The My Wife Quit Her Job Podcast With Steve Chou

The MyWifeQuitHerJob podcast is a podcast about entrepreneurs who quit their jobs to start successful online businesses.

Through a series of personal interviews, Steve uncovers the exact strategies that led to their success.

Unlike other business podcasts, Steve is known for digging deep and extracting out every last detail.

He's never afraid to ask the hard questions and he leverages his extensive knowledge running his two 7 figure businesses to get to the point.

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068: How Albert And Mike Created And Sold It For 475 Million Dollars


Albert and Mike are 2 of the most successful entrepreneurs that I know and what’s amazing is that they created a 475 million dollar company completely bootstrapped. Not only does boast over 100 million users today but it’s also an app that has helped countless people lead healthier lifestyles. In today’s interview, Albert walks us through how grew to a powerhouse company and ultimately got sold to Under Armour for 475 million dollars. Enjoy! What You’ll Learn How to get users to install an app without paying a dime Techniques to engage your customers and create a community […]

067: How Eric Cheng Created WetPixel The Leading Underwater Photography Community On The Web

How Eric Cheng Created The Leading Underwater Photography Community On The Web

Today I’m thrilled to have a Stanford classmate, Eric Cheng, on the podcast. Eric is an award-winning underwater photographer, aerial imager and publisher. His work has been featured in the Smithsonian’s Natural History Museum and he’s spoken internationally at events like TEDx, the Churchill Club, Good Morning America and more. He’s also well known for being the founder of, the most popular community website dedicated to underwater photography and videography. As part of this site, he leads underwater expeditions all over the world which is pretty damn cool. He’s also held leadership roles at Lytro, the first light field […]

066: How Tom Kulzer Started AWeber, A Top Email Marketing Provider With Over 150k Users

Tom Kulzer AWeber

I am a huge fan of AWeber, one of the best email marketing providers around. And I can say with a straight face that AWeber is responsible for probably 90% of the income for my blog. No joke. If you aren’t doing email today, then you have to get your butt in gear. That’s why I’m thrilled to have AWeber’s founder and CEO, Tom Kulzer, on the podcast today. You’ll learn how he founded his company and the best practices for email marketing in this day and age. Enjoy! What You’ll Learn How Tom came up with the idea of […]

065: How To Create An Email AutoResponder That Converts With Austin Brawner And Chad Vanags

Austin Brawner Chad Vanags

I met Austin Brawner and Chad Vanags at the Ecommerce Fuel conference and I was really impressed with their ecommerce knowledge. They have a lot of hands on experience with running email campaigns for medium to large shops and they are very open about sharing their knowledge. Austin and Chad also run an ecommerce blog at and right now they are offering a free email autoresponder bootcamp which I highly recommend that you check out. Click here to check out Austin and Chad’s free email autoresponder bootcamp. Enjoy the show! What You’ll Learn The different types of autoresponders you […]

064: Ezra Firestone On How To Create Raving Fans For Your Business With Content Marketing

Ezra Firestone

I first met Ezra Firestone at the Ecommerce Fuel conference in Austin, TX and I’m really glad that I did. Ezra is an expert when it comes to content marketing and PPC advertising and I was lucky to catch his presentation at the conference. Ezra runs the popular pro age cosmetics company Boom! By Cindy Josephs. He also runs the popular blog Smart Marketer. Be sure to go and check out his websites! What You’ll Learn Why Ezra decided to focus on content marketing over other methods How to structure your content to generate leads for your ecommerce store. How […]

063: How To Make Millions Selling Wholesale To Retailers With Bill D’Alessandro

Bill D'Alessandro

Want to grow your business into a large, national brand? The best way to expand quickly is to sell wholesale to large retailers. Today, Bill D’Alessandro shows us the exact process he goes through to sell wholesale to retailers and the main differences between selling to a business as opposed to a consumer. Because most shopping carts do not handle wholesale very well, he’s also developed his own software to specifically help run a wholesale business. His “made for wholesale” ecommerce service can be found at If you are interested in selling wholesale, Bill is offering everyone 25% off […]

062: How Nellie Akalp Started To Help Entrepreneurs Launch Their Businesses

Nellie Akalp

Nellie Akalp was the founder of which she later sold to Intuit for 20 million dollars. And today, she runs which specializes in helping small business owners create their businesses. She’s an expert when it comes to the legal and logistical aspects of setting up a business including the formation of corporations, legal permits, LLCs, you name it. In this podcast interview, Nellie teaches us how she got started and how she managed to create 2 multi million dollar businesses from scratch. In addition, Nellie was kind enough to offer readers 10% off any service. To redeem […]

