The My Wife Quit Her Job Podcast With Steve Chou

The MyWifeQuitHerJob podcast is a podcast about entrepreneurs who quit their jobs to start successful online businesses.

Through a series of personal interviews, Steve uncovers the exact strategies that led to their success.

Unlike other business podcasts, Steve is known for digging deep and extracting out every last detail.

He's never afraid to ask the hard questions and he leverages his extensive knowledge running his two 7 figure businesses to get to the point.

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059: How Will Mitchell Makes 6 Figures Selling Online And Teaching Others How To Import From China

Will Mitchell

I became a huge fan of Will Mitchell when I accidentally stumbled on his blog, Not only is Will an excellent writer but he always writes from experience which is quite rare when it comes to the Internet. In this episode, Will teaches us how to find products to sell online and how he has created an incredible business importing goods from Asia and teaching others how to do the same. Enjoy the podcast! What You’ll Learn How Will got started in ecommerce What Will sells in his ecommerce store Will’s techniques for finding the right product to sell […]

058: How Steven Essa Makes 6 Figures Giving Killer Online Webinars

Steven Essa

This podcast episode with Steven Essa was one of my favorites because I learned so much about the art of giving effective online webinars. Seriously, this episode was so jam packed with actionable tips that I found myself furiously taking notes during the interview. In fact, Steven was so engaging that I barely spoke at all and he did most of the talking. He’s got tremendous energy and I know that you’ll get as much out of it as I did. Enjoy! BTW, you can check out Steven’s websites at and What You’ll Learn How Steven stumbled upon […]

057: How To Use Influencer Marketing To Make 65K in 4 Months Selling Satin Lined Caps

Emmanuel Eleyae

Today’s interview is with my friend Emmanuel Eleyae, who runs along with several members of his family. What I find interesting about Emmanuel’s story is that he tried a bunch of different marketing tactics early on with his online store and they all failed. And then he tried influencer marketing using You Tube and hit the jackpot. In this interview, you’ll learn how Emmanuel found famous You Tubers to promote his products and the services he uses to continually market his satin lined caps. You also learn what it takes to create your own textile based product from complete […]

056: How JD Roth Started GetRichSlowly And Inspired A Personal Finance Blogging Revolution

JD Roth

Today’s interview is a very special to me because this person is someone who inspired me to start my own blog back in 2009. JD Roth is the founder of and he was one of my blogging idols early on. Today, he writes at and his blog is still one of the very few that I read on a regular basis. He’s an amazing writer and I love how he can make even mundane topics interesting through the power of storytelling. Enjoy the interview! What You’ll Learn How JD Roth got the idea for The key to […]

055: How Steve Scott Makes 6 Figures Selling Non Fiction Kindle Ebooks

Steve Scott

Steve Scott is a very prolific writer on the Amazon Kindle platform and he makes anywhere from 20-60K per month selling ebooks. In this interview, he reveals the exact methods he uses to sell hundreds of books a day and the right way to sell on the Amazon Kindle platform. Also, be sure to check out his blog at What You’ll Learn How Steve makes 20-60K per month selling books How Steve sells hundreds of books a day on the Kindle platform How to gather email addresses from people who buy your ebook How to find a lucrative topic […]

054: How Spencer Haws Created Long Tail Pro – My Favorite Tool For Keyword Research

Spencer Haws

I’ve been following Spencer’s blog,, for quite some time now and I’ve always been a huge fan. Not only does Spencer have a ton of experience with building out niche sites and keyword research but he has also created the best keyword research tool on the market with Long Tail Pro In this interview, you’ll learn about what’s working with SEO and how Spencer created a leading software product with no technical experience at all! What You’ll Learn How and why Spencer diversified his business Why Spencer moved away from using private blog networks What’s working with SEO today […]

053: How Chris Guthrie Makes 6 Figures Selling WordPress Plugins Online

Chris Guthrie

I met Chris Guthrie at the Fincon Expo and I’m really glad that we had a chance to hang out. Chris is well known for making 6 figures with the Amazon Associates program and he also runs a 6 figure business selling WordPress plugins called A lot of people believe that you have to know how to code in order to succeed in selling software. But not only is Chris not a technical guy, but he has found a way to get tens of thousands of websites to use his plugins. If you are interested in creating and selling […]

052: How Carole Rains Leverages Pinterest To Drive Sales To Her Rustic Furniture Store

Carole Rains

I met Carole Rains at the Ecommerce Fuel Live conference and I’m happy that we met. Carole runs 2 online stores, and, and she uses Pinterest heavily to promote her products. In this interview, you will get an in depth tutorial on how to maximize your Pinterest account and how to leverage Pinterest to promote your products. What You’ll Learn How Carole decide on the niche for her online store How Carole found dropshippers for her online furniture shop How Carole gets vendors to dropship for her What the logistics are like when selling handcrafted products How Carole […]

