous and evokes old Hollywood glamour. They specialize in creating flattering dresses, skirts and tops that are sculpted to emphasize a woman’s shape and hide imperfections.

Every collection incorporates unique and exclusive fabrics with special textures and weaves that Eva designs herself.

Here are Eva Franco’s wholesale terms and conditions.

  • Returns must be made within 14 days of receipt.
  • All discounted items are final sale.
  • Wholesale purchases are offered through Faire.

Molly Pepper

Molly Pepper

Molly Pepper is a sleep and lounge lifestyle brand that specializes in sleepwear, clothing and textiles. All fabric is handpicked and made from the finest silk and French lace.

Molly Pepper launched her brand in 2016 with one-of-a-kind nightgowns but has since expanded her line to include robes, PJs, jumpsuits, slips, and other loungewear needs.

Here are Molly Peppers wholesale terms and conditions.

  • Minimum $200 order.
  • Wholesale orders are offered through Handshake and Faire.



Stylepick is a B2B online wholesale fashion marketplace located in the heart of Los Angeles that brings together hundreds of different vendors and buyers worldwide.

Stylepick is essentially a virtual fashion tradeshow for clothing vendors and retailers.

Here are Stylepick’s terms and conditions.

  • All sales are final and there are no refunds or exchanges.
  • Payment terms and methods may vary according to vendor.
  • Minimum purchase depends on the clothing vendor.

Mono B Clothing

Mono B

Mono B is a female owned, Los Angeles based athleisure clothing brand that designs their apparel with balance and comfort.

Every garment is versatile and can be worn while doing chores, meditating, hiking or just relaxing.

Here are Mono B’s wholesale terms and conditions.

  • No minimum order but most clothes come in a pack of 6.
  • International customers are accepted.
  • Selling on Amazon is not allowed.
  • All orders are final with no returns or exchanges.

Hello Miz

Hello Miz

Hello Miz is a wholesale clothing vendor that specializes in maternity wear. They understand the needs of pregnant women and their apparel is stylish and modern with soft fabrics.

Most designs are made in USA at low prices.

Here are Hello Miz’s wholesale terms and conditions.

  • Minimum order of 6-7 pieces.
  • Will private label your clothing for orders over $1000.
  • Free shipping on orders over $75.
  • Returns are accepted within 30 days.

Symphony Fashion

Symphony Fashion

Symphony Fashion is a wholesale clothing company based in Los Angeles that specializes in stylish and dynamic night out and evening dresses.

They are a premium fashion brand that strives to design what women want to wear that inspires confidence when they go out.

Here are Symphony Fashions’s wholesale terms and conditions.

  • No returns are accepted unless the item is visibly damaged. Only store credit is issued.
  • Returns must in the original packaging and unworn, unaltered and unwashed.
  • Application for a wholesale account is required.

Cefian Fashion

Cefian Fashion

Cefian Fashion is a wholesaler and manufacturer of clothing for women who need apparel that they can wear to work, dinner dates and a girls night out.

They design versatile pieces that look amazing and can be comfortably worn throughout the day.

What’s unique about Cefian is that they are open to new suggestions and ideas. You can contact them with your own requests and they’ll try to accommodate you.

Here are Cefian’s wholesale terms and conditions.

  • You can buy a Surprise Box which is an assortment of discontinued, never released or limited styles.
  • No samples are allowed.
  • Private labeling is available on special orders over $3000.
  • Plus and petite sizes are only offered on special orders over $3000.
  • You can use their photos on your website.
  • All sales are final. Exchange and returns are only available for damaged items.
  • Minimum order is $100

Adora Wholesale

Adora wholesale

Launched in 2010, Adora Wholesale is a contemporary women’s apparel wholesaler that creates stylish and sophisticated clothing for every occasion.

Adora collaborates with hundreds of vendors and manufacturers and you can purchase wholesale clothing directly from the source.

They carry a wide range of women’s dresses and fashion apparel in over 60 styles of clothing, outerwear, sportswear and they offer plus sized clothing as well.

Here are Adora’s wholesale terms and conditions.

  • All sales are final. In some cases, only merchandise exchanges or store credit may be issued.
  • 10% restocking fee on returned goods.
  • Minimum order is $99.

Davi and Dani

Davi Dani

Founded in 2014, Davi and Dani is one the largest wholesale clothing vendors in Los Angeles, CA that sells inexpensive women’s dresses, skirts, tops, two piece outfits, rompers, leggings and more.

