The My Wife Quit Her Job Podcast With Steve Chou

The MyWifeQuitHerJob podcast is a podcast about entrepreneurs who quit their jobs to start successful online businesses.

Through a series of personal interviews, Steve uncovers the exact strategies that led to their success.

Unlike other business podcasts, Steve is known for digging deep and extracting out every last detail.

He's never afraid to ask the hard questions and he leverages his extensive knowledge running his two 7 figure businesses to get to the point.

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035: How To Sell Amazon Kindle Ebooks And Make 30K In Under 7 Days With Jonny Andrews

Jonny Andrews

Are you interested in selling your own ebooks on the Amazon Kindle platform? Do you want to make some passive income being an author? Today, I have Jonny Andrews on the show to teach us how to make money selling ebooks on the Amazon platform. Jonny runs the popular website and podcast and he’s got a ton of experience with launching successful ebooks. In fact in one of his launches, he was able to make over 30K in under 7 days which is crazy! He reveals all of his tactics and secrets in this episode so check it out! […]

034: How To Run A Chinese Factory And Import Products From China With Hoe Lui

Hoe Lui

Hoe Lui is someone I have known for a very long time. In fact, he was one of the guys that helped me out early on by guiding me through my first Canton Fair. What’s super cool about Hoe is that he owns and runs his own Chinese factory,, which makes bobble heads for professional sports teams. Now you’ve probably read a lot of articles on how to deal with Chinese vendors and how to navigate the cultural differences in China but as far as I know, no one has ever interviewed an actual Chinese factory owner. So I’m […]

033: How Josh Dorkin Built A Real Estate Investing Social Network With Over 200,000 Members

Josh Dorkin

I’m very pleased to have my friend Josh Dorkin on the show today. Now Josh runs which is one of the most popular real estate investing sites on the Internet. The numbers for his site are really crazy. He’s got over 200,000 members with many of them paying a monthly fee. His forum boasts over 850,000 posts. He has 35+ writers on staff, runs a top 25 business podcast on iTunes and a successful publishing company as well. Needless to say, Josh is easily one of the most successful Internet entrepreneurs that I know and I’m really happy to […]

032: How Jessica Rhodes Leveraged Her Pinterest Skills And Started 2 Successful Businesses

Jessica Rhodes

Jessica Rhodes owns 2 thriving business service companies, and where she helps businesses with Pinterest and podcasting. Jessica is a Pinterest expert and she reveals many useful tips on how to market your business using Pinterest in this episode along with many helpful tools that she uses to streamline the process. In addition, she provides some meaningful advice on how to network with others and how she acts as a matchmaker for podcast interviewers and interviewees. What You’ll Learn How Jessica got her first client doing Pinterest How Jessica gradually expanded her customer base through referrals Why you […]

031: How Bob Lotich Replaced His Entire Day Job Income In 9 Months By Blogging

Bob Lotich

Bob Lotich and I actually go way back to the year 2009 when we both started blogging at roughly the same time. Bob runs the extremely popular blog where he makes a very healthy income writing about faith and personal finance. In this interview, he shares a bunch of his secrets on how he makes money and how he fully leverages various social media sources to generate traffic for his site. He’s also written an incredibly detailed book that teaches others how to blog as a profession. What You’ll Learn How Bob turned his entire life around after being […]

030: How My Student Brandon Created A Profitable Online Store Selling Backyard Games

Brandon Reinders

It always makes me really happy when I see one of my students successfully making money online. Today, I have Brandon Reinders on the show. What’s interesting about Brandon is that he asked me a few questions early on in the class and then I didn’t hear from him again until he had launched his store. And what’s even cooler is that Brandon did all of this without any prior knowledge or experience on how to start an online store. Enjoy the interview! What You’ll Learn How much money Brandon spent to start his online store Why he chose an […]

029: How Lars Hundley Created A 7 Figure Online Store Selling Gardening Supplies

Lars Hundley

I’ve known Lars Hundley for quite some time and what I like about the guy is that he has a tremendous amount of experience with every aspect of running an ecommerce store. He’s been running his own business, for over a decade and he’s extremely open about all of his experiences including both his successes and his failures. In this podcast, he reveals the ecommerce strategies that have worked the best for his store so be sure to check it out! Also, make sure you check out his post on How I Made A Million Dollars By Reading An […]

028: How Viet Do Created A 6 Figure Business Selling Coupons And Online Deals

Viet Do

Today I’m thrilled to have my buddy Viet Do on the show. Viet runs which is a daily deals and coupon site that caters to the gaming industry. Running a coupon site is a business model that we haven’t yet covered on the podcast so I’m very anxious to learn how the business model works and how Viet makes his money. Enjoy the show! What You’ll Learn How Viet obtains deals to list on his site Why he chose to focus on gaming for his coupon site Learn the economics of selling coupons online How merchants transmit their daily […]