051: How Mike Crowley Created The 94Fifty Sensor Basketball – A Top 25 Invention Of The Year


Mike Crowley is the founder of, a company that produces sensor basketballs and is perhaps the coolest technology that I’ve seen come out in a long time. Here’s a video below of how his product works. In this podcast, you’ll learn how Mike developed this product and how he leveraged Kickstarter to generate massive buzz. Enjoy! What You’ll Learn How Mike came up with the idea to create a basketball training tool How Mike raised over 130,000 in a kickstarter campaign for his product How to use Kickstarter to improve the visibility of your business How to create a […]

050: How Brandon Eley Makes Millions Catering To A Small Niche In A Huge Market

Brandon Eley

I met Brandon Eley at the Ecommerce Fuel conference and I can honestly say that he was one of the most well-spoken and intelligent entrepreneurs that I’ve ever met. Brandon runs, which is an online store that sells shoes specifically catering to people with big feet. Not only does his store make 7 figures but Brandon also runs a successful blog at and is a prolific speaker specializing in online marketing and ecommerce. Don’t miss this interview! What You’ll Learn Brandon’s biggest early mistake with his shop How to properly outsource different tasks for your business Brandon’s views […]

049: Adam Kreitman On How To Run Profitable Adwords Ads For Your Business

Adam Kreitman

Adam Kreitman reached out to me randomly 3 years ago via the contact page on my blog and we’ve kept in touch ever since. Adam runs which helps small business owners increase the visibility of their business on the web. What’s cool about Adam is that unlike most larger agencies, Adam focuses a lot of his efforts on small businesses which is directly applicable to the listeners of this podcast. In this episode, Adam will teach us how to run high converting Adwords campaigns for those on a budget. Enjoy! What You’ll Learn How Adam got introduced to Google […]

048: How To Buy An Existing Online Store And Double Revenues In Just 1 Year With Bill D’Alessandro

Bill D'Allesandro

Why start an ecommerce store from scratch when you can buy an existing site and double its revenues? Today, Bill D’Alessandro shows us the exact process he goes through to buy an online business and how he finds stagnant businesses to buy that he can improve upon within a short time frame. Bill D’Alessandro owns a portfolio of ecommerce stores which you can check out at In this interview, Bill and I will be referring to his recent acquisition Enjoy! What You’ll Learn Why you should consider buying a business as opposed to starting one from scratch How […]

047: What It’s Like To Be On Shark Tank With Eric Bandholz

Eric Banzholz Shark Tank

I’m really happy to have Eric Bandholz back on the show. In the last episode when we talked about, Eric’s Shark Tank episode had not yet aired so we couldn’t talk about it. But now that everything is out there, Eric can now finally share his experiences to the public. Since Eric went on Shark Tank, his business has grown dramatically. Here are some of his stats His store went from about $4500/day to about $12k/day in revenues His store got 20k visitors on Friday and Saturday of the show (40k total) The most concurrent visitors he had was […]

046: How Eric Bandholz Started A 7 Figure Beard Care Business In Just 1 Year

Eric Bandholz

I’m thrilled to have Eric Bandholz on the show today. Eric runs the successful beard care company, which has grown into a 7 figure business in just 12 months. In today’s interview, you will learn how Eric grew his business quickly by focusing on branding and exposure via word of mouth. He’s got a great backstory and knows a ton about how to establish a brand and how to run a successful skin care business. Oh and did I tell you that I tried his beard care products too? Check out what happened to me in Movember What You’ll […]

045: Corbett Barr On How To Create A Profitable Subscription Based Membership Site

Corbett Barr

I’ve known Corbett Barr for quite a while now and I’m continually impressed by the quality of content that he puts out. What’s interesting about Corbett is that he started out living the silicon valley startup scene by launching a VC funded company only to later realize that he wanted to leverage entrepreneurship to improve his lifestyle. Today he runs which is an incredibly awesome online business school program that you should all check out. And the nature of his business allows him to spend half of the year relaxing and working remotely in Mexico. In this interview, Corbett […]

044: Drew Sanocki On What It Takes To Start A Successful Ecommerce Store Today

Drew Sanocki

Drew Sanocki randomly reached out to me one day and I’m glad that he did. Drew is a seasoned veteran when it comes to ecommerce. He started and sold a successful dropship furniture company And today, he blogs at and offers ecommerce consulting at What’s also cool about Drew is that we have a bunch of common friends that went to Stanford together. Enjoy the interview! What You’ll Learn How to find a profitable niche for your online store How to validate your niche before investing a large amount of money How Drew feels about dropshipping today […]

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