They also offer plus size clothing and girls clothing in basic, bohemian, missy and sexy club styles. Hundreds of new styles are added every week.

Wholesale shoppers can make purchases directly from the Davi and Dani website and there are special discounts for bulk orders.

Here are Davi and Dani’s wholesale terms and conditions.

  • Returns are accepted within 7 days of receipt.
  • No restocking fees if merchandise is returned within 7 days.
  • No minimum order or purchase.

Wholesale Fashion Couture

Wholesale Fashion Couture

Wholesale Fashion Couture is a reputable wholesale fashion store located in the heart of Los Angeles. They specialize in selling current and fashionable brands with thousands of styles to choose from.

Shipping is free for orders over $299 and they sell dresses, tops, plus size, bottoms, rompers, jackets, jeans and other quality clothing styles.

Here are Wholesale Fashion Couture’s wholesale terms and conditions.

  • Unworn clothing in its original packaging can be returned within 14 days for a full refund.
  • Image use is allowed.
  • 25% off your first order.

LA Showroom

LA Showroom

LA Showroom is a wholesale clothing marketplace that brings designers, apparel manufacturers and distributors together for buyers worldwide.

All collections are pre-screened for quality and new fashion designers and manufacturers are added every week. You can place orders with multiple manufacturers directly through the LA Showroom website.

LA Showroom also offers special services like a Buyer Rewards Program and access to images for your website.

Here are LA Showroom’s wholesale terms and conditions.

  • Registration to the marketplace is free but you must have a sellers permit or resale certificate.
  • Orders, shipping and return policies vary depending on the manufacturer.

Cinderella Divine

Cinderella Divine

Cinderella Divine is a wholesale designer of formal gowns for prom, weddings, homecoming, cocktail dresses and other special occasions.

Established in 2006, Cinderella Divine supplies over 5000 boutiques worldwide and offers a wide range of dresses at competitive prices. With over 200,000 gowns in stock, you can find a variety of styles to carry in your online store.

Here are Cinderella Divine’s wholesale terms and conditions.

  • All sales are final. No refunds or returns are accepted.
  • You must be registered to make a purchase.



Vocal is a women’s clothing manufacturer that caters to women looking for a modern look with a vintage twist. They create garments with elaborate designs that are rebellious with a vintage flair.

Vocal makes every single piece in their factory in Los Angeles, CA. All operations are in the US and each garment is strictly made with the finest materials and workmanship.

Here are Vocal’s wholesale terms and conditions.

  • Return claims must be made within 10 business days.
  • 15% restocking fee for any unauthorized or overdue returns.
  • $200 minimum order on purchases.

Final Touch

Final Touch Apparel

Established in 2001, Final Touch Apparel offers contemporary stylish fashion for young women. They focus on creating innovative and fashion forward styles made from quality fabrics and timeless designs.

Their collections contain everything from casual tops and pants to dresses and outerwear for all ages.

Here are Final Touch’s wholesale terms and conditions.

  • You must be a member to make a purchase. Members must have a sellers permit or tax id certificate.
  • All sales are final. No returns allowed.

Is The LA Fashion District Worth Visiting?

The LA Fashion District is definitely worth visiting if you want to sell clothing and apparel online.

If you have a design pattern and know what fabric you want, you can have a prototype made on the spot. But keep in mind that there are many different steps and players involved in making a single piece of clothing.

When it comes to choosing fabric, it can be overwhelming unless you know roughly what type of material you need. In fact, you should spend some time doing research before you go to the fashion district to make your time more productive.

Bring a prototype or sample so you can get an accurate quote for manufacturing.

Overall, the LA Fashion District is a great place to find wholesale suppliers

For textiles at least, it’s worth looking to source locally at first before making a larger commitment to overseas manufacturing.

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    Dear Sirs,

    Hope you are fine. Please excuse my approach. We have come across to your company’s profile. We have notice that you have a very good customer base over here in US apparel market. Therefore, we wanted to introduce us with you, so that if possible we can have some trade with a both side win deal.

    We Westace Corporation, a New York based apparel goods wholesale company in the USA. We manufacture our items in our own factory in Bangladesh. Which means not only we just have the ready made items in our New York warehouse but also we are able to manufacture your desired clothing items in your own brand name and label.

    Kindly get back to me via email or phone so that we can discuss further.

    Thanks & Regards
    Al-Amin Shourov

    Westace Corporation
    Mob: 001 315 215 1625

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