027: Andreea Ayers On How To Create A 6 Figure T-Shirt Business And Get Featured In 200 Magazines

Andreea Ayers

I’m really happy to have Andreea Ayers on the show today. Out of all of the possible products to try to sell online, selling t-shirts is probably one of the hardest. But Andreea managed to take her t-shirt business to over 6 figures in profit by being extremely focused and by leveraging publicity. Today, Andreea runs the popular site where she teaches other people how to run a successful online wholesale business. What You’ll Learn How Andreea sourced her first products and found her first vendors How Andreea started designing her own shirts without any knowledge How Andreea tested […]

026: How Autumn Wyda Quit Her Job To Sell Wedding Invitations And Thrives In A Competitive Niche

Autumn Wyda

Autumn Wyda quit her job cold turkey in order to start Shine Wedding Invitations, a beautiful website that sells wedding invitations online. Now quitting her job took a lot of guts because she gave up her salary even though her business wasn’t making any money. But she had tremendous confidence in her abilities and today she runs a very successful online stationery shop that makes enough money that her husband quit his job too to join her. Autumn is a true entrepreneur she shares a lot of the strategies that she used to promote her shop in a very competitive […]

025: How Jeff Rose Created A 6 Figure Blog To Drive Clients To His Offline Business

Jeff Rose

Jeff Rose is a good friend of mine who I met a long time ago randomly via the social networks. And the reason I asked him to be on the show is because he is easily one of the most charismatic bloggers that I know. Plus he’s a genuinely nice guy. He makes 6 figures with his blog, Good Financial Cents, and owns various web properties that all generate a healthy income. But what’s unique about Jeff is that even though he makes a healthy income online, he primarily uses his web properties to drive new clients to his financial […]

024: How Dan Faggella Leveraged Email Marketing To Create A 6 Figure Jiu Jitsu Training Site

Dan Faggella

I learned so much from this interview that afterwards, I went and revamped my entire email marketing autoreponder sequence. The information from this interview with Dan Faggella is that good and I guarantee you’ll learn something from it. Dan runs the popular site, where he sells Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training videos online. He also runs 2 other online businesses at TechEmergence LLC and CLVboost where he helps other businesses improve their email marketing. Click Here To Win A Free 1-On-1 Business Consulting Session What You’ll Learn How Dan has created such a large mindshare among Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fanatics […]

023: How Joe Cochran Started A 25 Million Dollar Company Selling Outdoor Products Online

Joe Cochran

My buddy Joe Cochran tells us how he started a 25 million dollar company selling outdoor products online. Joe really knows his stuff especially when it comes to pay per click services. What’s crazy is that his store stocks well over 15000 products and is capable of processing over 1000 orders per day. Compared to my puny shop, Joe’s store runs on a much larger scale. Stay tuned and check out his story. Click Here To Win A Free 1-On-1 Business Consulting Session What You’ll Learn Why Joe started out selling rubber duckies online How he grew Northline Express to […]

022: How Phil Taylor Started FinCon And The Financials Behind Running A Popular Conference

Phil Taylor FinCon

My buddy Phil Taylor of joins me on the show today to talk about how he started one of my favorite conferences in the world, FinCon. Seriously. I look forward to attending FinCon every single year and PT has done an excellent job of bringing together an incredible community of like minded people. I’ll definitely be there this year and I’m proud to say that I’m giving another talk. In case you missed it, you can check out my speech last year by clicking here. Anyway, if you are considering putting on your own conference or event, then this […]

021: Nemo Chu On How To Create A 7 Figure Ecommerce Business In Just A Year

Nemo Chu

I met Nemo Chu randomly at one of Noah Kagan’s entrepreneurship events and I’m happy that I did. Turns out that Nemo is a genius when it comes to analytics and he has a pretty cool strategy with which he uses to find products to sell online. In just a single year, Nemo has managed to create a 7 figure ecommerce business which is pretty darn amazing. This episode is chock full of information so be sure you check it out. Also, you can sign up for Nemo’s newsletter here. Click Here To Win A Free 1-On-1 Business Consulting Session […]

020: How My Student Sean Aquino Created A 6 Figure Online Store Selling Leather Working Supplies

Sean Aquino

Sean Aquino is a student in my Create A Profitable Online Store Course and I’m really happy to have him on the show today. Sean runs where he sells very specialized leather working supplies online. What’s cool about Sean is that he has managed to create a 6 figure business in a little over a year and a half and he has done so in a niche that he is very passionate about. Similar to the last student interview that I conducted, this podcast provides a very realistic, in the trenches account of someone who just started their online […]