The My Wife Quit Her Job Podcast With Steve Chou

The MyWifeQuitHerJob podcast is a podcast about entrepreneurs who quit their jobs to start successful online businesses.

Through a series of personal interviews, Steve uncovers the exact strategies that led to their success.

Unlike other business podcasts, Steve is known for digging deep and extracting out every last detail.

He's never afraid to ask the hard questions and he leverages his extensive knowledge running his two 7 figure businesses to get to the point.

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042: How Jordan Guiterrez Started A Million Dollar Medical Equipment Business At Age 17

Jordan Gutierrez

When I was 17 years old, I was more worried about getting good grades and meeting girls than starting a business. But Jordan started at the young age of 17 and turned it into a 7 figure business. What’s even more impressive is that Jordan is now the COO of which is a very successful Internet marketing company that competes directly with businesses like LeadPages. He’s a really sharp guy and there’s lots to be learned from both his attitude and his experiences. Enjoy! What You’ll Learn How Jordan guided customers from EBay back to his site in […]

041: How To Make Money With Every Online Business Model Out There With Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn

I’ve known Pat Flynn for 4 years now and he continues to impress me everyday. He’s one of those guys who always has an open mind and is constantly trying out new business models to see if they work. That is why I’m thrilled to have him on the show today to talk about all of his successful online business “experiments”. In just under an hour, we’ll cover almost everything from starting a niche site to affiliate marketing to writing software etc… You name it and we’ll pretty much cover it in this interview. Definitely a must listen! BTW, in […]

040: How Keith Walker Disrupted The Movie Theater Industry With an iPad And Raspberry Pi

Keith Walker Matt Sconce

As a big movie buff, I’ve always wondered how the movie industry works and how movie theaters manage stay in business. As it turns out, movie theaters have been on the decline for the past several years thanks to DVDs and services like Netflix. That is why Keith Walker and his partner Matt Sconce decided to completely disrupt the entire industry with their site Their technology allows movie theaters to instantly adopt an all you can eat Netflix type of business model to maximize profit. And their results have been staggering. The theaters that have adopted technology generate […]

039: How To Run A 6 Figure Mommy Blog While Homeschooling 7 Kids With Toni Anderson

Toni Anderson

Today I’m thrilled to have Toni Anderson on the show. Toni and I met at the World Domination Summit last year and she’s one of my favorite mommy bloggers of all time. I always love talking to Toni because every time I talk to her, I realize how much of a cake walk my life really is. Toni runs the ridiculously popular blog,, where she blogs about how to better manage your household. And here’s the kicker. The woman has 7 kids and she homeschools all of them. In addition to the blog, she also runs a conference and […]

038: How Sam Franklin Created A 7 Figure Digital Stationery Company From His College Dorm

Sam Franklin

Today I have the honor of interviewing Sam Franklin, the founder of What’s cool about Sam is that he started his digital stationery company while still in college and he bootstrapped his entire business by working odd jobs. And here’s the thing. When he first started out, he did not know a thing about graphic design. He did not know a thing about websites or ecommerce. In fact, he learned most of his skills through sheer hustle and by taking online training classes on Sam’s story just goes to show that if you have the desire, you can […]

037: How Erin Chase Attracts Millions Of Readers By Teaching People How To Eat Well On A Budget

Erin Chase

I’m super excited to have my friend Erin Chase on the show today. Erin runs the popular blog where she teaches others how to eat well on a budget. What’s cool about Erin is that her site gets the most traffic out of any webmaster that I know. And in this interview, she details how she created her blog from the ground up. Enjoy! What You’ll Learn How Erin gets an insane amount of traffic to her website How Erin earns money from her website How Erin got 1000 visitors a day in her first month How Erin got […]

036: How Ryan Moran Created A 7 Figure Ecommerce Business On Amazon In Just 1 Year

Ryan Moran

Today, I had the pleasure of interviewing Ryan Daniel Moran who runs the blog And what’s amazing about Ryan is that he was able to create a 7 figure ecommerce business within just one year by selling his own products on In this interview, you will not only learn how he did it but he’ll also share many important tips and philosophies on the best way to make money online with ecommerce. Don’t miss this one. What You’ll Learn Why you should look at longer time horizons for your business. Why it’s better to source your own branded […]

035: How To Sell Amazon Kindle Ebooks And Make 30K In Under 7 Days With Jonny Andrews

Jonny Andrews

Are you interested in selling your own ebooks on the Amazon Kindle platform? Do you want to make some passive income being an author? Today, I have Jonny Andrews on the show to teach us how to make money selling ebooks on the Amazon platform. Jonny runs the popular website and podcast and he’s got a ton of experience with launching successful ebooks. In fact in one of his launches, he was able to make over 30K in under 7 days which is crazy! He reveals all of his tactics and secrets in this episode so check it out! […]

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