061: Natalie Sisson On How To Create A 6 Figure Location Independent Business

Natalie Sisson

Today I’m thrilled to have my friend Natalie Sisson on the show. Now if you’ve never heard of Natalie, she is known as the Suitcase Entrepreneur, and her story is pretty damn cool. Since 2006, she left her hometown of New Zealand and she’s basically been traveling the world by living out of her suitcase while running her location independent business. She’s got a popular blog, a bestselling book, a podcast and she is just an all round great person as well. Enjoy the episode! What You’ll Learn Natalie’s motivations for creating a location independent lifestyle Why documenting what you […]

060: Brad DeGraw On How To Maximize Your Sales On Amazon

Brad Degraw

Brad DeGraw is my go to guy when it comes to selling on Amazon. Not only does he run many of his own businesses using FBA, but he also helps small to mid size companies establish their online presence as well. In this episode, Brad gives us an inside scoop on all of the tips and tricks he uses to maximize his sales on Amazon. Do not miss this episode and be sure to check out Brad’s site at Quick Note: At the time of the recording Brad thought that his new website would be complete but unfortunately […]

059: How Will Mitchell Makes 6 Figures Selling Online And Teaching Others How To Import From China

Will Mitchell

I became a huge fan of Will Mitchell when I accidentally stumbled on his blog, Not only is Will an excellent writer but he always writes from experience which is quite rare when it comes to the Internet. In this episode, Will teaches us how to find products to sell online and how he has created an incredible business importing goods from Asia and teaching others how to do the same. Enjoy the podcast! What You’ll Learn How Will got started in ecommerce What Will sells in his ecommerce store Will’s techniques for finding the right product to sell […]

058: How Steven Essa Makes 6 Figures Giving Killer Online Webinars

Steven Essa

This podcast episode with Steven Essa was one of my favorites because I learned so much about the art of giving effective online webinars. Seriously, this episode was so jam packed with actionable tips that I found myself furiously taking notes during the interview. In fact, Steven was so engaging that I barely spoke at all and he did most of the talking. He’s got tremendous energy and I know that you’ll get as much out of it as I did. Enjoy! BTW, you can check out Steven’s websites at and What You’ll Learn How Steven stumbled upon […]

057: How To Use Influencer Marketing To Make 65K in 4 Months Selling Satin Lined Caps

Emmanuel Eleyae

Today’s interview is with my friend Emmanuel Eleyae, who runs along with several members of his family. What I find interesting about Emmanuel’s story is that he tried a bunch of different marketing tactics early on with his online store and they all failed. And then he tried influencer marketing using You Tube and hit the jackpot. In this interview, you’ll learn how Emmanuel found famous You Tubers to promote his products and the services he uses to continually market his satin lined caps. You also learn what it takes to create your own textile based product from complete […]

056: How JD Roth Started GetRichSlowly And Inspired A Personal Finance Blogging Revolution

JD Roth

Today’s interview is a very special to me because this person is someone who inspired me to start my own blog back in 2009. JD Roth is the founder of and he was one of my blogging idols early on. Today, he writes at and his blog is still one of the very few that I read on a regular basis. He’s an amazing writer and I love how he can make even mundane topics interesting through the power of storytelling. Enjoy the interview! What You’ll Learn How JD Roth got the idea for The key to […]

055: How Steve Scott Makes 6 Figures Selling Non Fiction Kindle Ebooks

Steve Scott

Steve Scott is a very prolific writer on the Amazon Kindle platform and he makes anywhere from 20-60K per month selling ebooks. In this interview, he reveals the exact methods he uses to sell hundreds of books a day and the right way to sell on the Amazon Kindle platform. Also, be sure to check out his blog at What You’ll Learn How Steve makes 20-60K per month selling books How Steve sells hundreds of books a day on the Kindle platform How to gather email addresses from people who buy your ebook How to find a lucrative topic […]

054: How Spencer Haws Created Long Tail Pro – My Favorite Tool For Keyword Research

Spencer Haws

I’ve been following Spencer’s blog,, for quite some time now and I’ve always been a huge fan. Not only does Spencer have a ton of experience with building out niche sites and keyword research but he has also created the best keyword research tool on the market with Long Tail Pro In this interview, you’ll learn about what’s working with SEO and how Spencer created a leading software product with no technical experience at all! What You’ll Learn How and why Spencer diversified his business Why Spencer moved away from using private blog networks What’s working with SEO today […]

053: How Chris Guthrie Makes 6 Figures Selling WordPress Plugins Online

Chris Guthrie

I met Chris Guthrie at the Fincon Expo and I’m really glad that we had a chance to hang out. Chris is well known for making 6 figures with the Amazon Associates program and he also runs a 6 figure business selling WordPress plugins called A lot of people believe that you have to know how to code in order to succeed in selling software. But not only is Chris not a technical guy, but he has found a way to get tens of thousands of websites to use his plugins. If you are interested in creating and selling […]

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